Sunday, September 16, 2018

IAST 260, DIVA 367, and FB's Ready, Set, Anything Goes challenge

♻️ 'Nzeppel, or Crazy 'Nzeppel, is the featured tangle in DIVA #367. Am not sure what "Crazy 'Nzeppel" really is, but figured it must be different to the normal one. So I made my own "different" 'Nzeppel, the "Pointy 'Nzeppel", short for "Any 1-Corner Pointed 'Nzeppel", and added Klabue. Tile is my favorite packaging material.

DIVA challenge #367 with Tangle Pattern 'Nzeppel and Klabue
Tangle Patterns: Pointy 'Nzeppel, Klabue

We all love 'Nzeppel, so I had to do it again: My 2018 'Nzeppel study. I recall DIVA having an 'Nzeppel challenge running in July last year where I also made a study, even with an update. This 2018 'Nzeppel study is about a string. I used this string in all the tiles more than once:

The String

First 'Nzeppel tile with a shadow; 2nd tile the same string twice, at 90' to each other and beadlines; 3rd tile the same string twice, at 45' and moved down an inch; last tile the same string 3x with Pointy 'Nzeppel.

Inspired by DIVA challenge #367. This 'Nzeppel study is about a string used 2 and 3 times in the tiles together with tangles Beadlines, Heart Beat, and Poiny 'Nzeppel
Tangle Patterns: 'Nzeppel, Beadlines, Heart Beat, Poiny 'Nzeppel.

A new challenge called "Ready, Set, Anything Goes" has arisen on Facebook and the 2nd challenge runs under the title "Alphabet Soup". The good thing, no string and no preset it says: Anything Goes. My tile is called Double D, not as in bra size, but for Dagobert Duck.

Thanks, Meridiana, for emailing the info.

Ready, Set, Anything Goes with string DD and Tangle Patterns: Sprigs, Farling
Tangle Patterns: Sprigs, Farling

In case you do not believe me...Dagobert's Duck Safe

Adele from TickledToTangle has her 5th IAST (It is a String Thing) challenge anniversary with her 260th edition. 5 candles on the tile are deservedly so, decorated with the tangles Kitl, Prestwood, O (for Oscar - one of her own tangles), and Knightsbridge, a classic tangle. I tried to do better for this occasion than last year and will actually stay with the string Adele provided. But it wasn't to be; it didn't work out for me. I tried real hard, made several attempts, but never succeeded for the tile to look pleasing to anyone's eye. So I gave up and almost gave up on the challenge itself, too. However, Sunday morning came along and I chastised myself for being so stupid. "Just draw 5 candles, dah! How difficult can that be? And show a bit more gratitude, woman!"

And so I did.
Dear Adele, thanks so much for all the fantastic challenges (and some are real challenges) you entertained us throughout the last 5 years. I may not always send in my tiles, but I do hop over to your site every Wednesday morning as if the day is stenciled into my DNA. A very Happy 5th Anniversary, Adele!
PS: if you see a 6th candle...totally unintended!

IAST challenge #260 with Tangle Patterns: Kitl, Prestwood, O, Knightsbridge
Tangle Patterns: Kitl, Prestwood, O, Knightsbridge

IAST #259 with tangles Hollibaugh, 7Keys, Sling-Slang, Diamonte. Am I the only tangler in the whole world who didn't get last week's IAST challenge? Or is my whole being so averted to ribbons that my brain never registered the string was all about ribbons?

IAST #259 with Tangle Patterns: Hollibaugh, 7Keys, Sling-Slang, Diamonte
Tangle Patterns: Hollibaugh, 7Keys, Sling-Slang, Diamonte

And now a little something different...

Quiz part 1 of 2

Quiz part 1 is the question, part 2 the answer. It will be revealed in my next week's post. So....
What is this?
Hint: it might not be the obvious. Good luck.

....and now to some....

....Animal Happy Day

Duck's on the menu this week. Even if you do not like duck, you will love this one!

Wishing you a great week and stay out of the bad weather.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

DIVA 365, Summer Tangles, SQ1, Refresher 186

Summer Tangles 2018 Finale! I did it! Thank you, Yankee Tangler. Okay, you noticed, I missed 3 days (August 3 with Dingbatz August 23 with Zenribbon and August 31 with Macrotangle (work large). I may still do them at a later stage, but for now I lean back and enjoy a fine can of beer to celebrate this Finale and Shadow's Sweet 16 Birthday. He made it!

♻️ August 25 & 26 with Zenith and Snail tangles respectively and Florz. I am glad I disgarded my earlier tile with Zenith and two other tangles. I like this much better although it doesn't yet meet the standards for 'just a tiny taste of tangle', a phrase taken off one of Ragged Ray's old DIVA challenge pages, which I aimed for. (Recycled tile from packaging material.)

Summer Tangles 2018 August 25 & 26 with Zenith and Snail tangles respectively and with a bit of Florz on
Tangle Patterns: Zenith, Snail, with a bit of Florz

August 28 - Celtic Knot with August 18 - Frames. I chose 'Frames' as a tangle this time and weaved it into the corners (last week I made frames). I think it is a great extension to this particular Celtic Knot. Mooka 'frames' the Knot/Frames combo.

Summer Tangles 2018 - August 28 - Celtic Knot with August 18 - Frames with Mooka
Tangle Patterns: Celtic Knot with Frames at corners and Mooka

August 29 - Cayke (flowers) and September 3 - Spoolies

Summer Tangles 2018 August 29 - Cayke and September 3 - Spoolies with Tipple and Zinger
Tangle Patterns: Cayke, Spoolies, Tipple, Zingger

September 2 - Z-Trik with another double: Irradial. Garnishing: Jetties and some leafy pods.

September 2 - Z-Trik with another double: Irradial
Tangle Patterns: Z-Trik, Irradial, Jetties

August 22 & 24 with Arc Flower and Lollywimple, accompanied by Hexonu.

Summer Tangles August 22 & 24 with Arc Flower and Lollywimple, accompanied by Hexonu.
Tangle Patterns: Arc Flower, Lollywimple, Hexonu.

♻️ August 30 - DL Labyrinth and September 1 - Maryhill and Square One week  August 31 to September 6 with PeelD.(Recycled tile from packaging material.)

Summer Tangles 2018 with August 30 - DL Labyrinth and September 1 - Maryhill and Square One week  August 31 to September 6 with PeelD
Tangle Patterns: DL Labyrinth, Maryhill, PeelD

Inspired by Summer Tangles September 1, a tiny tile with Maryhill and Florz-Starz

Inspired by Summer Tangles September 1, a tiny tile with Maryhill and Florz-Starz
Tangle Patterns: Maryhill, Florz-Starz

Refresher #186 with Flukes, Amadou, Soluna, Knightspeek, Achy Breaky.

Refresher #186 with Flukes, Amadou, Soluna, Knightspeek, Achy Breaky
Tangle Patterns: Flukes, Amadou, Soluna, Knightspeek, Achy Breaky

DIVA challenges are back and there are a lot of tanglers all over the world that are jumping up and down with joy - I am one of them! Thanks Laura!

♻️ So DIVA challenge #365 runs under the theme "Back to Basics": a simple string with some of the first and most popular tangles. When I read the  tangle list I instantly missed Pokeroot, so I decided to do a Pokeroot and Pokeleaf string and to link the tangles one to the other. I admit, this tile looks spooky. Skull jumps to mind. (Recycled tile from packaging material.)

DIVA #365 with Tangle Patterns: Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Printemps, Keeko String: Pokeroot and Pokeleaf
Tangle Patterns: Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Printemps, Keeko
String: Pokeroot and Pokeleaf

♻️ Square One week September 7 - 13: Bran. When I first saw Bran I didn't give it a second thought. I was certain I was going to skip this challenge. Friday evening, with all my chores done for the day, Bran jumped to mind again: 'Why not?'. I grabed a piece of copier paper and pen and looked whether I can come up with something I like and that looks vaguely similar to Bran. 2 minutes later I got it! And now I am glad I gave Bran a chance (and a new look). (Recycled packaging)

Square One week September 7 - 13: Bran
Tangle Patterns: Bran

Shadow had his 16th birthday yesterday. The Happy Birthday 'party' was pretty quiet with just him and me attending, but he didn't complain. I went to the market and bought 30 different fish balls for him. He loooooves those soft tasty snacks, so easy to eat. Bones have been off the treat list for quite a while. He still has left-overs, so we are celebrating 'Happy Birthday' a few days longer.

After the party it was right back to R&R....except for his stomach.

Animal Happy Day

I admit, this kind of videos I am not particulary fond of. No moving pictures only stills, and stills that repeat themselves over and over again and the storyteller's voice is robotic; still, I clicked on the white arrow - the title, it is somewhat intriguing - and I ended up with tears of joy and sadness.

Enjoy the weekend and any Birthday party you have coming up this week!

Saturday, September 01, 2018

IAST 257/8, Square One, Summer Tangles and a Refresher

Refresher #185 with Finery, Pezember, Lily-Eyes, Spoolies, Puffy 8's. For whatever reason, this refresher gave me some hard times and no sooner had I finally finished it, #186 came out today.

Refresher #185 with Tangle Patterns: Finery, Pezember, Lily-Eyes, Spoolies, Puffy 8's
Tangle Patterns: Finery, Pezember, Lily-Eyes, Spoolies, Puffy 8's

IAST #258 with Antidots, Apacore and Afterglo. Antidots I textured into Apacore because I realized too late I had forgotten about it. Goodness me, I really have to do something about my forgetfulness....

IAST #258 with Tangle Patterns: Antidots, Apacore, Afterglo (and Sez)
Tangle Patterns: Antidots, Apacore, Afterglo (and Sez)

This is last week's IAST #257 with the new tangle Twilight. After having seen the Twilight tiles being submitted to Adele at Tickled to Tangle, I painfully noticed that I had missed the mark slightly. Hence I decided to make up for it and drew Twilight with one of my Summer Tangle projects...(see below)

IAST #257 challenge with tangle pattern Twilight
Tangle Pattern: Twilight

Square One for the week of August 24 - August 30, 2018 - Hexonu

Square One Week August 24 - August 30, 2018 ONE: HEXONU
Tangle Pattern: Hexonu

And following this week's results for Summer Tangles 2018. My dates jump a bit all over the place. Many past dates are still not done, but I keep catching up.

August 27 - Strircles. Now this one was easy.

Summer Tangles 2018 August 27 - Strircles.
Tangle Pattern: Strircles

August 20 - Balo. Another tangle that is not looking like intended, but I gonna keep this one as a valid result because it represents 'fun' and 'disappointment' at the same time for me. Fun I had while drawing those leave loops and the circles and the whole thing; disappointed I was that the bookmark wasn't any longer.

Summer Tangles 2018 day August 20 with tangle Balo
Tangle Pattern: Balo

August 18th - Frames, here with climbing Mooka.

Tangle Pattern Climbing Mooka for Summer Tangles 2018 day August 18th - Frames
Tangle Pattern: Climbing Mooka for 'Frames'

Finally! Here the 'other Twilight tile'.

August 21st - Embedded Letter. If this doesn't make up for the too liberal IAST #257 Twilight, I don't know what will. The embedded letters are, you guessed it, SNG.

Summer Tangles 2018 August 21st - Embedded Letters with Twilight and Sez
Tangle Patterns: Embedded Letters SNG with the real Twilight and Sez

Shadow - my grumpy (literally) and grumpy-looking old man.

Next week on Friday Shadow will be 16. Now I have no doubt that he will make it to the 7th. I had a health check done a week ago and the vet assured me that despite his skin problem, blindness, deafness, loss of smell, weakness in standing up, occasional disorientation (which he masters to a T by pumping into something familiar (everything is familiar) to get his bearing again) but with an appetite of a horse he is still strong. Fine, so he is leaking a bit, but even that is under control with self-made nappies. I thank Shadow every day for being a boy!

Both the photos are of today, Saturday September #1. However, the above took much longer to get as he is mostly dwelling in his second favorable pastime (micro-close to the first which is food, treats, and anything edible). Below he is sporting his latest leakage control outfit. Oh, he is such a sweety!


Animal Very Happy Day

Check out this story about a truck driver who was allowed a looooong haul to bail out this cutey of a Pitty on death row. Kudos to driver, employer, and the shelter for its decision to hold execution! I just looooove stories like that.

Enjoy your weekend and be good to animals!

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Square One Fan Club, Summer Tangles, and Spoolies with Overlap Outlines

Square One week August 17 - August 23, 2018: FAN CLUB

My initial response to the challenge was: take a break. I wasn't all that keen into drawing Fan Club. Then, only God knows why, I ended up drawing two tiles. Go figure. The first tile is the result of a movie inspiration: 'Upside Down', a story of twin worlds, one rich one poor, each comprising the sky of the other. The movie didn't impress me much, but the concept came in handy.

Square One with focus on Fan Club with Nzeppel, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Fan Club, Nzeppel, Tipple

...and here the pale-in-comparison Fan Club tile or the reason why my initial approach to this challenge was to skip it.

Square One with focus on Fan Club with Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Fan Club with Tipple

Summer Tangles 2018 next.

August 14, 15, 17, and 19 - Leafslide, Rashell, Floatfest, and Warped Eggs as texture. To give the tile more contrast I wanted to fill some of the Floatfest loops with black. I was pretty disappointed when I noticed there was exactly only ONE white space that didn't have a black loop touching. Guys, I have no idea how you can just draw and create wonderful beauties while I - obviously - need major planning!

Summer Tangles 2018 August 14, 15, 17, and 19 with Leafslide, Rashell, Floatfest, Warped Eggs
Tangle Patterns: Leafslide, Rashell, Floatfest, Warped Eggs

August 13th - Bijou. I had absolutely no idea what to draw to make my tile 'bijou-y', but rings can be bijou, right? Here, too, I ended up with 2 tiles and sporting the same main subjects. My first result was the fully tangle loaded tile. The rings, or Bijoux, didn't stick out, so I made another, semi filled tile with the same rings (same rings? Who does that? I!). Now, in my eyes that is my Summer Tangle Bijou tile on the listing as August 13th. (Mental note: Susie, make auras! OOOOOOOras!!!!)

Summer Tangles August 13th - Bijou semi filled tile
Bijou tile semi filled

Summer Tangles August 13th - Bijou overloaded
Bijou tile overloaded

I have refresher #185 in the works since a few days, but the tangle combo doesn't work for me (Finery, Pezember, Lily-Eyes, Spoolies, and Puffy 8's). When I did the marathon refresher catch-up there were several tangle bundles I had difficulties with, but I always got something together pretty soon. Now, that I have more time, that 'time' is like a brain blocker. So there is some truth in the saying: If you want something done ask a busy person to do it.

Here 3 of the 5 tangles from the refresher I had never done before = Training Tiles.

♻️ Pezember on a recycle tile - or Pezember the headache.

Tangle Pattern: Pezember
Tangle Pattern: Pezember

Pezember and Lily-Eyes

Tangle Patterns: Pezember, Lily Eyes
Tangle Patterns: Pezember, Lily Eyes

Spoolies with Overlap Outlines.

Instead of making the overlaps look like they are over and under each other, I drew both outer lines, but not the other crossing lines.

Tangle Pattern: Spoolies with Overlap Outlines
Tangle Pattern: Spoolies with Overlap Outlines

Animal Happy Days

The monsters from next door.
Psst! They are asleep on Shadow's towel pile in my storeroom!

"Hello, no-names!" Aren't they adorable little cuties? (When they don't play in my delicate fern plants during the night. Grrr***!!!!)

Animal Happy Day

4 dog desert rescue - I almost bit my nail off on this one

If you plan to adopt a pet rabbit you might want to remember to purchase a rabbit bathroom double the size of the rabbit or larger.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

IAST 256, Summer Tangles 2018, and Square One

There are still a few weeks left in the Summer Tangles 2018 daily tangle challenge. This first tile of this week covers...

August 7 and 8 - Prestwood and Zenplosion Folds.

Summer Tangles 2018 August 7, 8 with Prestwood and Zenplosion Folds
Tangle Patterns: Prestwood, Zenplosion Folds

August 9-12 with Vache 1, Organic, Clob, and Snugz.

Summer Tangles 2018, August 9-12 with Vache 1, Organic, Clob, and Snugz
Tangle Patterns: Vache 1, Organic, Clob, Snugz

♻️ August 4th and 16th with Zendala and Biscus respectively on Toilet roll.

Summer Tangle 2018 August 4th and 16th, Zendala and Biscus prespectively
Tangle Patterns: Zendala, Biscus

♻️ August 16th - Biscus on a newspaper ad for chocolate.

Summer Tangle 2018 August 16th - Biscus
Tangle Patterns: Biscus

Summer Tangles 2018 to be continued...

Square One week of August 10 - 16, 2018: UNDU

Square One week of August 10 - 16, 2018: UNDU
Tangle Patterns: Undu

IAST challenge #256 with Mazorito, Hexa, & Horti.

IAST Challenge #256 with Tangle Patterns: Mazorito, Hexa, Horti
Tangle Patterns: Mazorito, Hexa, Horti

Some more Mazorito with Sedgling

Inspired by...Mazorito and Sedgling
Tangle Patterns: Mazorito, Sedgling

Inspired by... Way Knot by Helen Williams

Inspired by....Way Knot by Helen Williams
Tangle Patterns: Way Knot

Animal Happy Day

Determined thief. So cute!!!

Enjoy a rainy weekend. Well, it rains here as we speak.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

IAST 255, Summer Tangles, My new Tangle Mir.I.Am, and Square One

Square One August 3-9 featured the tangle ICANTOO. So I did it, too. Here with some Blueberry Pokeroot, a striped (and a non-striped) Toodles, and loads of Black Pearlz without dots but with hair-thin reflection lines.

Square One August 3-9 the tangle ICANTOO here with Pokeroot and Black Pearlz
Tangle Patterns: ICANTOO, Pokeroot, Plack Pearlz

And here come the Summer Tangles 2018 tiles. The days are passing faster than I can draw tiles. Let's start with July 29 and Scallamp.

Summer Tangles 2018, day July 29th with Scallamp and Black Pearlz
Tangle Patterns: Scallamp, Black Pearlz

July 30 with Zenbutton. I am no fan of Zenbuttons, so for this challenge I took a rejected tile and made circles over the design and thus made a different kind of a Zenbutton. Actually...I quite like the idea.

Summer Tangles 2018, July 30 with Zenbutton
Tangle Patterns: Zenbutton

August 1-3 and 5 with Knot Rickz, Chaist, Golven, All About V. This tile is the 2nd I made because the first one, an attempt to draw in the real Zentangle style, made no sense to me.

Summer Tangles 2018 August 1-3 and 5 with Tangle Patterns: Knot Rickz, Chaist, Golven, All About V
Tangle Patterns: Knot Rickz, Chaist, Golven, All About V the first, 'nonsense' making tile.

Summer Tangles 2018 August 1-3 and 5 with Tangle Patterns: Knot Rickz, Chaist, Golven, All About V
Tangle Patterns: Knot Rickz, Chaist, Golven, All About V

July 31 with Ringz. First there was no 31 July, then it was with Ringz, and then I wasn't sure which Ringz am I supposed to draw. There are 2 Ringz tangle with the exact same spelling, one by Laura A. Marks, CZT and the other by Alice Henden, CZT, so I drew them both.

Summer Tangle 2018, July 31 - Ringz, Ringz
Tangle Patterns: Ringz, Ringz

The last tile for today (Sat), done asap to make the publishing deadline...IAST #255 challenge with Konk and Flog. I hadn't done a IAST tile for a few weeks, so pressure was on.

IAST #255 challenge with Konk and Flog
Tangle Patterns: Konk, Flog

My new tangle MIR.I.AM

Last week I ran out of time to do the step out for my new tangle "Mir.I.Am". So, here, as promised the step out 1-5 and an additional monotile showing Mir.I.Am in a grid.

My new Tangle Mir.I.Am
Tangle Patterns:

Mir.I.Am ("Mir Ai Aem", a member of the "I.Am" family) in a grid formation.

Tangle Patterns: Mir.I.Am

Another Mir.I.Am tile I published already the week before. But to keep step out and samples nicely together....

Tangle Patterns: Mir.I.Am with Poa


I got an email this week from Animal Legal Defense Fund announcing their new campaign "I am not Property". With this social media campaign they want to rise awareness to the problem they face daily in American courts concerning our 4-legged family members. If you want to join and support the campaign which ends August 31st please visit their website to download the poster and get the  social media links where to post it.

I am not Property!!!...

Shadow will be "Sweet 16" September 7th!!!

I cross my fingers he makes it. He is rather weak, often disoriented, breathing is laborious at times, but he still eats like a horse. But all in all I would say he is OK for his age and equally important in good hands, his assisted living facility has an excellent 24-hour service. And when I say 24(!) hours I really do mean 24 hours!

GOOD NEWS!!!! She is baaaaa-ack!!!

Alive! and Well! Hurrah!

I first saw our missed cat Monday night while she was doing stretching exercises on the street. When I spotted her I instantly stepped out of the shower, threw a towel on, grabbed my mobile and shot this sequence of images through the gate. Once I got returned clad in decent clothes she had gone.

Then Thursday morning I went over to my friend's house to feed the fish and who was waiting there for me? The cat minus pregnant belly. She is back to being shy again and what ever happened to her babies I think we will never know. Well, my neighbors and I are just happy seeing here alive and well!

Animal Happy Day

Another adoring cow bonding story. I can't get enough of animal bonding stories no matter what animals.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!

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