Sunday, January 20, 2019

IAST 274 and 276, Zenuari19 tiles, and a Refresher

With DIVA challenge #276 with SiStar and See I jumped the queue again. Still have DIVA tile #272 on my plate. Tangling has become hard work and I am a bit panicky trying to stay afloat and ajour with all the fantastic challenges I want to do. But I love every hectic minute of it!

IAST challenge #276 with SiStar and See
Tangle Patterns: SiStgar, See

IAST #274 challenge with tangles Lex and Centipede and a number '19' string. Not for the first time the 'string' flew right over my head and I mistook the '19' for '12' and was wondering why '12'. Duh, me! I also didn't think much about the tangles other than how best I can make them work together and thus, this tile was the result. However, I wasn't happy with the 9 loop. What was it???!!! Meaning???!!! It was the alien on the tile.

IAST challenge #274 with Tangle Patterns: Centipede, Lex
Tangle Patterns: Centipede, Lex

Then it hit me! Hence tile number two was born and this time the 'alien' on the tile hits the mark!

Although I again missed the deadline to send my tile to Adele, please check out the many other - on the mark - beautiful tiles on her site.

IAST challenge #274 with Tangle Patterns: Centipede, Lex
Tangle Patterns: Centipede, Lex

Zenuari 2019 day 2 - Stars with tangles Printemps, A-Dalfa, Vega, Knase, Ahh. Original in B/W and...

Zenuari 2019 day 2 - Stars with Printemps, A-Dalfa, Vega, Knase, Ahh
Tangle Patterns: Printemps, A-Dalfa, Vega, Knase, Ahh

...a B/Gold version courtesy of Mr. Photoshop.

Zenuari 2019 day 2 - Stars with Printemps, A-Dalfa, Vega, Knase, Ahh in gold by Photoshop

Zenuari 2019 day 4 - Biggify with tangle Counterpoint.

Zenuari 2019 day 4 - Biggify with tangle Counterpoint
Tangle Pattern: Counterpoint

Zenuari 2019 day 7 - Duotone. Tangles are Dropug free-style and Hollibaugh.

Zenuari 2019 day 7 - Duotone. Tangles are Dropug free-style and Hollibaugh
Tangle Patterns: Dropug and Hollibaugh

Zenuari 2019 day 9 - New to me Tangles: Mock I.Am, Running Around in Circles, Buddeena.

Zenuari 2019 day 9 - New to me Tangles: Mock I.Am, Running around in circles, Buddeena
Tangle Patterns: Mock I.Am, Running Around in Circles, Buddeena

Zenuari 2019 day 11 - Unusual String: Umble, Palrevo, Onamato, Florz. I wasn't sure what the 'Unusual" String was supposed to be. An unusual shape or an unusual placement, so I combined the two.

Zenuari 2019 day 11 - Unusual String with Umble, Palrevo, Onamato, Florz
Tangle Patterns: Umble, Palrevo, Onamato, Florz

Zenuari 2019 day 6 - Blind String: Hatflox and Schilfertjes. For the blind string I drew blindly loose loops on an A4 paper, cut a 9x9 cm square out of another paper, closed my eyes and moved the cut-out over the loops until I felt I had captured the magic string. It felt like playing with a viji board.

Zenuari 2019 day 6 - Blind String: Hatflox and Schilfertjes
Tangle Patterns: Hatflox, Schilfertjes

♻️ Zenuari 2019 day 8 - No String: Calla Lilies and Trique on toilet roll cardboard. The 2 lines are no border, but the cut and glued lines typical to the roll.

Zenuari 2019 day 8 - No String: Calla Lilies and Trique on toilet roll cardboard
Tangle Patterns: Calla Lilies, Trique

Refresher #193 with tangles Quib, Barquillos, Fr'eggs, Zingo, Scarrow... I am not a happy camper so my second...I mean 3rd attempt below. I don't even bother with the 2nd tile!

Refresher #193 with tangles Quib, Barquillos, Fr'eggs, Zingo, Scarrow
Tangle Patterns: Quib, Barquillos, Fr'eggs, Zingo, Scarrow

Refresher #193 with tangles Quib, Barquillos, Fr'eggs, Zingo, Scarrow 3rd tile
Tangle Patterns: Quib, Barquillos, Fr'eggs, Zingo, Scarrow

For Refresher tiles #001 to #193 click here.

Animal Happy Day

Isn't this the most beautiful abundend and neglected street dog? Well, not on this image, but...

And yet another Animal Happy Ending story. Don't get the wrong impression from this image!!!

The leap into the New Year, or in this cow's case: The leap into a sanctuary for life. Such is the heartwarming story about this cow. It starts with a crowded drive to the slaughterhouse and ends with something extra special. Click here for the Animal Happy Day short story with plenty of videos, too.

And as for 'the cat': She is now occupying my very comfy TV chair. What will she claim next?

Hey, somebody in need of a cat??

Anyway, wishing you a great week ahead and thanks for visiting!

Saturday, January 05, 2019

IAST 273, Zenuari2019, Square One, Anything Goes, and a Refresher

This post is a float post. It floats from 2018 into 2019. I am not much of a xmassy person and here where I live New Year means traffic jam and lots of tourists. So I have been waiting for all those cars to be back on Sukhumvit Rd heading towards home and for the tourists to be back at the beaches where they belong before I hit the road again. While I was waiting for the air to clear I started and left too many unfinished tiles on my desk. Somehow my heart was not into endurance tangling.

IAST challenge #273 is one of them. Yes indeed, there is also a half finished/half unfinished IAST #272 tile in my ToDo file, but maybe I get a Round Tuit to finish it by next Christmas... Anyway, below my #273 tile with Afterglo, Meriberries, and Ahh! on a water colored tile.

IAST challenge #273 with Tangle Patterns: Afterglo, Meriberries, Ahh
Tangle Patterns: Afterglo, Meriberries, Ahh

Hmmm... not much into Xmas, huh? So why did Photoshop turn this tile into Christmas balls for you to hang on the next Christmas tree???!!!

IAST #273 Christmas Balls

I received this new Glass Ink Pen just before year's end and couldn't resist drawing a few wavy lines on watercolor paper. I loved the drawing experience, but the w/c paper is probably not the best choice as the ink seeps sideways into the paper. That is where the good old micron pen 'Jumped to the Rescue' (that is a clue)....

When the Facebook group Anything Goes announced the theme of the week 'Fescu to the Rescue' I knew instantly how to finish my wavy Diva-like tile: add some quirky and shady Fescu and keep the tile light as a feather. Voila, my tile for the fb group.

Unfortunately, the image does not show the delicate gold glitter in the ink.

Anything Goes theme "Fescu to the Rescue" with Tangle Patterns: Fescu, Diva Dance
Tangle Patterns: Fescu, Diva Dance

Inspired by...Dublin. I can't get Dublin out of my head, but I can put it on paper.

Inspired by... Dublin with Zinger
Tangle Patterns: Dublin, Zinger

Another inspirational tile...Rope Toodles. That single Toodles hanging down on the right is the main character on this rather large, 12 x 12 cm, note paper tile. The rest is garnishing.

Inspired by...Rope Toodles with Tangle Patterns: Toodles, Stickers, Diva Dance
Tangle Patterns: Toodles, Stickers, Diva Dance

Square One Dec 14-20 - Roloflex in black & white.

Square One with Tangle Pattern: Roloflex
Tangle Pattern: Roloflex

Square One Dec 21-27 - Love Handles with Tipple and Printemps. Love Handles, such an easy tangle, but so hard to draw so the tangle really looks like Love Handles. I can't!

Square One with Tangle Patterns: Love Handles, Tipple, Printemps
Tangle Patterns: Love Handles, Tipple, Printemps

I had another go at Love Handles when Square One week Dec 28 to Jan 3 in the new year had OTM on the menu. Now I am a bit happier with my LH, but still not quite there yet.

Square One week Dec 28 to Jan 3, 2019 with tangles OTM, Love Handles, Indy-Rella
Tangle Patterns: OTM, Love Handles, Indy-Rella

Refresher #192 with tangles Punzel, Strutz, Hearts-A-Flutter, Horti, Brace-S. (See all Refresher tiles on my pages.)

Refresher #192 with tangles Punzel, Strutz, Hearts-A-Flutter, Horti, Brace-S
Tangle Patterns: Punzel, Strutz, Hearts-A-Flutter, Horti, Brace-S

#Fullmoonmosaic at Instagram for December 2018 features the tangles SiStar and Fullmoon. I did the 'green-glitter-eyed' Fullmoon Monster first > wasn't impressed &gt...

#@Fullmoonmosaic at Instagram, Dec fullmoon with Sistar and Fullmoon tangles
Tangle Patterns: Sistar and Fullmoon I did this one. Ah, much better! Now I can sleep well. BTW, that dirty speck there at the top between Sistar - do you see it? - that is the real full moon with its dark and light areas. Just to make sure...

#@Fullmoonmosaic at Instagram, Dec fullmoon with Sistar and Fullmoon tangles
Tangle Patterns:

There is a new challenge in town - well, for me anyway - called Zenuari 2019. It consists of a variety of daily prompts for the whole year, served in monthly installments. Quite interesting! If you are interested and want to join the group on facebook, click here.

My tiles thus far: Zenuari 2019 day 3: Monotangle. I chose Narwal...

Zenuari 2019 day 3: Monotangle with Narwal
Tangle Pattern: Narwal

...and Zenuari 2019 day 5: a hint of tint. I chose the tangle OTM (from Square One last week) and a hint of gold and silver.

Zenuari 2019 day 5: a hint of tint with OTM and a hint of gold and silver
Tangle Pattern: OTM with a hint of gold and silver

Animal - and Thailand - Happy Day

Remember Shadow's side kick in his last days? The cat has no adopted me and visits me every day for her 10am-4pm midday nap. Yes, I have upgraded her chosen sleeping niche, but that is as far as I go. Sure!

A few days later I found the cat occupying a more accessible niche... in my store room. And she was not alone. She coerced her boyfriend to join her.

Shhhhh! We better give them some privacy. Please, very quietly scroll out of my store room.

And now to Thailand. I am not sure what the perception of Thailand is abroad, but I have good news. 40+ shops and food chains (maybe more have joined by now) have joined together in a campaign to fight the plastic bag litter crisis. 

Believe you me, we have a HUGE issue with plastic bags!!!!
(and litter in general!)

Every 4th of the month the shops will not pack your goods in plastic bags anymore. They give you the option to buy recycled paper shopping bags to carry away your groceries or you bring your own bag. I only know of ONE chain that has absolutely never ever given out plastic bags: Hat off to Makro!

I noticed it first Dec 4th last year when I shopped in my little corner convenience store. Ever since I have bmob or hand-carried my items out of there. I hope this campaign will not get lost in the plastic bag trash mountain as others have in the past, but will actually add additional days to the month. More has to be done, but it is a start.

I end this post with a video and a link to a page for mothers who can't bring their kids to eat breakfast.

Only in New York...

...and the  breakfast encouragement page.

Happy 2019!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New Tangle As.I.Am, DIVA 378, Facebook stuff, Refresher

♻️ The theme of last week's Anything Goes Creative Prompt! is 'Livin' on the Edge' or tangle the edge of the tile. I thought fine, another easy one I better tangle on the smallest tile.. Then: well, maybe on a middle size tile...

I ended up drawing the tangle Garl on a normal tile and one of my favorite recycle choices: Toilet rolls.

Anything Goes Creative Prompt! with theme Livin' on the Edge and Tangle Pattern: Garl on a toilet roll cardboard
Tangle Pattern: Garl on toilet roll cardboard

Square One has Toodles on the menu for the week Dec 7-13. I love Toodles and I love Toodles. My first tile is Toodles with Clamz on a Sindoo background.My first tile drawn in the tangle-over-a-tangle style and I love it. I already made a list of tangles for backgrounds...

Square One Dec 7-13, 2018 with Toodles, Clamz and background tangle Sindoo
Tangle Patterns: Toodles, Clamz, Sindoo

Some more Square One Toodles with Square One Barberpole from last week (which I missed) and background tangle Zanzee on toilet roll cardboard. This blue on brown paper may not be the greatest idea since sliced bread, but it was still fun to do.

Square One Dec 7-13, 2018 with Toodles, Square One Nov 30-Dec 6 Barberpole and background tangle Zanzee
Tangle Patterns: Toodles, Barberpole, Zanzee

Inspired by... the tangled background - Aura-Leah with Tipple - technique: Aura-Leah, Pokeroot, Toodles, Dragonair, Ahh.

Inspired by the tangled background technique: Tangle Patterns: Aura-Leah, Pokeroot, Toodles, Dragonair, Ahh
Tangle Patterns: Aura-Leah, Pokeroot, Toodles, Dragonair, Ahh

Facebook's weekly Anything Goes as of Dec 12th with the Creative Prompt: "Spotlight on Pea-nuckle". Still no fan of Pea-nuckle (we had it several DIVA challenges ago, more precisely, July 2017 with DIVA #325) This time I wanted to do something else, so I made a Pea-Nuckle Zendala and a Pea-Nuckle flower. The flower tile is on a Dublin background and has Pea-Nuckle as a border as well.

Pea-Nuckle Zendala.

Tangle Pattern: Pea-Nuckle and slight variations of Pea-Nuckle
Tangle Pattern: Pea-Nuckle and slight variations of Pea-Nuckle

Pea-Nuckle in a circle as a flower and as a border with Henna Drum, Fescu, Flux and Dublin as background tangle. As for the color...didn't you know? I am totally and completely color blind and cannot be held responsible. But maybe having the same color for the background tangle and the main act might not be the best idea?.

Pea-Nuckle in a circle as a flower with Tangle Patterns: Henna Drum, Flux, Fescu, and Dublin as a background tangle
Tangle Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, Henna Drum, Flux, Fescu, Dublin

Refresher #191 with Printemps, Feeling Knotty, Nouvart, Patience, Auracross.

Refresher #191 with Tangle Patterns: Printemps, Feeling Knotty, Nouvart, Patience, Auracross
Tangle Patterns: Printemps, Feeling Knotty, Nouvart, Patience, Auracross

DIVA challenge #378 on a watercolored background tile with 123 O'Leary in old Roman style on columns and Lotos.

DIVA challenge #378 with Tangle Patterns: 123 O'Leary, Lotos
Tangle Patterns: 123 O'Leary, Lotos

My new Tangle: As.I.Am

...or should I call it a Fragment? As of late I feel like drawing lines, repetitively, not thinking, just the same over and over again. Sometimes the line result make no sense, sometimes it takes me by surprise and thus As.I.Am was born.

Step-out is simple: draw a shallow S curve into a square and add a little curve to each end of the S on top and bottom along the square. Or as per this image:

Stepout to my new Tangle Pattern: AS.I.AM
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am step-out

A simple version of As.I.Am

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am simple
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am

A filled version of As.I.Am

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am filled
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am filled

Just another version of As.I.AM

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am

As.I.Am in hexagons.

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am in hexagons
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am in hexagons

As.I.Am embellished

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am embellished
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am embellished

As.I.Am Knightsbridge style and Eye-wa as a string.

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am Knightsbridge-style
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am Knightsbridge-style

An As.I.Am Zendala

Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am Zendala
Tangle Pattern: As.I.Am Zendala

Animal Saddest Day unless.... 

A whole animal rescue operation/hospital in Spain,Viktor Larkhill's Let's Adopt International, an extreme cases rescue operation, will be closing down due to financial difficulties. That hurts!!! I have no Christmas wishes for myself. I have all I need to live a happy and content live. But there is somebody out there with a huge heart for animals that needs me/us now. Please, if you would watch the video below and if you think: "Yes, I can skip going out tomorrow night and send the money to Viktor instead", or "I don't really have to go to Starbuck every single morning" and you set up a little "Off Starbuck - On Viktor in Spain" piggy bank, here a link the PayPal (you can use your credit card if you have no PayPal account), and his GoFundMe page. Many thanks to all those donating any amount. Everything counts!

...and a quick mention of Shadow... or rather the before and after Shadow tile.

Last week I published below tile. In the middle of drawing it, my beloved Shadow died. I received an email from Meridiana from the Drawing from the Day website wherein she wrote, and I quote:

And your Shadow tile...I hesitate to say this because you may not see it, but I see the snout of a dog poking out on the lower left side of that tile.  Like a cartoon of a dog just beginning to stick his head out from under some piled-up blankets (the Narwhal).  I see the nose, a black circle, the "snout" and an open mouth.  From looking at the photos of Shadow you put up, it does seem that's exactly the type of shape of head he had.  (But it's like a cartoon of the shape, the way Mickey Mouse is a cartoon drawing of a mouse).  Do you see it?  I think Shadow left you a parting gift.
BTW - Meridiana was not the only one who saw it.

Now here the tile again - Now I see it, too!!! What a co-incidence.

This is my last post for this year. So I wish
all visitors and their families happy and joyful festive days.

C U again in 2019

Saturday, December 01, 2018

DIVA 376/7, IAST 269/271, Gratitangles, FB stuff, and Shadow

November 2018 was hard. Just couldn't stay focused let alone draw tiles. Now I am catching up by finishing tiles I recently started, but had dropped by the wayside, and do the challenges I never even looked at, but now feel the urge to participate. I feel like running up a downward moving stairway. So here we go...

This month's #fullmoonmosaic at Instagram asked for a tile with two circles of different size and off center with tangle pattern Madama on the inside and A-dalfa on the outside. Click here to see what others have done. The good thing in this challenge: only one tile a month and you have a whole month to join your tile before the new challenge is up and running. Love it.

Tangle Patterns:

This week's (or was it last week's?) facebook group Anything Goes runs under the theme 'Supersize' (I would have called it XXXL, but...), and I loved it immediately. I like monotangle tiles and this one asks that we draw the tangle itself ... XXXL. I tore one of my bookmark leftover paper strips into 3 5.7 cm square tiles and started drawing....

Garlic Cloves, X-perope, and an unrecognizable Dublin.

FB Anything Goes with tangle patterns Garlic Cloves, X-perope, and an unrecognizable Dublin
Tangle Patterns: Garlic Cloves, X-perope, and an unrecognizable Dublin

DIVA challenge #376, the 'It could be a Mosaic'. I used one of my Refresher tiles as inspiration for this challenge, Refresher #78 (see after the mosaic tiles). I took 4 small tiles (5.7cm square), but still it took me a very long time to finished them.

Mosaic A with combo

DIVA challenge #376 mosaic

DIVA challenge #376 mosaic combo

Mosaic B with combo

DIVA challenge #376 mosaic

DIVA challenge #376 mosaic combo

Mosaic C with combo

DIVA challenge #376 mosaic

DIVA challenge #376 mosaic combo
Tangle Patterns: Dublin, Shell xCape modified, Archer, Snapa, Elfhat, Abreve,
Loopy, MySwing, Tadpoles, Tipple, Fescu

The inspirational Refresher #78 tile.

Tangle Patterns: Crescent Moon, Tadpoles, Quare, Batch, Loopy

DIVA challenge #377 with Fengle vs Pokeroot. I am on my FB Anything Goes "Supersize" trip, the best way to catch up with challenges I missed as of late.

DIVA challenge #377 with Fengle, Pokeroot, tiny Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Fengle, Pokeroot, tiny Tipple

Gratitangles day 6 with Verdigogh, day 10 with only single Cymes (and shaded as background filler) and FB's challenge Wigwag, as a border.

Gratitangles 2018 day 6 Verdigogh, day 10 Cyme, and FB challenge Wigwag.
Tangle Patterns: Verdigogh, Cyme, Wigwag

Gratitangles 2018 on Mini tiles day 18 with Nymph, jumping the line with day 29 and the combo Pokeroot/Pokeleaf and some day 6 Verdigogh as garnishing.

Gratitangles 2018 day 18 Nymph, day 29 Pokeroot/Pokeleaf, and some day 6 Verdigogh.
Tangle Patterns: Nymph, Pokeroot/Pokeleaf, Verdigogh

Square One Nov 23-29 with Qua-Sahnt. Not sure I got this tangle right though. I made 2 tiles to practice. Green: Q-S with Kinggo; Brown: Q-S with a vase.

Tangle Patterns: Qua-Sahnt with Kinggo and with vase

IAST challenge #271 with XLNT (meaning 'Excellent' I assume?). Now this I call a line work 'test, fun, and exercise' and I grabbed it with both hands. The packaging paper is a bit on the uneven side, but on its surface interrupted lines can easily be continued without leaving that tale-tell blotch. For  me this tile was not so much about the end result, more about its therapeutic value.

I am still practicing Dew Drops. Maybe I should draw at least one D.D. on every tile until the end of the year to become the super master in Dew Drops drawing?

IAST challenge #271 with  XLNT and Dew Drops
Tangle Pattern: XLNT with Dew Drops

IAST challenge #269 with Soluna, starting the tangle from opposite corners and different sizes. I am not much of a Soluna fan, but appreciate the tangle. However, I admit I googled for car wheels to get some different Soluna filler ideas. So here my car wheel Soluna on a mini tile:

IAST challenge #269 with Soluna
Tangle Pattern: Soluna

Animal Sad Day and Mine

This is the tile I was working on when Shadow died. It was supposed to be a happy and hopeful tile, green on the outside and blue in the middle. It wasn't a challenge, no prompts, no string...just trying to give Snapa, a fairly new tangle I thought was interesting, a go. I started it in the morning working on the green parts...two days later I continued, swapping the intended blue color for black. It is now my 'Shadow' tile

Shadow's tile with Snapa, Toodles, and a bit of Narwal
Tangle Patterns: Snapa, Toodles, a bit of Narwal

Shadow died November 22nd, 2018. He was given to me when he was 4 months old and he was such a cutie. I adored him and fell in love with him on first sight! I remember him galloping towards me, fur flying in all directions. He looked like a mini Afghan (or flying carpet) with his long black fur everywhere, or when spread out on his belly on the floor like a mini furry foot mat. He loved everybody, but accepted a cat sleeping next to him only when he was old and wise. He was my team mate, my roommate that never contributed to the rent or brought me breakfast to bed, but he never took over the TV remote control. He was perfect! I thoroughly miss my darling Shadow and the good times we had.

As a Swiss I never heard of the Rainbow Bridge legend, a Native American believe, until the Internet. When pets die they cross the Rainbow Bridge to play and have fun with other animals. When our time comes they will spot us and run towards us and we will never be parted again. Then we cross the Rainbow Bridge together.... I love the idea!

Shadow in his last days. My neighbor's homeless cat often visited him, slept with him, ate with him, but she would not walk with him in the rain.

Goodbye my darling and R.I.P.!

Shadow - R.I.P. my darling

I don't want to end this post on a sad note, so...

Animal Happy Days

If this dog hasn't figured out what makes life great I don't know who has - or a case of self-inflicted well-being.

Bye for now...

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