Saturday, July 14, 2018

IAST 251, my new Tangle Y.I.Am, lots of Browneees, and self-made Crystals

The story behind my Browneees. I bought a brown MICRON pen about a year ago and promptly forgot about it. Every once in a while though I noticed it in my pot of pens, but always only wondered about my purchase of 2 red 01 pens when red is not exactly a color I particularly like to draw with. Now, there is an event coming up in about 2 weeks for which I want to draw a dedicated tile and needed the red...only to grab the wrong red. Hey, those brown and red bottom caps look the same to my color-blind eyes! But now I am in love with my rediscovered brown Micron!

My Accidental Twins

First born: Summer Tangles 2018. Here my tile for July 7-9 featuring the tangles Dew Drops, Wisket, Abundies in respective order. I never draw Dew Drops, am not good at them. Maybe I will sincerely forget to draw them! Wow! That hope flushed down the drain the very instant Lynn Mead's (A Tangler's Mind) webpage Dew Drop tutorial popped up. You have to draw the DDs FIRST!

Summer Tangles 2018 July 7-9 with Tangle Patterns: Dew Drops, Wisket, Abundies
Tangle Patterns: Dew Drops, Wisket, Abundies

Second born: The Square One tangle for the week of July 6-12 was Tangleflake3, surrounded by Dublin and Tipple followed by my pre-natel Tangleflake test tile.

Square One week July 6-12 with Tangleflake3 accopanied by Dublin, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Tangleflake3, Dublin, Tipple

Tangle Patterns: Tangleflake3
Tangle Patterns: Tangleflake3

♻️  July 12th listed 'Monotangle' on the Summer Tangles 2018 manifest. I used Y.I.Am, my new tangle, stepout below, and Tipple as garnishing only. (Envelope tile)

Summer Tangles 2018 July 12, Monotangle, with Tangle Patterns Y.I.Am and Tipple as garnishing
Tangle Pattern: Y.I.Am with Tipple garnishing

On with Summer Tangles 2018, a tangle per day which I combine (mostly), day 10 and 11 July with Ponio, here as a suggested variation by the author - I think, and Cubic.

Summer Tangles 2018 July 10 and 11 with Tangle Patterns: Ponio, Cubic
Tangle Patterns: Ponio, Cubic

♻️  IAST challenge #251 with tangles Stikz and Muchin (on another paper reuse).

IAST #250 Challenge with Tangle Patterns: Stikz, Munchin
Tangle Patterns: Stikz, Munchin

Y.I.Am (Why I Am) - My new Tangle

New Tangle Pattern Y.I.Am with Ruutz, Beadlines, Tipple, Mssst
Tangle Patterns: Y.I.Am, Ruutz, Beadlines, Tipple, Mssst

Stepout and Variations

New Tangle Y.I.Am stepout and with variations
Tangle Pattern: Y.I.Am stepout and with variations

♻️  This (pre brown pen discovery) IAST challenge #250 experimental tile didn't get finished in time last week. Tira and Ahh! are drawn on white crumbly dried vegetable paper (here in Thailand the cauliflower stem is wrapped in soft wet paper) and then I glued the two-fold white paper on a black background.

IAST challenge #250 with Tangle Patterns: Tira and Ahh!
Tangle Patterns: Tira and Ahh!

These past few weeks I was also busy making my own crystals. All it needs is Borax, food coloring and one of the many, many video instructions on youTube.

Animal Happy Day

Close to my heart, too!!!!

Enjoy and have a splendid weekend!

Saturday, July 07, 2018

IAST 250, Square One, Summer Tangles, Refresher, and more

A Sunday morning tile with focus on Dropz.

A Sunday morning tile with focus on Dropz
Tangle Patterns: Dropz

Square One week June 29 - July 5 with focus on MySwing. I added Maryhill, the tangle we had for Joey's very likely last challenge, #222, in yet another version, and Tipple.

Square One with focus on MySwing with Maryhill and Tipple
Tangle Patterns: MySwing, Maryhill, Tipple

Refresher #182 featuring tangles Gneiss, Tumbleweed, Tamarai (in Thai: what are you doing), Cake, Joki. (I drew this with Margarete Gilge's tangle tiles in mind.)

Refresher #182 with Tangle Patterns: Gneiss, Tumbleweed, Tamarai, Cake, Joki
Tangle Patterns: Gneiss, Tumbleweed, Tamarai, Cake, Joki

Tumbleweed is a tangle from the above refresher #182 listing and a horror tangle for me. Lots of round long lines, auras...something I have difficulties with as I can't draw them in one go. I need to stop and turn the tile several times and where I reconnect there is a nasty blob,  and the lines get wobbly, too. So I correct the lines and try to disguise the blob and end up with big, fat, ugly worms instead of fine, thin, beautiful, delicate wisps of lines. And then it hit me: who says I have to connect the lines? Voila! Here my almost perfectly executed Tumbleweed!

Practice tile for Refresher #182 with Tangle Pattern: Tumbleweed
Tangle Patterns: Tumbleweed

Besides Tumbleweed, Tamarai (grid and free-spirited) and Cake (with striped Pokeleaf) from above refresher were new to me = TTs. The other, Tira 'Flower' on yellow, is from the IAST 250 challenge.

Tangle Patterns: Tamarai (grid and free-spirited) 
and Cake with Pokeleaf, Tira "Flower"

IAST #250 and it is all about July 4th, the American Independence Day, and fireworks, represented by the tangles Tire and Ahh! Coincidentally, this is also Adele Bruno's 250th tangle challenge, which translates into 5 years of commitment to

a) something we all, the partaker in her challenges, enjoy tremendously! Thanks so much, Adele!
b) laborious work for her herself! I lift my hat, Adele!

All in all the verdict is: Adele, you are a darling!

♻️♻️♻️ As for the tile, I took a coffee bag tile, metallic-like paper. The white gel pen was OK, but the yellow wouldn't even dry overnight! And you can forget about color and graphite pencils or charcoal pens for shading. Won't work! Hence my tile turned out to be a rather sad, 3D transparent-looking, 250 celebration plastic tile.

IAST Challenge #250 with Tangle Patterns: Tira, Ahh!
Tangle Patterns: Tira and Ahh!

In Photoshop I manipulated the drawing to add a drop shadow (you may have to come real close to the monitor...).

IAST Challenge #250 with Tangle Patterns: Tira, Ahh! with drop shadow
Tangle Patterns: Tira and Ahh!

♻️♻️♻️ Daily Summer Tangles 2018 challenge, July 4 to September 3, is a welcome substitution for the retired or semi retired Joey and DIVA challenges. I combined the first 3 days on a toilet tissue roll and added a 2nd in an abstract version. Both a flop, but you should have seen the designs I had in my mind....

Summer Tangles 2018 July 4-6 with Tangle Patterns: Footlites, Hamail, Z-Trik
Tangle Patterns: Footlites, Hamail, Z-Trik

The abstract version.

Summer Tangles 2018 July 4-6 with Tangle Patterns: Footlites, Hamail, Z-Trik abstract version
Tangle Patterns: Footlites, Hamail, Z-Trik

And one more Square One with MySwing and black Pokeleaf. It's last because I worked on it several day, not knowing where to go with it and only just finished a few minutes ago.

Square One with MySwing and black Pokeleaf
Tangle Patterns: MySwing, Pokeleaf, Sand Swirl

Animal Missing Day

Last week I mentioned the missing pregnant cat that visited me every afternoon to find some well deserved rest. She has still not turned up. However, my Swiss neighbor and I are quite certain she has come to no harm, but somebody has taken her in. We have about 10-12 cats in the area and no other cat is missing.

This morning I climbed onto a ladder to successfully rescue another neighbor's cat, an orange tabby with a green collar, from another neighbor's roof's edge.

I do get around, don't I.

The kids in the Cave in Thailand

I am sure you have heard the news about the kids soccer team and their coach stuck in a cave here in Thailand. This hits home with me as I have been a PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor for 11 years and I understand very well the danger of bringing out the kids on scuba gear. My title and my experience of over 2000 dives would not have allowed me to join any cave diving expedition without prior training in a safe and controlled environment and with the appropriate gear (rebreather). It goes way beyond my imagination how these kids felt during the 10 days they were missing (one hell of a long time not knowing whether you will ever be found!!!) and now with no hope for immediate rescue, or a life threatening rescue...

If you are religious, please pray for the kids and their coach; I cross my fingers and hope they will (!) find a way to get them all out safe and alive before the month of October. Let it Be!

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Joey 222, IAST 249, Calla, Maryhill Orchid, and a Headdress

Square One last week had Lily Moon's Amphora tangle (a tangle I have only seen drawn perfectly by the inventor herself!). After I finished it I couldn't quite decide whether it was a Red Indian Headdress or an old Roman War Helmet. The decision is in the eye of the beholder I assume.

Square One, week June 23rd, focus on Amphora, Veezy minus bubbles, Trique, Clob (for lack of knowing an other tangle name), Square (One) Printemps
Tangle Patterns:  Amphora, Veezy minus bubbles, Trique,
Clob (for lack of knowing an other tangle name), Square (One) Printemps

Joey's weekly challenge, #222, according to her blog, maybe her last. Not just her last in the Front and Center theme, but as her 'weekly challenge' overall series. This is sad and I am already missing venturing to her site late every Monday afternoon to find out what is on her challenge menu. Joey, thank you so very much for all the challenges you put out there for us! Should you ever reconsider, I will be right there following you again!

I made 2 tiles for Joey. The first is a pretty strict, no frill tile...

Joey's Weekly Challenge #222 with tangle Maryhill
Tangle Pattern: Maryhill

...and the 2nd is a more Maryhill abstract or inventive one - I call it my Maryhill Orchid.

Joey's Weekly Challenge #222 with tangle Maryhill, Miff, Raindotty, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Maryhill, Miff, Raindotty, Tipple

I wanted to do a fun tile with Dublin, but I forgot how to draw Dublin and it turned out more like the flower Calla. I am sure this tangle exists already, hence my sincerest apology in advance for misnaming it.

Fun tile with Tangle Patterns: Calla, Sprangle, Sand Swirl, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Calla, Sprangle, Sand Swirl, Tipple

IAST #249 with Abeko and Diva Dance or Rock 'n Roll. I hurried to get this done and posted and now I am off watering the gardens.

[10 min later] Oops, I am back. Forgot to bloody publish the post.

IAST Challenge #249 with tangles Abeko and Diva Dance or Rock 'n Roll
Tangle Patterns: Abeko, Diva Dance Rock 'n Roll

And here some real life stuff outside my tangles. I have a new cat visitor. No owner, no name and pregnant. But I know my cat-loving Swiss neighbor will adopt her and let her do her motherly nursing safe and sound in his storeroom-cum-cat nursery. Look at those beautiful light blue eyes...well, the whole cat is beautiful!

*** MISSING ***

Update July 1st: This morning my Swiss neighbor asked me
(and other neighbors he knew the cat visited), whether
I had seen the cat in the last 2 days. It seems, she has
gone missing, but we don't think she was ready yet to
give birth and therefore gone hiding somewhere.
Now, instead of enjoying a nice sunny Sunday,
we all worry about this stray cat!!!!

Nameless, ownerless, pregnant cat
Nameless, ownerless, pregnant cat

Now this is weird. This is a snake skin. I find them every once in a while, but mostly on my bathroom window. However, I never found one that had a knot in it. Believe me! I did not make that knot!!!

Snake skin knot
Snake skin knot

A cactus flower I got from my water pump repair guy. On his last visit he mentioned he has cactus blooming in his garden every day. I couldn't resist. I showed him a new 'opening' in my crowded garden and discretely mentioned that one of his cactus pots would be very welcome to occupy that space. The rest is history. Beautiful as these flowers are, they last but for a few hours.

Cactus flower

And last but not least my senior roommate darling Shadow. He will be 16 in about three months, September 7th to be precise.

My darling Shadow
My darling Shadow

Animal Happy Day

 šŸŽ¶ Big boys don't cryšŸŽµ

And on a slightly different šŸŽµ.... more LEGO brick, please!

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

Joey 221, IAST 248, Paradox Stars and a Square One Tile

Paradox Stars on a 12 cm square tile.

Paradox Stars
Tangle Pattern: Paradox

Joey's weekly challenge #221, the last of the 12-week 'Front and Center" theme, with Pais, Beadline, Tipple and a single lone Mooka.

Joey's weekly challenge #221 with Tangle Patterns: Pais, Beadline, Tipple and a single lone Mooka
Tangle Patterns: Pais, Beadline, Tipple and a single lone Mooka

Over at Square One the focus of the week June 15th was Kuke. You can argue the three single flower clusters are Kuke or Henna Drum, but I really just followed the shapes outlines. So in my book it is Kuke everywhere.

Square One week June 15th with Tangle Patterns: Kuke and Henna Drum-Kuke
Tangle Patterns: Kuke and Henna Drum-Kuke

Refresher #181. I am not sure how much longer I will be doing the series. I often find myself scratching my head about the choice of tangles, wondering what on earth I can do with the five. No 181 is such a case. Three of the five were new to me so I drew an extra tile for those, hoping an idea would jump to mind for the fiver tile. Obviously, that wasn't the case. PS: I almost forgot Drawave, but succeeded to squeeze a few waves onto Wacho.

Refresher #181 with Tangle Patterns: Jonqal, Aniane, Wacho, Braidle, Drawave
Tangle Patterns: Jonqal, Braidle, Wacho, Drawave, Aniane

The 181 practice round

The 181 Practice Round with Tangle Patterns: Aniane, Braidle, Drawave
Tangle Patterns: Braidle, Drawave, Aniane

♻️ IAST Challenge #248, monotangle Drupe.

Tangle Patterns: Drupe, invaded by Toodles and Tipples, Seawaves

It's 5 pm soon. Time to water the gardens. My right cheek is still numb from my dentist visit a few hours ago. I am hungry and can't eat, and I am moody and cranky. The whole week was weird, the wrong way round, nothing worked, everything went wrong...and this post is a testimony of it. Now all my hope and focus is on next week. After all, it can only get better - just like for this pooch in...

...Animal Happy Day

Have you ever seen a more beautiful dog?

Thanks for your visit and may your last 7 days have been better!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Joey 220, IAST 247, Bracco-Line, and a Betweed Flower

Presently it seems I am hooked on Bracco-Line, love it to bits. I also promised Ragged Ray to do her new Miff tangle again...and not to mess with it as in my last post. Promise kept! Then there is a new tangle called Purdy with a missing stepout. So I called the Enthusiastic Artist and asked for instructions: "Draw several parenthesis from outside big to inside small. However, be extremely careful not to...." Oops, the phone line broke. Damn, now we will never know the most important warning concerning this tangle!

Fun tile with focus on zentangle pattern Bracco-Line with Purdy, Raindotty, Miff, Beadlines, Sez
Tangle Patterns: Bracco-Line, Purdy, Raindotty, Miff, Beadlines, Sez

Oh no, we just had Puf in another challenge and I didn't do well then (too slim or not puffy enough one and too abstract the other), and now Joey's weekly challenge #220 is Puf. So why would I do this Puf challenge? The answer...

No idea!

So on this tile I violate not only Joey's rule for her 12-week theme Front and Center (it became Back and Off-center), but I also mutilated dear Puf - again.

Joey's Challenge #220 with Tangle Patterns: Loev, Tropicanais, Puf
Tangle Patterns: Loev, Tropicanais, Puf

♻️ IAST #247 challenge is honoring DAD's day with a DAD string and DAD tangles D'Rua, A-Dalfa, and the manly tangle Dex.

IAST challenge #247 with Tangle Patterns: D'Rua, A-Dalfa, Dex
Tangle Patterns: D'Rua, A-Dalfa, Dex

♻️ Scare One, week June 8th, focuses on Loev. Here Loev on two tiles on two intertwined strings as per Helen Williams' String Grid. The 1st tile recycled from a notebook cover and the 2nd tile another 'eco-cum-watercolor' leaves print.

Square One Focus on Loev...stringed
Tangle Patterns: Loev, Fescu

Square One focus on Loev - on eco-cum-watercolor leaf print
Tangle Pattern: Loev

Betweed Flower - a simple and very quick Fun Tile!

Quick Fun Tile Betweed Flower
Tangle Patterns: Betweed

♻️ My first Dingbatz on toilet roll paper where I pulled the sheets apart. Will there be more? Don't hold your breath.

Tangle Patterns: Dingbatz

Focus on Bocksbeutel and Dewd. Happy Birthday, M.G.

Tangle Patterns: Bocksbeutel and Dewd
Tangle Patterns: Bocksbeutel and Dewd

♻️ = Drawn on paper I recycled

Animal Happy Day

A great life changing moment!

Enjoy a great weekend!

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Joey 219, IAST 246, Miff and more, but no DIVA

This week's IAST #246 is about the latest post by Helen Williams where she introduces curving/flowing strings crossing each other on several same spots as the 'string'. Helen calls it the "String Grid". I added it to my other Helen Williams' base grids and lines she introduces in her Tangle Transformation ebook. Thanks, Helen!

IAST #246 with Tangle Patterns: String Grid, Henna Drum, Raindotty, ribbons and a baby bird feather
Tangle Patterns:  String Grid, Henna Drum, Raindotty
ribbons and a baby bird feather

♻️ It's Pokeroot time at Joey's #219 challenge. My Pokeroots are the garden JELLYroot variety - jelly, as in jellyfish in the ocean. Recycled the paper, but forgot what it was. Packaging of sorts.

Joey's Challenge #219 with Tangle Pattern: Poke-cum-jellyroot
Tangle Pattern: Poke-cum-jellyroot

Refresher #180.

Tangle Patterns: Auraknot, Humpzy, Sea Wave, Flutter Net, Remo

My Training Tiny Tiles for above refresher. Out of the 5 suggested tangles 4 I had never done. As usual, I tried my spin on some of them. Humpzy, I had to abstract it!; Sea Wave, oh, it flows so beautifully - left as is; Flutter Net, tried to put it into wonky floating squares; Remo, abstract, but I forgot the lines!!!! Shugar!

Training Tiny Tiles of Tangle Patterns: Humpzy, Remo, Sea Wave, Flutter Net
Tangle Patterns from top: Humpzy, Remo Sea Wave, Flutter Net

Miff. A new tangle by Ragged Ray from The Ragged Ray website and her post "a little something'. I tend to mess around with tangles (above says is all) and - of course - as beautiful as Miff is (click on the post name if you missed it), I had to give it a spin. First I spiraled the line and then I extended the bent 'C's into petals, and thus it became Petaled Miff.

Miff, a new tangle by Ragged Ray, turned into Petaled Miff
Tangle Pattern: Miff-cum-Petaled Miff

Animal Happy Day...or is it!

Hurrah! We humans have not only successfully established ocean shipping lanes, but trash lanes, too! Well done, us! (Sorry for my sarcasm)

Rooting for a great next week that will hopefully
bring this world a bit closer in the future.

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