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Inktober 2020, Octangling 2020, or TangleTober 2020...I Love them All Day 1-15 (part 1 of 2)

It's that time of year again....INKTOBER. It is the 3rd time I participate on this challenge. 31 days, 31, no. Not quite. This challenge has grown roots and nowadays several lists are published by tanglers. 

The prompt lists are...

1. The Jake Parker (jp) Inktober 2020 list. He is the founder of this challenge and his prompts for the days can by anything you can spell.
2. The Stephanie Jennifer (sj) Inktober Tangles 2020 list. She is a tangler from my area, Singapore, and her listing comprises of tangle names. 
3. The Tangle All Around (taa) Octangling 2020 list. This is a Zentangle FB group 
4. The Pattern-Collection (pc) list. I think they call the list New-Tober. Pattern Collection, as its name tells, is also a very good source for tangle stepouts.
5. And last but not least the Silke Wagner (sw) TangleTober 2020 list. Her prompts are similar to Jake Parkers. 

Day 1 - Fish (jp), Flux (sj), and Jester (taa).

Inktober 2020 Day 1 with tangles Jester, Flux, and prompt Fish
Tangle Patterns: Jester, Flux - Fish

Day 2 - Wisp (jp), Jackstripes (sj), Snelly (taa), Ondalina (pc)

Inktober 2020 Day 2 with tangles Jackstripes, Snelly, Ondalina and prompt Wisp
Tangle Patterns: Jackstripes, Snelly, Ondalina - Wisp

Day 3 - Bulky (jp), Anthem (sj), Siri (taa), Pianorondo (pc). You maybe be wondering where the 'Bulky' comes in. Well, the black Anthems. Don't they look a bit 'bulky'. Anyway, as my German tangler friend would say: it is what it is.  

Inktober 2020 Day 3 with tangles Anthem, Siri, Pianorondo, and prompt Bulky
Tangle Patterns: Anthem, Siri, Pianorondo - Bulky

Day 4 - Unbirthday (sj), Meshmerize (taa), FloralySs (pc), Dots (sw)

Inktober 2020 Day 4 with tangles Unbirthday, Meshmerize, Floralyss, and prompt Dots
Tangle Patterns: Unbirthday, Meshmerize, FloralySs - Dots

Day 5 - Pepper (sj), Tint (taa), Any (pc), Mirror Image (sw).

INKtober 2020 Day 5 with tangles Pepper, Tint, Any and prompt Mirror Image
Tangle Patterns: Pepper, Tint, Any - Mirror Image

Day 6 - Henna Drum (sj), Brandywine (taa), Katerpy (pc)...and sadly no Rodent (jp) and no Root (sw).

Inktober 2020 day 6 with tangles Henna Drum, Brandywine, and Katerpy
Tangle Patterns: Henna Drum, Brandywine, Katerpy

Day 7 - Doodah (sj), Twisted Corners (taa), TingTing (pc) and a bit of (TingTing) Fancy (jp).

I posted this tile on Facebook and it was amazing how many different things tanglers saw in the illustration. I see a Fish! And a Squid! I see an Elephant! Reminds me of Salvador Dali's "Persistence of Memory", the melting clock faces. I see people dancing the tango... Nothing was intended and everything I can see, too. Can you?

Tangle Patterns: Doodah, Twisted Corners, TingTing - Fancy

Day 8 - Amarin (sj), Divi (taa), Celtik Around (pc) and there are 3 teeth (jp) somewhere on the tile, too.

Inktober 2020 day 8 with tangles Amarin, Divi, Celtik Around, and Teeth
Tangle Patterns: Amarin, Divi, Celtik Around - Teeth

Day 9 - Fugu (sj), Garlic Cloves (taa), Tong (pc), Cylinder (sw).

Inktober 2020 day 9 with tangles Fugu, Garlic Cloves, Tong - Cylinder
Tangle Patterns: Fugu, Garlic Cloves, Tong - Cylinder

Day 10 - Cadent (sj), Elbe (taa), Kiss (pc), Nose (sw from Day 11).

Inktober 2020 Day 10 with tangles Cadent, Elbe, Kiss - Nose
Tangle Patterns: Cadent, Elbe, Kiss - Nose

Day 11 - Divi (sj), Starfish-Too (taa), Maize (pc), Boat (sw from Day 10)

Inktober 2020 Day 12 with tangles Divi, Starfish-Too, Maize - Boat
Tangle Patterns: Divi, Starfish-Too, Maize - Boat

Day 12 - Bosch (sj), OyBay (taa), Dolmania (pc), Rose (sw). I am in the cellar looking for my mojo, it certainly is not in the attic. Yes, my creativity has dropped into a black hole probably.

Inktober 2020 Day 12 with tangles Bosch, OyBay, Dolmania - Rose
Tangle Patterns: Bosch, OyBay, Dolmania - Rose

Day 13 - Waybop (sj), Borbz (taa), Florious (pc). Here I follow the KISS method, Keep It Simple, Stupid. In any case, this, for me, is a real Zentangle classic tile.   {...and still no mojo}

Inktober 2020 Day 13 with tangles Waybop, Borbz, Florious
Tangle Patterns: Waybop, Borbz, Florious

Day 14 - Iugo (sj), Beauchamp (taa), Rota Mirrored (pc), Musically (sw).

Inktober 2020 Day 14 with tangles Iugo, Beauchamp, Rota Mirrored - Musically
Tangle Patterns: Iugo, Beauchamp, Rota Mirrored - Musically

Day 15 - Monotangle tile with Abukas (sj).

Inktober 2020 Day 15 with tangle Abukas
Tangle Patterns: Abukas

Day 15 - Abukas (sj), RunCC (taa), Motif (pc), Musically (sw)

Inktober 2020 Day 15 with tangles Abukas, RunCC, Motif - Musically
Tangle Patterns: Abukas, RunCC, Motif - Musically

And here my Inktober Inter-tangle-mezzo tile for half-time, October 15 1/2. Actually I started this tile way before Inktober 2020, but never got a round tuit. The lined flower inspiration came from Kaeyoshino, a Japanese artist on Instagram. 

Inktober 2020 day 15 1/2 Intermission tile with flux and lined flowers
Tangle Patterns: Flux, lined flowers

Killing Time

...and thus goes on my puzzle series. If you have missed the previous ones, refer to my last two posts. Here my clue to how it works. First below image reads: SANDBOX; now figure out 12-16. I know, it gets more and more difficult, but remember, solutions are at bottom of this post. You can always peak. 

Have fun!

Animal Happy Day

This is maybe not the kind of animal video I usually post, but .... well, please click and watch it!!! And it made me sadly happy that I am a tiny part of it. Sadly because I wished this all wasn't necessary. I wished our human race was particular kind to all (!) animals. But we are not and thus people like Viktor have these kind of paper collections.

Please click and watch! Thanks

In my next post I will publish a video about this little abandoned puppy freezing to death in Turkey. He was rescued, but there is where his luck ended. The story behind his short life is something I have never heard of. So stay tuned...

C.O. is well and so am I. However, I cannot say the same about the weather. Rainy, cold, clammy, greyish, unpleasant, depressing...I have no idea what I did to insult it so. But who wants to talk about the weather. So have a nice 2nd part of Inktober 2020. I have seen so many incredible tiles on facebook and instagram. Tanglers are fired up!

12. Circles under the eyes, 13. High chair, 14. Paradies, 15. Touchdown, 16. Six feet underground

Saturday, October 03, 2020

My New Tangle Snakehead Mushee; Project Pack 11; Ela Challenge; ZIA Tips, Tricks & Techniques; Square One; ...and some more Killing Time

Square One: Purely Zentangle from September 18-24 with the tangle Ohana. My version of Ohana is influenced by the tangle Vinca I used on the Ohana color tile below.

Square One Purely Zentangle Sept 18-24 with tangle Ohana
Tangle Pattern: Ohana

My 2nd Ohana tile in color thus not eligible for posting in Square One under Purely Zentangle. Using color is against its rules. Ohana is met with my new tangle Snakehead Mushees (stepout further down) and yet another new tangle from Olga Barko called Vinca. When I saw this new tangle I instantly knew what I am going to do with my b/w monotile Ohana...and then I had to actually draw it!

Square One Purely Zentangle September 18-24 with Ohana and Snakehead Mushees and Vinca
Tangle Patterns: Ohana, Snakehead Mushee, Vinca

Square One: Purely Zentangle September 25-30 featuring tangle DollPin. I used the PP11 Day 4 'string' design on the first b/w tile; the 2nd is a sun explosion and the 3rd is a modern look of DollPin, minimalist. 

Square One September 25-30 with Dollpin.
Tangle Patterns: DollPin, Tipple

Square One September 25-30 with Dollpin - Sun Exlposion
Tangle Pattern: DollPin as a sun explosion

Square One September 25-30 with Dollpin.
Tangle Patterns: DollPin and Tipple - minimalist

Ela's Daily Challenge #2007 includes the tangles Merzig, Zuan Shi, and Zippa.

Ela's Daily Challenge #2007 includes the tangles Merzig, Zuan Shi, and Zippa
Tangle Patterns: Merzig, Zuan Shi, Zippa

ZIA Tips, Tricks & Techniques tangles for September 9: Quiltz and September 10: Quilta.

ZIA Tips, Tricks & Techniques tangles for September 9: Quiltz and September 10: Quilta
Tangle Patterns: Quiltz, Quilta

ZIA Tips, Tricks & Techniques tangles for September 15: Rainbow Bridge with my new tangle Snakehead Mushees.

ZIA Tips, Tricks & Techniques tangles for September 15: Rainbow Bridge with my new tangle Snakehead Mushees.
Tangle Patterns: Rainbow Bridge, Sankehead Mushees

Square One: Purely Zentangle from September 11-17 featuring the tangle Undiala.

Square One: Purely Zentangle from September 11-17 featuring the tangle Undiala
Tangle Pattern: Undiala

Undiala here with Rosenwuid, Verdigogh, and my new tangle Snakehead (for stepout please scroll down).

Undiala here with Rosenwuid, Verdigogh, and my new tangle Snakehead
Tangle Patterns: Undiala, Rosenwuid, Veridgogh, Snakehead

My New Tangle...

                      ....Snakehead Mushee.

My new Tangle Snakehead Mushee
My New Tangle Pattern: Snakehead Mushee

There are two tiles above where I included this new Snakehead Mushee tangle. 

Inspired by...a Jessica Wilde Design. The tangle looks familiar, but I can't remember the name.

Inspired by...a Jessica Wilde Flower Design
Tangle Pattern:  ???

Inspired by...Vlecht. I have come across this tangle now and again throughout the years, but never bothered to even sketch-play with it. But recently I got the urge to draw just lines, one next to the other really tightly, and Vlecht jumped back into memory. I tweaked Vlecht a bit and filled the spaces with double lines in different directions and honestly, now I have a fish with a big open mouth, a dolphin..or is it a shark? and a beautiful Nymph flower. 

Inspired by...Vlecht as big open mouthed fish
Tangle Pattern: Vlecht as a big open mouthed fish

Inspired by...Vlecht as dolphin or shark and Nymph flower
Tangle Pattern: Vlecht with Nymph flower and Dolphin/Shark

Inspired by...PP11 drawing Fragments. 

Just fragments
Just fragments

Project Pack #11

My very  first Project Pack I actually follow 'with pen on paper' and not just 'watch the videos'. This project introduces a new tile size by HQ called the PHI-tile. Click here to watch the video that explains PHI with the 'whys and wheres' and its 'sweet spots'. PP11 has a total of 8 working videos and an Intro and a Wrap Up video.

Day 1 - Pokeroot; Day 2 - Gourdgeous

Project Pack 11 day 1 and 2 with Pokeroot and Gourdgeous
Tangle Patterns: Pokeroot and Gourdgeous

Day 3 - Crescent Moon; Day 4 - Mooka or Fescu with Tipple. I didn't draw Bronx Cheer because I just cannot draw Bronx Cheer. I never like it the way it comes out. Sounds silly? True! So Tipple will do.

Project Pack 11 day 3 and 4 with tangles Crescent Moon and Mooka or Fescu
Tangle Patterns: Crescent Moon, Mooka or Fescu

Day 5 - ING String with Seed pods and the other with the new tangle Peec. I liked this ING String and thus made 2 more: with Abundies (adding day 4) and with a tangle inspired by Abundies and looks similar to i-Leaf where the background is filled with lightly penciled Printemps.

Project Pack 11 day 5 ING String with Seed Pods and Peec
Tangle Patterns: ING String with Seed Pods and Peec

Project Pack 11 day 5 ING String with Abundies and a tangle inspired by Abundies or i-Leaf with Printemps
Tangle Patterns: ING String filled with Abundies and Fescu and
ING Stgring with  an inspiration of Abundies or i-Leaf with Printempos

Day 6 - Fragments and Reticula. Fragments are F2 and Betweed and Reticula...Couldn't find it so I call it 'Frame'. Day 7 - Again Fragments, but this time in descending/ascending proper PHI steps filled with pencil Mooka.

Project Pack 11 day 6 and 7 - Fragments and PHI in descending/ascending order
Tangle Patterns: different Fragments

Day 8 - Sunflower with Molygon, Pokeleaf, coffered outside ring tangle name eludes me) and a DooDah stem.

Project Pack 11 day 8 - Sunflower with tangles Molygon, Pokeleaf and a DooDah stem
Tangle Patterns: Molygon, Pokeleaf, DooDah

Killing Time

In my last post I published the puzzles 1-6 so here are the 7-11 puzzles. If you haven't seen my previous post, here a hint on how to 'understand' the puzzles: first image is SANDBOX. Now figure out the other images. Results for 7-11 are at the very bottom of this post, written in tiny letters just in case you want to come up here and spend a few more time to figure them out without cheating. 

Still 'Killing Time': a Different kind of Art

The other day I came across an art I found particular intriguing. It is called Pendulum Art and it is from from ''.

Also paper folding can put a smile on your face when you see the result. Click here for video instruction.

Animal Happy Days

Well, Well, Wag! Yes, this is a happy video showing dogs going to doggy day care. Hi5!

It is Inktober time again and as usual, I pledge to participate. I know already it will be hard to draw a tile each day (day 3 - already 1 behind), but if I give up before I even started, what does that tell about myself? So, Susie, get your guns and paper out and start shooting...quicker.

Thanks for visit. CO has left the building, the hole in the storeroom ceiling is no longer, and the weather today is perfect to stay indoors and tangle.

Happy inktobtangling you all.

Results to #7 Downtown, #8 Tricycle, #9 Split-Level, #10 Three degrees below Zero, #11 Neon Lights

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ela Challenges #1977, 80, 85, 87, 2003, 04, 06; Refresher #214, 215; another Paradox Star; Inspired by...; Killing Time Puzzles;

Haven't done an Ela Daily New Challenge for ages so here my version of her chosen tangles Ibiscu, Persian Carpet and Zizyphus for challenge #1977

Ela Daily New Challenge #1977 with tangles Ibiscu, Persian Carpet and Zizyphus
Tangle Patterns: Ibiscu, Persian Carpet and Zizyphus

Ela Daily New Challenge (here link to FB) #1980 with tangles IcanThis, Hula Berry, and Blanes. 

Ela daily new challenge #EDC1980 Blanes, IcanThis, Hula Berry
Tangle Patterns: Blanes, IcanThis, Hula Berry

Another colorful Ela Daily Challenge: #1985 with tangles Easter Lily, 70s Cup A, and Buddea.

Ela Daily Challenge #1985 with tangles Easter Lily, 70s Cup A, and Buddea
Tangle Patterns: Easter Lily, 70s Cup A, Buddea

Another Ela Challenge #1985 with two Easter Lilies create an Easter Lily Heart.

Another Ela Challenge #1985. Here the Easter Lilies create a Heart
Tangle Patterns: Easter Lily, 70s Cup A, Buddea

♻️ Inspired by...70s Cup A in Ela challenge 1985 above. I like geometric patterns because I can just draw lines and do not have to worry about perfect curves and circles. However, this geometric tangle, 70s Cup A, led me back to a botanical version and finally back again to my 3rd Ela Challenge #1985. 
The first tile (left below) is drawn on the inside of the box holding my presently most favorable 2 in 1 coffee "Healthiest Brew Latte - No coffee added". When I drew the ovals at the top corner the pattern became botanical. Yes, it is an ad, but somebody has got to pay for this post.
On the 2nd tile on the right I experimented with ovals and...well, no comment. And then I dared to come up with yet a 3rd Ela challenge #1985 with one small Easter Lily and finally, not only fantasy Buddea, but respecting the original pattern, too. Unfortunately, some of the 70's Cup A leaves got attacked by ants.

Inspired by...70's Cup A that leads back to Ela challenge #1985
Tangle Pattern: 70s Cup A Experiment

3rd Ela challenge #1985 with 70's Cup A, Ester Lily and Buddea
Tangle Patterns: 70's Cup A, Easter Lily, Buddea

Yet another Ela, but waaaaayyyy tooooo late. #1987 with Jura, Asian Fans and Crest. Here on her FB page.

Ela Daily Challenge #1987 with tangles Jura, Asian Fans, Crest
Tangle Patterns: Jura, Asian Fans, Crest

Ela tile #2004 I actually drew before she uploaded hers in Facebook. Yes, I was super quick for a change. I got the tangle listing on her website: Heartswell, Yola, Chi.

Ela Challenge #2004 with tangles Heartswell, Yola, Chi
Tangle Patterns: Heartswell, Yola, Chi

Ela Challenge #2003 with tangles Boomer Rang, Hound Dog Tooth and Minouche.

Ela Challenge #2003 with tangles Boomer Rang, Hound Dog Tooth and Minouche
Tangle Patterns: Boomer Rang, Hound Dog Tooth and Minouche

Ela Challenge #2006 with tangles Florz, Intertwine, and Bladz

Ela Challenge #2006 with tangles Florz, Intertwine, and Bladz
Tangle Patterns: Florz, Intertwine, and Bladz

In my previous post I had my Paradox infection series running. I had started this Paradox Star "outside the Box" tile as well (the segments are mirrored), but as quickly as I got the infections, it also left and I was left with a tile I needed weeks to finish. Tangle buddies to Paradox are: Toodles, Moonpie, Indy-Rella, Betweed, Knightsbridge, and Pearly.

Paradox, Toodles, Moonpie, Indy-Rella, Betweed, Knightsbridge, and Pearly
Tangle Patterns: Paradox, Toodles, Moonpie, Indy-Rella, Betweed, Knightsbridge, and Pearly

Refresher #214 from the website with tangles Rixty, Jesterstick, Festoon Holiday, Slowpoke, and Jester.

Refresher #214 with tangles Rixty, Jesterstick, Festoon Holiday, SlowPoke, Jester
Tangle Patterns: Rixty, Jesterstick, Festoon Holiday, SlowPoke, Jester

♻️ For the Refresher package #215, published August 14th, 2020 by, we have the tangles Well Well Who, Su-sy, Diamante, Chorus, and Sporez. (This is another 2 in 1 healthy coffee w/o coffee packaging!!!)

Refresher #215 with tangles Well Well Who, Su-sy, Diamante, Chorus, Sporez
Tangle Patterns: Well Well Who, Su-sy, Diamante, Chorus, Sporez

Then Square One™: Purely Zentangle® had the fragment S1PZ Sept 4-10. With great difficulties I was able to add a "C" and make an almost empty design with all these symbols x4.

Square One™: Purely Zentangle® fragment S1PZ with C
Fragment Pattern: S1PZ with C

Killing Time

I had these puzzles for a long time...reaching back to where I was teaching scuba diving classes. Used them sometimes after a heavy session to 'change subject'. Don't worry, if you can't figure out the one or other, the results are at the very end of this post. No need to wait months for the next post.

To get you started, #1 is SANDBOX.

You can find the results at the very end of this post.

Animal Happy Day

He was abandoned by his owner because he had severe hip dyspepsia. He was rescued and his health condition was taken care of. Then he waited and waited and waited... he waited for a family to love him and share their lives with him. Where he gets spoiled with treats and can enjoy long walks to 'read' the latest neighborhood news with his nose. It took 4 years, a very, very long time in dog years, but if finally happened..

...and another one 

From My Garden

This is my Black Bat Flower. Actually, it is no flower, but an unusual tropical herb belonging to the Yam family of Southeast Asia.

Black Bat Flower
Black Bat Flower

Thanks for visiting - CO sends his regards. He is too busy staring and meowing at the hole in my storeroom ceiling.

Puzzle Results: #2 Man overboard, #3 I understand. #4 Reading between the lines, #5 Long underwear, #6 Crossroads

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