Friday, March 23, 2018

DIVA 356 & Joey 208, Cases of Two Tiles, & Spluk

Joey's challenge #208 or the first case of two tiles! If you've read a previous post of mine you guessed it, this means 'Bad Tile'. But no, not all that bad in these cases. In Joey's tile #1 I like all the tangles. Stickers, a tangle I love, but always forget it exists; Coil, here my free-style version and still, it has its charm; Sledgling in winter with its Shattuck coat; the two single Cat-kins certainly didn't make the tile look bad (!); and yes, even my weak version of Tupuk by Ria Matheussen I wouldn't blame for the eye-soar. It's the combination of them all, the design I can't befriend.

Tile #2 looks more interesting in my eyes. More unpredictable albeit the fact that I started both with the same Coil diagonal through the tile. While I had a plan in my mind for #1, #2 was drawn on the spur of the moment.

#2 Coil tile

Joey's Challenge #208 with tangle patterns Coil, Gottago, Jetties, Veezy, Cruffle, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Coil, Gottago, Jetties, Veezy, Cruffle, Tipple

#1 Coil tile

Joey's Challenge #208 with tangle patterns Coil, Flux, Stickers, Cat-Kin, Tupuk and the Sedgling/Shattuck combo
Tangle Patterns: Coil, Flux, Stickers, Cat-Kin, Tupuk
and the Sedgling/Shattuck combo

Diva #356 and the 2nd 'case of two tiles' and that surprised even me! I was sure I would give DIVA a miss this week as I am not much into name strings. But then I thought this 'way out' was too easy. After a good shaking of my head I thought I had it! Hide the name string! After all, is that not what tangle tile drawing is all about? Clever! And thus tile #1 was born.

DIVA challenge #356 with tangle pattern Wholly Hollibaugh.
Tangle Pattern:  Wholly Hollibaugh

I thought I might do a too good a job of hiding the name string and nobody believes there is one. Therefore an image of the string. Big 'S', turn 90' for 'u', turn 90' for 'e', S-u-e, my short unofficial sig.

S-u-e name string to DIVA 356
S-u-e name string to DIVA 356

Now that my name string tile went well, I felt like doing another one. (Yeah, surprised even me!) On tile #2 the string is clearly visible, "sng" (official Zentangle sig), but I also like the overall design. Out of a No-DIVA-Tile-For-This-Week I got two done all by applying a little self discipline.

DIVA challenge #356 with tangle patterns Fluxecho, Jib, Garlic Clove, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Fluxecho, Jib, Garlic Clove, Tipple

Shell Xcape is a new tangle I instantly fell in love with when I saw M. Barlow introduce it to us on her YouTube channel. Clob, by Ragged Ray, is another one I had planned and never got a Round Tuit. (I got one now!*) Finally Split Ball. I call it Split Ball, always have, but I don't know whether it exists already. When I saw Ria's Tupuk I thought I can string up my balls as well. Maybe the tangle should now be called Spluk? Ria! What  do you think? Spluk? Hm...I like it!!!!

Inspired by...Shell Xcape, Clob, Split Ball (Spluk)
Inspired by...Shell Xcape, Clob, Split Ball (Spluk)

Here some of the Split Ball-cum-Spluk sketches

Split Ball-cum-Spluk sketches

Split Ball-cum-Spluk sketches

* BTW - if you, too, have no Round Tuit, get this one or tangle your own.

Animal Happy Day

Hey! California! If you are reading this, maybe you can help? Watch this video and help making it a Animal Happy Day to the very end. (PS: dog's paw is A-OK today)

And then there is Viktor again. I have been following Luna's recovery progress at Viktor's hospital ever since she arrived. The journey started painful; the journey lasted long, 4 months long; and the journey was difficult to watch...but what an 'Animal Happy Day' in the end!

Enjoy! and have a splendid weekend.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

DIVA 355, Joey 207, Bridges, & Tiny RR Tiles

This week's DIVA challenge #355 is Verve. I picked a water colored tile, drew Verve in the corner, then into another corner...and a third corner and voila, my tile was finished in no time. One of the quickest tiles as of late and it looks funny, like the head of a ram.

DIVA Challenge #355 with tangle pattern Verve
Tangle Pattern: Verve and Verve alone

After looking at it for a while I thought I can do better... And indeed! Here my very traditional Zentangle DIVA Verve tile. I even added Festune, one of the first tangles I learnt when I started with Zentangle Art with Beckah Krahula's book One Zentangle A Day.

DIVA Challenge #355 with tangle pattern Verve, Indy-Rella, Pokeleaf, Flux, Undling, Msst, Henna Drum, Festune
Tangle Patterns: Verve, Indy-Rella, Pokeleaf,
Flux, Undling, Msst, Henna Drum, Festune
and PS helped putting a color spin to it.

Joey's Weekly Challenge #207 still runs under the "Ribbons (!) and Curls" theme and we have Pokeleaf as the main tangle. My ribbons are small but I made up for it with "Double Pokeleaves". No sooner did I finish this 'new' Double Pokeleaf tangle I got an idea....

Joey's Weekly Challenge #207 with tangle pattern Double Pokeleaf, Brooch, Tupi
Tangle Patterns: Double Pokeleaf, Brooch, Tupi

...and here the idea: "Double Pokeleaf Wholly Hollibaugh". What a mouthful this name is. However, I still need some practice scattering glitter on my tiles evenly. LOL

Tangle Pattern: Double Pokeleaf Wholly Hollibaugh
Tangle Pattern: Double Pokeleaf Wholly Hollibaugh

Here are the Bridges! When I drew Lily Bridge for last week's Joey tile #206 a thought was nagging at the back of my head: 'this tangle has potential for more'! So this tile was born.

Focus on tangle pattern Lily Bridge with Jetties, Earjool
Focus on tangle pattern Lily Bridge with Jetties, Earjool

I am presently working on the Refresher tile #174, the first of two for this month. One of the 5 tangles is 3V. I was quite taken by it. Simple, beautiful, lots of possibilities and geometric.

Focus on tangle pattern 3V
Focus on tangle pattern 3V

These are "Ragged Ray" tiles or tiny RR tiles. I was quite impressed how she drew beautiful Zentangle art on tiny tiles and had to try them out. Still learning here, but some came out quite OK in my eyes. And should I mess up, well, it would be only a tiny mess.

Gudrun S., told you I have to try out Kwazeela...and now I am still at it!

Focus on tangle pattern Kwazeela  with my beloved Dublin
Focus on tangle pattern Kwazeela
with my beloved Dublin

Focus on Brooch, the tangle I used in this week's Joey tile with tangles Nzepple, Zinger, Fescu, Tipple
Focus on Brooch, the tangle I used in this week's Joey tile with
tangles Nzepple, Zinger, Fescu, Tipple

This is my version of Ria Matheussen's Tupi tangle. It may look weird, so let me explain. I drew two normal Tupi next to each other and then used the space between the two to create a third.

Focus on Tupi by Ria Matheussen, the tangle I used in this week's Joey tile
Focus on Tupi by Ria Matheussen, the tangle I used in this week's Joey tile

This is 3V gone wild. Yes, the same tangle as above, the grey-blue tile. Lots of possibilities. Love it!

Focus on 3V with Photoshop freckles
Focus on 3V with Photoshop freckles

This is again a Refresher #174 request tangle: Starcrossed. The original didn't do much for me, I had to find an interpretation I liked. Voila, here comes 'Starcrossed Flower'!

Focus on Starcrossed
Focus on Starcrossed - now Starcrossed Flowers

Last but not my String Rose Swirl tile, a tangle by Helen Williams and a tangle I really struggled with. I kept this place open...didn't want to publish the post until the tile was done! (The pressure I was cannot imagine!) The rose butt itself I had under control since my last week's post, but the swirls!!!! Well, these (!) swirls are my (!) swirls and I better start accepting them.

Tangle Pattern: String Rose Swirl
Tangle Pattern: String Rose Swirl

Human Amazing Art

I hope you enjoyed last week's amazing car quintet mini concert video. This week is not so musical, because...

"Help! My pencil got screwed!"

Above I have a section about 'tiny tiles'. In comparison with these pencil art pieces they are huuuuuuuge though! Click here to see amazing real pencil art work.

Animal Happy Day

A guy and his cat (how more lovable can it get?)

Thank you, everybody, for visiting my post and have an amazing weekend.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

DIVA 354, Joey 206, String Rose, a Wrong & a Reject

In DIVA #354 Siri is the tangle of the week. It is a grid tangle and looks amazing. But, as shown in my tile, it looks equally beautiful as a freehand drawn flower. I added one of my present fav tangles: Dublin. If you haven't given Dublin a go yet, don't! You risk getting addicted to it. The 3rd tangle, the one at the top left, is called a space filler. Yes, we need those, too.

DIVA Challenge #534 with Tangle Pattern Siri, Dublin, and the space filler.
Tangle Patterns: Siri, Dublin, and the space filler

Joey's #206 challenge is the first (for me) where we are asked to draw a tangle by I call it their 'waves' tangle and have yet to see a tangle they named. Maybe they call it 'this one' and 'that one with the dots'. Anyway, one of my other tangles is Kwazeela. I saw it in one of Gudrun S' tiles, but couldn't read the name and got curious. Thanks G, for the kick in the right direction. And then there is Earjool. I like it. So simple, 4 printemps around a circle, but still so nice and perfect as a filler, too.  Lily Bridge is the tangle in white. Bottom left yet another filler.

Joey Challenge #206 with tangle patterns 'Waves' by Grafistak, Kwazeela, Earjool, Lily Bridge
Tangle Patterns: 'Waves' by Grafistak, Kwazeela, Earjool, Lily Bridge

The Wrong - When I am confronted with a new tangle I practice it before drawing it on a tile - just so I get familiar with it. I am glad I did that with Siri. I drew it on a wonky grid and when I came to draw the inner strip, I noticed I had made a mistake and I started a new one. When both were done, 'unshaded', uncolored, I thought the wrong one was a stronger pattern. So I shaded and colored the correct one to bring out the tangle, but still, the wrong one was more dominant in my point of view.

The wrong...

...and the correct version
Tangle Pattern: Siri in wonky grids

And then there is the Reject. This was my very first tile for last week's DIVA #353, the last heart tile for the month of February. I didn't like it as soon as I put the tip of the brown pen on the green tile, but kept going. I finally got sever eye-pain when I added the white dots in the middle. I was lightning fast in not just throwing it in the bin, but crumbling it beforehand to make sure, I will not retrieve it. The next day I read Michele's coffee & creativity blog. She mentioned using old tangle tiles for her scrap-booking. Jeez, that's it. I am a minimalist, trowing away stuff is my favorite pastime. But things changed when I saw Marta's Art Youtube channel. I have done her envelope journal and am now in dire need of scraps and trash. So the tile came out and when I looked at it I thought 'it's not all that bad, just finish it'. So here it is. Note: I didn't sign it - I refuse to sign it!!! But I have a hot tip: Don't draw with a brown pen on green paper.

Out of the trash

Finished and unsigned

Helen Williams' newest tangle is String Rose Swirls, the same beautiful String Rose she introduced beginning of February, but the Swirls one has tons more lines and she's got video tuts to help along. Below is not the Swirls version. I started with the simpler one and may the day come I dare...

Tangle Pattern: String Rose in wonky grid

Another tangle I got a liking to is ServRing. Here it decorates the corner of my 6th tangle journal.

Tangle Pattern: ServRing

And lastly my training tile for Joey's grafistka waves. I call it "All Hell Breaks Loose". Even the waves got turned upside-down.

Tangle Pattern: Grafistka Waves with PS background

Human Happy Day

A few days ago a Swiss friend of mine visited this year's first biggest European Motor Show in Geneva, Switzerland. She sent me images of futuristic looking cars to dream of and die for and at the end a video. No, it was not from the show (could have been - car theme and all), but from the biggest music weekend of the year in NYC. But hey, car is car.

Super Cool! Enjoy!

Thanks, Irene.

Sunday, March 04, 2018

DIVA 353, IAST 232, Joey's 205 and Bubble Heart

I try to keep it short. Here my IAST #232 tile with Roloflex and Inapod. Roloflex is one of those tangles I would have never drawn out of my own free will. It needed a challenge by Adele Bruno to make me realize what a beautiful tangle it is. Thanks, Adele.

IAST challenge #232 with Tangle Patterns Roloflex, Inapod
Tangle Patterns: Roloflex, Inapod

Joey's challenge #205 this week was, I believe, the 'Curls' part of her 6-week theme "Ribbons and Curls". Andromeda was the given tangle. No further words needed except, this is one of my very few tiles that actually look "rounded up" or "finished".

Joey's weekly challenge #205 with Tangle Patterns: Andromeda, Finery, Mooka, ServRing, Florz, Pixioze
Tangle Patterns: Andromeda, Finery, Mooka, ServRing, Florz, Pixioze

DIVA #353 was a Heart Zendala. I didn't draw a Zendala, but then neither did the DIVA draw an obvious heart so I figured it is OK to still call it 'my this week's DIVA challenge tile'. I used only one tangle, my own, Bubble Heart. I drew Bubble Heart the first on a 6.5 by 6.5 cm glued together coffee packaging, Moccona Classic, tile (this is no ad). It is a very dark red, wine red, but I was surprised when I added the silver gritter nail polish. Jeez, I hope your monitor shows you what mine shows me!

Tangle Pattern: Bubble Heart
Tangle Pattern: Bubble Heart

My DIVA tile:

DIVA challenge #353 with Tangle Patterns: Bubble Heart, Fescu-Zinger
Tangle Patterns: Bubble Heart, Fescu-Zinger

This week I also tried my luck with Wholly Hollibaugh. Actually Wholly Hollibaugh was my initial idea for DIVA's last Heart challenge for February. However, my pen couldn't read my absolutely fantastic idea I had in my mind so I buried it. Now it is my very first Wholly Hollibaugh tangle attempt.

Heart shape with Tangle Patterns: Wholly Hollibaugh
Tangle Patterns: Wholly Hollibaugh

This tile I made while we all were on the Rumpus trip.

Tangle Patterns: Rumpus, Drogon, Irma
Tangle Patterns: Rumpus, Drogon, Irma

This is B'twined. A simple tile, drawn with a white gel pen on black paper cut to size. Nobody would give this tile a place on any webpage, but I did because this is my very first tile I drew without using a pencil first. I pencil EVERYTHING!!!! ... even Tipple. This is also a first that my white gel pen works. Isn't that funny...weird funny.

Tangle Pattern: B'Twined
Tangle Pattern: B'Twined

Animal Happy Day - with two videos

Watching the first one, I cried like a leaking tap - but for all the good reasons!!!
A few posts ago I wrote about Viktor, a vet in Spain and Elektra, the cat who had a stick pushed up her throat into her spine. Elektra survived the risky OP, but died of a contracted virus a couple of days later. Elektra had loving parents and in this video Viktor documents what they did after their tragic loss. If we only had more of these kind of people!!!

The second video stars a dog named PACO, abandonned, found, and now enjoying the most incredible adventures together with his new dad. These two are made for each other!!!


Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Helen's Journey G - Gotcha (variation)

Helen Williams has restarted her Journey through the alphabet, where to date we are at G.

G for Gotcha by Karin Godyns.

As is so typical of Helen she made a fantastic floral interpretation of this tangle. I on the other hand looked at it and wondered whether there will ever be a tile from me because I, too, wanted to draw Gotcha a little different to the original. I kid not, but I sat with paper and pencil for hours and sketched all kinds of Gotcha variations on the paper until around 2 this morning I had a solution. Indeed, I had my two variations I planned to execute.

Here the first Gotcha variation. I drew a wonky grid (hey, it is a Helen inspired tile; it needs a wonky grid) and the cross in the middle of the rectangles are S lines. With the shading I changed the center focus to be the corners. The rest is as per Gotcha. Oh, the added tipple came about because I made a mistake. No, I am not going to tell you which and you can look your eyes out, you will not find it anymore.

Tangle Patterns: Gotcha variation

Variation two of Gotcha. This is a bit more Gotcha abstract, but when you look at the step outs below, it is still Gotcha.

Tangle Patterns: Gotcha variation

I made photos while sketching Gotcha variation two in case somebody wonders. I started with a wonky grid and the cross in the middle is finely outlined with pencil only. In the end, only one line of the cross will be inked while the other is missing the middle part of the line.

Circle 1 - First "Gotcha" line reaches from corner across middle point
Circle 2 - 3rd line touches middle line, while the 2nd line reaches half way between line 1 and 3.
Circle 3 - I did this only on 2 opposing sides.

Gotcha variation stepout 1

Circle 4 - First line I drew on the center cross line touching the 2nd line. I added 3 more lines as shown. The last 2 lines are touching the other center line.
Circle 5 - Repeat on the other side. = Now we have all for sides and the only thing missing are the extensions  as per original Gotcha. Hope this helps.

Gotcha variation stepout 2

Just before Helen published her Gotcha tiles, she introduced us to her new tangle Spiral Rose. I included spiral rose in my Joey challenge #204 tile and made another one just for fun with Toodles.

Tangle Patterns: Spiral Rose with Toodles.

Animal Happy Day

The cat who adopted the fire brigade crew. It is so cute how a stray cat walks into a fire station, hunkers down, wraps every tough guy at the station around her left paw, and gets to stay to be spoiled rotten.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

DIVA Challenge 352 - Nested Hearts

For a full week I had no idea what to draw for this week's DIVA challenge, #352 - Nested Hearts. Maybe because of all the HEARTS we drew this February I started to hate all words starting with "H". Well, human organs starting with "H". Then I woke up Sunday morning and it hit me. I drew some balls in anticipation of the Olympic Rings a few weeks back, but never used them. So I thought what if I apply on 3 ..earts what I applied on the 3 balls?

Nested Hearts

And here the balls..

Patterns: Florz, Nzeppel, Beadlines

Then I also suffered from nostalgia. I read every once in while how tanglers go back in time to visit their first tiles and see the progress they made. So I wanted that "YEAH!!!" feeling, too, and visited my zentangle journal #1 (I glue all my tangle tiles into books). I started with Zen-tangling end of December 2015, so below some of my March 2016 tiles. Honestly, I don't think I made progress at all; in the contrary!!!! Doc, what do I do wrong?

Note the white glue mark. I progressed to using a different glue today!!!

Animal Happy Day

OK guys, so you didn't like cutey Lucas with 4 eyeballs (oO-Oo) from the previous post. You thought he was real? 


He is a very clever computer animation intended to star in a movie that helps people with Arachnophobia, irrational fear of spiders. Well, if you want to have another go at it, click here, else, click on the video below if you'd rather see a woman, oops, sorry, no more 'man' words, a woperson gets clawed lovingly painful, but she loves it and laughs!!!!!!

Friday, February 23, 2018

Joey's Weekly Challenge 204 & IAST 231

Luckily I checked back on Joey's weekly challenge # 204 before posting, else I would be in the bog again. Clearly, it is written: "Finish My Tile" and not "Draw any bands you like"!

Back to the drawing board.

So this week I have 2 tiles again, but not because I didn't like the first tile as stated in my last post, but because I can't read.

Joey tile #2, the correct version, first. I drew the string as close to hers as I could, but the no framing makes me wonder. This 6 weeks of "Ribbons and Curls" it a continuity like a mosaic? Or is each tile an individual that has absolutely nothing to do with the previous or next tiles? ??? Hm..., Monday will tell!

Joey challenge #204 with Patterns: Hibred, ???, ZedBra, Flux, Dragonair, Flux, Nzeppel,  water bubbles, unfinished Nzeppel, Tipple, the new Helen William tangle  Spiral Rose (still need refinement. Mine! Not Helen's!), a divider, Hibred again
Patterns: Hibred, ???, ZedBra, Flux, Dragonair, Flux, Nzeppel,
water bubbles, unfinished Nzeppel, Tipple, the new Helen William tangle
Spiral Rose (still need refinement. Mine! Not Helen's!), a divider, Hibred again

Joey tile #1, the misfit. Told you. Don't draw a second tile if the first one pleases your eyes. This is an excellent example. But in this case.... Dear oh dear!

Joey's weekly Challenge #204 with Patterns: Hibred, Tipple, Printemps and February Hearts
Patterns: Hibred, Tipple, Printemps and February Hearts

On the Tickled to Tangle website IAST challenge #231 we celebrate the Olympics more discretely: we use 3 tangles that start with the letters G, S, and B for Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Having missed the last entry, I hurried to get his one done asap, which was still pathetically slow in this case: I finished a day before deadline. Huff! Puff!

Now don't ask where on earth is Gold? And where is Bronze? Well, there are 3 Gold (Golven), 15 Silver (Sand Swirl) and 2 Bronze (Barley) 'medals' in this tile. And one got 2 'medals'.

IAST Challenge # 231 with Patterns: Golven, Sand Swirl, Barley
Patterns: Golven, Sand Swirl, Barley

Animal Happy Day

Wanna bet?
Wanna bet that if you hate spiders this spider you won't? Don't dooooo it!! You will loO-Oose!!

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