Saturday, November 17, 2018

Paradox: Narrow, Narrow, Wide

When recently I missed the deadline to send my 'Narrow-Narrow-Wide' Paradox tile for Adele Bruno's 'It's a String Thing' (IAST) challenge #268 I decide the tile might be a candidate as my first contribution to the Facebook Zentangle Group 'ZIA Tips, Tricks, and Techniques'.

My Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox tile
My Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox tile

Although I tried to explain in words how I drew Paradox, words are often not enough. So when people showed interest and asked questions in the technique I deconstructed and reconstructed my 'Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox' tile and came up with the following Step-out.

1. The base string came from Adele Bruno at Tickled to Tangle as the weekly IAST string. If you are not familiar with her and her challenge IAST, please click on the link. Every week she provides a string and one or more tangles to challenge us. Instructions for the challenge are found on all her challenge posts and the good do not have to have your own website or be on a social media site to partake in her challenges, you email an image of your tile to her.

So here Adele's original string

Original IAST #268 string by Adele Bruno
Original IAST #268 string by Adele Bruno

Original string on my tile.

Original String on my Paradox tile
Original String on my Paradox tile

2. Sections/Segments. Next I added sections to the string. I may have missed the one or other section or made a mistake here or wasn't easy to find them all and redraw them correctly, but I think you get the general idea. My goal was to get triangles.

Adding sections to the string to get triangles
Adding sections to the string to get triangles

3. Now the fun part started: drawing Paradox. Into each triangle I drew the paradox lines narrow, narrow, wide, or narrow, wide, narrow, or.... It doesn't really matter as long as you mix them up. In the below section I started with the top line narrow from left into the right corner. 2. line from the lowest point up to the left corner and finally the 3rd line wide from the right down to the bottom corner.

Narrow, Narrow, Wide 1. Section
Narrow, Narrow, Wide 1. Section

Then I added the 2nd section where I started with wide, then narrow, narrow.

2nd section added
2nd section added

Here the 2 finished sections.

2 sections finished
2 sections finished

Final Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox tile.

Final Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox tile
Final Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox tile

Tip: I always liked the 'fan' you can draw with paradox when 2 sections are drawn mirror style. Of course, this is possible with NNW as well when the base line for the wide lines becomes the base line for wide in the adjoining section (blue). If the adjoining section is narrow, the fan 'shades off' (green).

The Paradox 'Fans'
The Paradox 'Fans'

Coloring: metallic color pencils by Raffine.

I hope the step-outs are of use, but if you still have questions, please contact me.

Maybe one of these days I will see a 'Narrow, Narrow, Wide Paradox' tile on FB?

Happy Tangling

Sunday, November 11, 2018

IAST 267/8, DIVA 375, Inktober18, Gratitangles18, and a Refresher

I had a rather busy days last week and could't put pen to paper for five days. The longest abstinence since I started tangling in Dec 2015. I suffered terrible withdrawal symptoms. However, now I am back with a vengeance....

I hadn't finished the last 4 days of Inktober 2018 tiles, so let's begin with them.

Inktober18 day 28 Oybay and 29 Wud.

Inktober18 day 28 Oybay, day 29 Wud
Tangle Patterns: Oybay, Wud

♻️ Inktober18 day 30 Frunky and 31 Cruffle, here on a toilet roll tile again, which I cut open and pulled over the table edge to flatten. I like the colors of these tiles and the drawing experience on the cardboard isn't bad either.

Inktober18 day 30 and 31 - Frunky and Cruffle on toilet roll tile
Tangle Patterns: Frunky, Cruffle

I never ever thought that WUD wud inspire me, but it did and wud not leave my mind until I did something about it. So here my "Inspired by...Wud" tiles.

Wud abstract. I love this one, I admit. The tile is from a business card sheet that is centuries old.

Inspired by...Wud, Wud abstract
Tangle Pattern: Wud abstract

Wud bookmark - and I don't even read physical books anymore. All digital. So much lighter to carry tons of books with you when going on holiday or moving house.

Wud Bookmark
Tangle Pattern: Wud

♻️ I hadn't finished my Wud bookmark tile when an idea popped up in my head..a silly idea. Here my Californian SF Wud Gate bridge. Bad weather was churning up in the East and it started to rain so I hurried home, else I wud have drawn several more Wud Gate bridge tiles on toilet rolls.

Tangle Patterns: Wud Gate bridge, Pop-Cloud, Sails, Diva Dance, Ruutz

My first tile after the torturous 5-day abstinence was for Adele, IAST challenge #267. I had to hurry if I wanted to meet the deadline. Drew it Saturday evening and took the photo Sunday morning outside in daylight. To live in the East, 12 hours away from the US, has definitely its advantages. The tile is a small Post-It notepaper.

IAST challenge #267 with basic tangles Crescent Moon, Pokeroot, and Static
Tangle Patterns:  Crescent Moon, Pokeroot, Static

....and then the new IAST #268 was published before I could count on 3. So I made this 2-sided Paradox.

Tangle Patterns:  Paradox 2-sided

I was still working on Inktober18 when a tangler friend sent me an images of the Gratitangles 2018 challenge running in FB. It's a Thanksgiving thing from what I understand and runs the 30 days of November. Love it! So here we go for November...

♻️ Gratitangles18 day 1 Rain with Icicles on a toilet roll tile.

Gratitangles18 day 1 - Rain with icycles on toilet roll tile
Tangle Pattern: Rain (with icicles)

Gratitangles18 day 2 and 4 with Pepper, as leaves, and Jetties. The blue thing on the right was supposed to be Cadent, now it is just extra stuff. Cadent got an extra tile, see below.

Gratitangles18 day 2 Pepper, day 4 Jetties
Tangle Patterns: Pepper, Jetties

Gratitangles18 day 5 Cadent in a day 7 Fracas string - sort of - on an old business card tile. Well, I guess the Fracas string probably doesn't count so Fracas is back to the drawing board so be drawn on another day.

Gratitangles18 day 5 Cadent with some Bales
Tangle Pattern:  Cadent, some Bales

DIVA challenge #375 with Burtz and Gratitangles 2018 day 3 with Opus and lots of Sez to replace some of Opus' Tipples.

DIVA #375 with tangle pattern Burtz and Gratitangles 2018 day 3 with Opus and lots of Sez
Tangle Patterns: Burtz, Opus, Sez

Refresher #190 - Bales, Aprox, Ah-nyx, Tessell, Torsdag. I made 2 tiles because, yes, I know I repeat myself, because I didn't like the first one. Unfortunately, the second one didn't turn out much better, so I blame it all on the tangles - but Tessell. I had to draw Tessell again....

Refresher #190 - Bales, Aprox, Ah-nyx, Tessell, Torsdag
Tangle Patterns: Bales, Aprox, Ah-nyx, Tessell, Torsdag

Refresher #190 - Bales, Aprox, Ah-nyx, Tessell, Torsdag
Tangle Patterns: Bales, Aprox, Ah-nyx, Tessell, Torsdag

Inspired by... Tessell. So here we go, a bookmark and 2 mini tiles.

Inspired by Refresher #190 tangle Tessell bookmark
Tangle Pattern: Tessell

Tessell in a wonky grid...

Inspired by Refresher #190 tangle Tessell in a wonky grid
Tangle Pattern: Tessell

....and here I took 2 of the suggested versions and combined them drawing one vertically and the other horizontally.

Inspired by Refresher #190 tangle Tessell
Tangle Pattern: Tessell

Other Art

Inside The Mind

When I came across this image I instantly started cleaning up MY mind...just in case.

Animal & Human Happy Day

Yes, a Human got adopted, too! Be warned though, this video is so cute you have to restrain yourself from running to the next orphanage and dog shelter to get yourself a pair.

Enjoy the weekend.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Inktober18, Full Moon, and IAST 266

Tons of Inktober 2018 tiles again, but the end is near and soon another year has gone by way too fast if you ask me. So here we go...

Inktober18 with day 24 Patience. I wasn't too happy with this one, too dark for a beautiful flowery tangle like Patience, so I made another one and of course, wasn't thrilled with that one either and had already a sketch for yet a third one when people on FB and Instagram insisted that this dark tile is OK.

I still have the sketch though.....

Inktober18 with day 24 Patience
Tangle Pattern: Patience

♻️ The 2nd tile...again on a toilet roll. I love drawing on toilet rolls, don't ask me why.

Inktober18 with day 24 Patience 2nd tile
Tangle Pattern: Patience

Inktober18 with day 22 Yuma. After I drew an earlier Inktober18 tile with Yuma in little squares (because in my twisted mind that was the only way I could accept Yuma), I thought I give it another try as the author intended. Well, I changed my mind...Now I like Yuma, too - here on a yellow Post-It note paper.

Inktober18 with day 22 Yuma on a yellow Post-It notepaper
Tangle Pattern: Yuma on a yellow Post-It notepaper

Inktober18 day 26 - Q-Belle, day 27 - Cross-ur-Heart, and a tiny day 28, down there in the right-hand corner - Oybay.

Inktober18 day 26 - Q-Belle, day 27 - Cross-ur-Heart, and a tiny day 28, down there in the right-hand corner - Oybay.
Tangle Patterns: Q-Belle, Cross-ur-Heart, Oybay

Inktober 18, day 27. I had to give Cross-Ur-Heart another try - a monotangle try.

Inktober 18, day 27 with Cross-Ur-Heart
Tangle Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart

Inktober18 day 26 - Q-Belle on Post-It note paper. I didn't  do it justice on the tile above. Q-Belle looks like an angry bird or something. So here 3x in a better mood. The idea was that I keep the lined areas, but change the ones with the swirly thingy.

Top - Printemps that covers both opposite areas.
Middle - transparency.
Bottom - the swirly thingy as an extension of another line.

Inktober18 day 26 - Q-Belle
Tangle Pattern: Q-Belle

Found the Full Moon challenge on Instagram. For October 24th the tangle is Naaki and there has to be at least ONE circle all in gold. It sounded simple enough. Next full moon: Nov 23.

Full Moon challenge Oct 24, 2018 with tangle Naaki and a golden circle.
Tangle Pattern: Naaki

Finally the IAST challenge #266. Honestly, I felt like here it is.

IAST challenge #266 with tangles Flux, Well, Indy-Rella
Tangle Patterns: Flux, Well, Indy-Rella

Other Art

A Pirate Ship

Last week I had the air ship made of cardboard that looked like out of the Three Musketeer movie. This week I have yet another ship....a pirate ship. No, not from the Pirates of the Caribbean, but could be. All those would take me weeks to see them all. Click here to see the actual amazing ship.

Tangle Patterns:

Animal Happy Day

If dogs could watch Hope for Paws dog rescue videos this video wouldn't be 12 minutes long. However, the heartwarming catch-me-if-you-can rescue of Daisy is accompanied by great music! So you get something for your ears, too.

Have a splendid weekend and happy tangling to you all.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Inktober18 Tiles, IAST 265, a Refresher 189, and DIVA 372

Starting with Inktober18 tiles. Below my result for day 19 - Abeko and day 21 - Hamadox (in and around a circle). The background consists of some 'shady' Toodles - no day.

Inktober18 day 19 - Abeko; day 21 - Hamadox
Tangle Patterns: Abeko, Hamadox

The next three tiles are all dedicated to Inktober18 day 25 - Sand Swirl. I like Sand Swirl, but wondered whether I could put a spin on it. The first tile is my Sand Swirl Nautilus branch and the things on the side is a liberal form of Dewd - day 13 and DIVA challenge #372 (I am cheating here, I know).

Inktober18 day 25 Sand Swirl Nautilus with day 13 (or DIVA challenge #372) some liberal Dewd
Tangle Patterns: Sand Swirl Nautilus, Dewd

Number two tile is made of Sand Swirl flower buds. Could be leaves ... well, whatever you see first.

Inktober18 day 25 Sand Swirl flower buds or leaves
Tangle Patterns: Sand Swirl flower buds or leaves

And last but not least a tiny Post-It tile with Sand Swirl in a wonky grid.

Inktober18 day 25 Sand Swirl in a wonky grid
Tangle Patterns: Sand Swirl in a wonky grid

♻️ IAST challenge #265 with progressive Bales, Msst, Printemps and the annual Candy Corn string on one of my fav tiles: toilet tissue roll. To flatten the cardboard this time I pulled the cut open roll over the table edge - better than lightly water spray and press it, the glue still 'melts'.

I never tasted Candy Corn, but it sounds super super-sweet and the mere thought of it makes me reach for some boiled salted peanuts for taste balance.

IAST challenge #265 with Tangle Patterns: progressive Bales, Msst, Printemps
Tangle Patterns: progressive Bales, Msst, Printemps

Refresher #189 with tangles Oof, Trifle, Clamz, Ballby and Elloso. I am still into this although only halfheartedly. The problem: once you worked your way backwards to the very first refresher it is kind a hard to stop now. It is like a let-down.

Refresher #189 with tangle patterns Oof, Trifle, Clamz, Ballby, Elloso
Tangle Patterns: Oof, Trifle, Clamz, Ballby, Elloso

Other Art

The 3 Musketeers' Air Ship

The first thing that jumped to mind when I saw these air ships was the 2011 movie the 3 Musketeers. I could almost see the Duke of Buckingham at the helm. I have no idea what the ship in the movie was made of, but these are made of cardboard. Click here to see more.

Animal Happy Day

When the right dog meets the right human the world for them both can change...

Enjoy a most wonderful weekend.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

DIVA 371, IAST 264, and many Inktober18

This week is my RED OCTOBER theme week. Pen colors are limited to black, white, red and graphite, but tiles can be in any color.

Why Red October you may ask. Simple. a) it is October and b) I have 3 red pens, 01, 02, and 08 that I bought more than a year ago and practically never used. So before they dry out... à RED OCTOBER.

Let's start with Inktober in the Red October week. I had to catch up and once I was into it, I just kept going. Day 4 - Facets (another tangle I turned into flowers); day 9 - Fe-Ba, day 10 - SeZ.

Inktober18 day 4 - Facets; day 9 - Fe-Ba, day 10 - SeZ
Tangle Patterns: Facets, Fe-Ba, SeZ

Inktober18 day 3- Ginili; day 7 - Onion Drops.

Inktober18 day 3- Ginili; day 7 - Onion Drops, Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Ginili, Onion Drops, Tipple

Inktober18 day 5 - Fleavy and day 11 - Copada

Inktober18 day 5 - Fleavy and day 11 - Copada
Tangle Patterns: Fleavy, Copada

Inktober18 day 12 - Heartswell, day 14 - Ando

Inktober18 day 12 - Heartswell, day 14 - Ando
Tangle Patterns: Heartswell, Ando

Inktober18 day 18 - Luv-A, day 22 - Yuma, day 23 - Ixorus.

Inktober18 day 18 - Luv-A, day 22 - Yuma, day 23 - Ixorus
Tangle Patterns: Luv-A, Yuma, Ixorus

Inktober18 day 15 - Inapod, day 16 - Joki, day 17 - Narwal, day 20 - W2.

Inktober18 day 15 - Inapod, day 16 - Joki, day 17 - Narwal, day 20 - W2
Tangle Patterns: Inapod, Joki, Narwal, W2

Inktober18 day 17 - Narwal

Inktober18 day 17 - Narwal
Tangle Pattern: Narwal

DIVA challenge #371 with.... drums....drums...drums....

Onion Drops!!! October must be Onion Drops season. But me not being lazy, I kept on drawing Onion Drops and, if needed, keep drawing Onion Drops till I drop.

DIVA challenge #371 using tangle pattern Onion Drops
Tangle Pattern: Onion Drops

Finally, and to round up my RED OCTOBER week , my "1-Hell-of-a-Challenge" IAST challenge #264. I will never understand how my brain works. 3 tangles to my liking and I end up struggling 4 days to produce a tile. The tangles just wouldn't talk to me. Every day I tried my magic on them and every day ended its cycle without a IAST tile. Then today, Sunday, came along (why is it always Sunday with IAST?). I didn't overthink the task at hand, just knew I had to draw a tile for Adele - albeit only for my website. WOW! In less then 5 minutes I had it worked out. Can brains get stuck? Yes! Definitely YES! Hence the "1-Hell-of-a-Challenge".

IAST challenge #264 with Tangle Patterns: Iza, B-Leaf, Heartswell
Tangle Patterns: Iza, B-Leaf, Heartswell

Other Art

Giant 3D Insects

Impressive these huge alien insects on walls. This would be a 'Mission Impossible' for me even as miniatures on a mini Zentangle tile. Click here to see more of these charming beauties.

Animal Happy Day

It is pumpkin season. Thus this cute pitty video about how "Pumpkin" survived to become "Pumpkin" is fitting the season.

Have a splendid week U'all!

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