Monday, January 30, 2017

IAST Challenge 181

This is my very first Tickled To Tangle: "It's a String Thing" challenge tile, #181. I didn't send it in...I was a bit too late, but it was still fun doing it.

Patterns: Pozer, Puf, Flukes

January 2017 Refreshers

My personal tangle pattern learning challenge - going through all the refreshers on the site, picking them randomly. This keeps away the headache of having to choose a new pattern, but leaves the slight ache of choosing which refresher to tackle.

Linda Farmer's refresher #114

Patterns: IX, Gord, Uni, Pomx2, Croscro

Linda Farmer's refresher #4

Patterns: BTL Joos, Warped Eggs, Linked, Pokeroot, Waves

Linda Farmer's refresher #5

Patterns: Worms, Puf, Black-eyed Peas, Bulb Lantern, Pane

Linda Farmer's refresher #141

Patterns: Harfe, X-ess, Quickzly, Dicso, Hibred

Linda Farmer's refresher #51

Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, Chainlea, Unme, Me Three
and some Tipple to help out

Click on the image below to visit all the Refreshers I have done thus far in my flickr album.

Tanglepatterns Refreshers

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter D

This is my week! MadeByJoey's letter challenge #149 this week is for D. I like it and went right away to work on the tiles - well, in my case the yellow notepaper. I was lucky, too, that I had just finished refresher #141, which includes Dicso, so I was warmed up.

This is my favorite of the two. I don't think I have ever used red in a tangle, leaning more towards less dominant shades, but had I not, maybe nobody would see the D. It is there.

Patterns: Dicso, Dwaveb, 'D'ipple, Dragonfly wing pattern

Black & White, my Second Thought, inspired by a drawing session that lasted well after midnight. Sometimes I just can't let go.

Patterns: Dicso, D-Vine

Update Jan 26

After I drew the two Ds I went back to my own challenge of doing all the refreshers on site. I chose them randomly and presently in the works is #51. However, in the back of my mind I was thinking that I had broken my own 'alphabet challenge tradition'...I have no lowercase 'd' (and 'a'). So back to the D-drawing board it was and here it is.

Patterns: Dicso, Drobbles, Diamantbee

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: E
Link to previous Alphabet Letter Challenge: C

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter C

Here we go for the letter C using tangle pattern Cat-Kin. This time MadeByJoey made me work. I just couldn't get it done. The idea was in my head, but transferring it to paper was a real challenge, although I like Cat-Kin. Anyway, after several sketches with liberal use of the eraser and over several days and several copies... I still shake my head. Hope up for 'D'.

Here the first. Full of mistakes that in tangle are no mistakes.

Patterns:  Cat-Kin, Cadent, Croon

Here I tried to make it better

Patterns:  Cat-Kin, Cadent, Croon

Then I tried a lowercase 'C', hope for better results.

Patterns: Cat-Kin, Chainging, Curly-Q

And finally my chainging croissant..

Patterns: Cat-Kin, Chainging, Cornerz

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter B

It is 'B' time. MadeByJoey gave us the second letter in the alphabet for this week, challenge #147, with a pattern I hadn't done yet. It looks like Betweed, but is not Betweed, it could be Betweed, but no, it is not. It resembles a 2/3 Paradox, but no, it is not Paradox either... It is B-Twixt. Confusing, confusing.

This is my Capital letter 'B'....

Patterns:  B-Twixt and Beaded

...and this is my lowercase 'b'.

Patterns: B-Twixt and Beadlines

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter A

MadebyJoey's new challenge for 2017 is the Alphabet. I thought I give it a try and look how far I will be able to follow Joey. However, I already made a mistake. I misread her 'A' letter post and made my own 'A'-string (as allowed) , but also selected different 'A' patterns, completely ignoring the "A-Dalpha" pattern. Oh well, so I had to draw two 'A' letter tangles. Ha! I am already one tangle ahead.

This  is the culprit 'A'
I used the tangle patterns Akoya, Amaze and Autumnal

Here the real 'A' with the A-Dalpha pattern

This was actually just a draft, but I didn't have the heart to trash it, so I put some last touches to it.

Patterns used: A-Dalpha and Asterix.

These are 'A's I made in May 2016 when I came along the beautiful pattern 'Kiss' by Katie Booth. Skip over to for the steps.

Pattern: Kiss

And in color

Patterns: Kiss, Chillon, Tipple, Fescue, Flux

Update 30 January 2017: Finally, I caught up with my tradition to draw a capital letter tile and a lowercase tile for the same challenge. Lowercase 'a', here we go.

Patterns: A-Dalpha, Arc Flower, Arcocuatro

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: B

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