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Inktober 2019; Hump Day 14; Square One; and Refresher 204

Square One September 20-26 featuring Soluna. I put it into Lollywimple.

Square One September 20-26 with Soluna in Lollywimple
Tangle Patterns: Soluna, Lollywimple

And here we are at Hump Day #14 - Clouds. The other day while jogging at the beach (I jog or walk almost daily at the beach) I came across the most beautiful dramatic sunset. However, I didn't have my phone with me. So the next day I made sure it was in my pocket, but of course, it wasn't the same. Still, I took this shot which became the base for my HD 14 tile. I am in no doubt you can clearly see the similarity. The tangles used in the adaptation are Pop-Cloud, Msst, and Sea Wave.

Hump Day #14 with the theme Clouds. Tangles used Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave
Tangle Patterns: Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave

...and here when it was Photoshop raining.🌧

Hump Day #14 with the theme Clouds. Tangles used Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave and with Photoshop Rain
Tangle Patterns: Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave and with Photoshop Rain

“BTW: if you don't have Photoshop but would like to have access to a very similar app, here is the link to an online graphics/photo editing application that looks and works just like a light version of the original PS. Click here to visit Photopea. Click here for a tutorial.”

...And thus started Inktober 2019. I am working with 4 very 'unofficial' Official Inktober 2019 lists:

Jake Parker's (JP),
Stephanie Jennifer's (SJ),
Tangle All Around's (TAA) in Facebook, and last but not least
Pattern Collection's (PC).

I will combine the lists and pick prompts from up to 3 days and give them a theme (giving a theme turned out to be the real challenge here). So this, my first Inktober 2019 tile, sports the following tangles under the theme....


Oct 1 - Ring (JP) for "Dreamcatcher"; Printemps (SJ); Baubles (TAA)
Oct 2 - Line Dance (TAA); TunnelVizion (SJ)
Oct 3 - Lana (PC); Toodles (SJ)

Inktober 2019 Oct 1-3 with Ring for Dreamcatcher and the tangles Printemps, Baubles, Line Dance, TunnelVizion, Lana, Toodles
Tangle Patterns: Printemps, Baubles, Line Dance, TunnelVizion, Lana, Toodles

Frozen 2

My Inktober's 2nd tile I aptly call "Frozen 2" (just like the cartoon movie) according to JP's prompt Oct 4 Freeze. I know, this is INK (!) tober, but...there is always a but, I just can't think of a good excuse right now. Anyway, I populated the "Frozen 2" tile with below mentioned tangles and added some snowflakes and icicles. Not proud of it, but it IS a tile!!!

Oct 4 - Freeze (JP) for "Frozen 2"; Snow Flower (PC); Zonked (SJ)
Oct 5 - Jalousie (SJ)
Oct 6 - Flukes (SJ)

Inktober 2019 Oct 4-6 with Freeze for the movie "Frozen 2" and tangle prompts Snow Flower, Zonked, Jalousie, Flukes
Tangle Patterns: Snow Flower, Zonked, Jalousie, Flukes 


My Inktober's 3rd tile I call "Mutualism" loosely interpreted by JP's Oct 2 prompt "Bait". Imagine the Bud Heads are aquatic Venus Flytraps and they live in a symbiotic relationship with Paradox where Paradox is their rooting bed and Bud Head 1 lures in Tipple parasites as food for Paradox. Well, that is what I was thinking of when I remembered the symbiotic relationship of clownfish and sea anemones. I added (Sea)Ur-chen to give the scene a more credible underwater feel.

Oct 2 - Bait (JP) for "Mutualism"
Oct 4 - Paradox (PC)
Oct 5 - Bud Head 1 (PC)
Oct 6 - Ur-chen (PC)

Inktober 2019 Oct 2 and 4-6 with Bait for "Mutualism" and tangle prompts Paradox, Bud Head 1 and Ur-chen
Tangle Patterns: Paradox, Bud Head 1, Ur-chen (PC)

Swing Low...

Inktober tile #4. I didn't have to think twice about which of JP prompts I should choose for the theme: "swing"! Anytime. Swing for "Swing Low...". 'Turn me Loose and let me Swing Swing' would have been a better choice, but it was just way too long. So here we go, the prompts:

Oct 7 - I'am Watching You (PC)
Oct 8 - Praa (TAA); Bales (SJ)
Oct 9 - MySwing (TAA); Lola (SJ); Wrapping (PC); Swing (JP)

Inktober 2019 Oct 7-9 with "Swing Low" and tangles I'am Watching You, Praa, Bales, MySwing, Lola, Wrapping
Tangle Patterns: I'am Watching You, Praa, Bales, MySwing, Lola, Wrapping


Inktober tile #5 I dedicate entirely to Jake Parker's Oct 10th prompt he listed as "Pattern". And "Ornamented" it is. That is the tile is ornamented. I was inspired to this pattern after I joined the Pattern Collection's Designer Group. I was told by Ina Sonnenmoser to start with lesson 1, creating a ribbon pattern. Half-heatedly I wired my brain cells to a pattern designer mood and came up with this. And yes, it can be used as a ribbon. Now all that is left is to make it a ribbon and send it in to Ina S. (Maybe she will slap my wrist again.) 😱

Oct 10 - Pattern (JP)

Inktober 2019 Oct 10 with "Ornamented" and my - yet -  unnamed ribbon tangle
Tangle Patterns: My - yet - unnamed ribbon tangle


My #6 tile for Inktober 2019 is more of a flower power tile than a nasty "Drogon", the theme I took from Jake Parker's list for day 12. The "Drogon" theme needs no explanation though. Anyone who watched Game of Thrones is familiar with Daenerys' pets.

Oct 10 - Windmill (TAA) (Hiroko Matsuo/Ina Sonnenmoser), Cubine (SJ)
Oct 11 - Victorian Flake (TAA), InaFlux (SJ), X's and O's (PC)
Oct 12 - Floo (SJ), Dragonfly (TAA), Dragon (JP) 

Inktober 2019 Oct 10-12 with "Drogon" and tangles Windmill, Cubine, Victorian Flake, InaFlux, X's and O's, Floo, Dragonfly, Dragon
Tangle Patterns: Windmill, Cubine, Victorian Flake, InaFlux, X's and O's, Floo, Dragonfly, Dragon

...and then I had to digitally color it a bit.

Inktober 2019 Oct 10-12 with "Drogon" and tangles Windmill, Cubine, Victorian Flake, InaFlux, X's and O's, Floo, Dragonfly, Dragon colored

Inktober 2019 to be continued...

(Find Inktober 2019 list and tile collection in my Google Photo Album.)

Refresher #204 from with tangles Spoken, Asgard, Shorely, Spangle, and Zenjellies. For this tile I used a Micron Sepia 003 pen. Love it

Refresher #204 with Spoken, Asgard, Shorely, Spangle, Zenjellies
Tangle Patterns: Spoken, Asgard, Shorely, Spangle, Zenjellies

If interested, click here for listing/prompts/tiles for all Refreshers since the first published.

Now for the real Fun...

Language Evolution

Evolution? Really?!

You can Make it an Animal Happy Day

Viktor Larkhill of the Spanish animal rescue "Let's Adopt" is on a new mission as we speak. Spain experienced tremendous rainfall in the south causing unbelievable damage. Suffering are also Animal Shelters. If you have a heart for animals please watch the video and if you can afford on the youtube link where you will find a support link in the description below the video.

Animal Happy Day

When I came across this video I knew I had to put it into my post. Swimming with wild dolphins in open water was always a dream of mine (I used to be a PADI scuba diving instructor for 11 years). The closest I came was at the end of a scuba dive in the Maldives. I was waiting to be assisted out of the water when I heard people on the boat shout "Dolphins! Dolphins!". Still in my gear I ducked under and - indeed - watched a whole pod passing by the boat. I was elated and excited, punched the water to get their attention while sucking air from my regulator like mad... and then they were gone as quickly as they came. Not one - NOT ONE! -  had looked in my direction to flip a hello, let alone show a sign of noticing me. (One of my other dreams: hanging on to a whale shark's mouth to find out what I can see on the inside, however, did turn real while fun diving off Similan Islands (Thailand).)

...and a last quiz: What kind of baby animal is this? Find out here.

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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Square One; Hump Day 11, 12, 13; Inspired by...

Square One week September 13-19 featuring Sikito which I overlaid over the tangle Aloha.

Square One week of September 13-19 with Sikito overlaid over Aloha
Tangle Patterns: Sikito, Aloha

Square One, with the week of August 30 to September 5, had the tangle Molygon featured. The sample tile was a simple Molygon cloud on a black square. I loved the concept and implemented it on my one-sided Molygon butterfly with an Indy-Rella body.

Square One Week Aug 30-Sep 5 with Molygon and Indy-Rella
Tangle Patterns: Molygon, Indy-Rella

I tried to manipulate the butterfly a bit. What if I make a cracked oil painting out of it? OK Photoshop, hpo into action! Hmm.. it looks better, or maybe it is the frame I add?

Square One Week Aug 30-Sep 5 with Molygon and Indy-Rella as a cracked oil painting

It's raining here and the air feels clammy. Just the kind of weather I do not cope well with while others enjoy the time off the hot sun. Banned to my desk I looked through my unfinished tiles, of which I have a few, and there was a Square One tile from August 15th with All Boxed Up. I made a bunch of Monsterra and Snailway snailing its way through the tile.

Square One Aug 15th with All Boxed up, Monsterra, Snailway
Tangle Patterns: All Boxed Up, Monsterra, Snailway

Square One week September 6-12 with 3Pair. All in all I made 3 tiles, trying to "make something" with it, but it didn't work out well. So I will bore you only with 2. 3Pair with 3-corner cadent and 3Pair and a more liberal version as flowers with Stickers and some Toodles to fill the background.

Square One week September 6-12 with 3Pair
Tangle Pattern: 3Pair

Square One week September 6-12 with 3Pair, Stickers and some Toodles
Tangle Patterns: 3Pair,, Stickers, Toodles

Update 15 September (I wrote the above about 10 days earlier) All that you just read above has become false a few days later. I just couldn't get my hands to stop draw-trying more 3Pair. So here is the 4th and really the last tile - with a lace edge.

Square One week September 6-12 with 3Pair with lace edge
Tangle Pattern: 3Pair

Inspired by...Geerandola, an organic tangle. Or a cephalopods if slightly altered? Certainly reminds me a bit of a nautilus. I added Zigmat, Zinger, Coffeebean Flower, and Crescent Moon, all hydrophytes, or aquatic plants as well.

Inspired by...Geerandola,  Zigmat, Zinger, Coffeebean Flower, and Crescent Moon
Tangle Patterns: Geerandola,  Zigmat, Zinger, Coffeebean Flower, and Crescent Moon

A Pattern under Inspection

In one of the last emails from Pattern Collection about 'deconstructing patterns' they talked about how seemingly tricky patterns can reveal simplifying 'clues' if looked at from different perspectives. I looked at the pattern they showed as an example and thought that - since it is Sunday and I have nothing better to do - I give it a try.

My first attempt, starting with the small circles, was a flop. So I tried the squares. That seemed the way to go, however, since I drew the squares too far apart the crosses didn't work out. So I took out my grid paper and sure enuff, I got my step-out to this 'tricky' pattern in 5 simple steps: penciled grid, squares, circles, loops, and crosses.

There is already a step-out called Curly Squares. It shows that you control the pattern by where you place the squares.

So here we go, Curly Square tangle step-out variation a la sng.

Curly Square tangle step-out a la sng
Tangle Pattern: Curly Square a la sng

Inspired by...Curly Square. Now that we have a step-out what about a variation? In this tile I exchanged the 'curly' part with Mooka-loops and put the whole thing into an ogee grid.

Inspired by...Curly Square with Mooka-loops, Snailway
Tangle Patterns: Curly Square with Mooka-loops, Snailway

Another Inspired by...tangle: Flostar by Hennie Brouwer. When I saw the stepout I didn't think I would be drawing the tangle, unless of course, it would be featured in a challenge. But then I saw another Flostar tile by Hennie, filled with Paradox, and I became inspired (sorry, I don't have a link for those 2 tiles she drew). So I looked at the stepout again, but noticed that there was a bit of a difference in the steps to the Flostar I saw on the tile. In the stepout we draw the curves in step 2 like a question mark, in step 3 and 4 like an S, while on her later tiles all curves are drawn in the same direction. I had to do both - of course.

So this is done according to stepout - 2 different directions...

Inspired by...Flostar with Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Flostar with tipple

...and in these two tiles I only drew the curves in one direction. One with beads and the other with big and small Flostars.

Inspired by...Flostar with beads

Inspired by...Flostar. big and small
Tangle Patterns: Flostar, big and small

Hump Day #12; first Wednesday of the month with an S-String and S-Tangle(s) for the month S-eptember (so next month it is all about 'O'). I have 2 s-curves and applied the tangle Steps. However, I admit Steps turned out a bit different - Starfishy of sorts maybe? - but what counts is that I had Steps planned and on my mind when drawing this blue tile.

Hump Day #12 with Steps or Starfish something
Tangle Patterns: Steps or Starfish something

I did another Hump Day S-eptember tile. This time with real Steps.

Hump Day challenge #12 with the tangle Steps
Tangle Pattern: Steps

Labor Day! You can say that again. "Labor Day!" It should say "Labor DayS". I indeed labored for this tile and I had headaches on how to draw this challenge. The weekly tangle challenge by Boomeresque, with Hump Day challenge #11, week of August 28-September 3, had the motto "Steampunk" as focus. Although I thought this was quite appropriate considering the Labor day weekend, I am absolutely no Steampunk tangler. Full stop. Still, I accepted the challenge and "labored" over several days adding here a screw and there a nut until finally I had a tile. I have no idea what the 'tangles' are called, but there is a recognizable Strutz and 2 strength adjustable magnifying glasses in it. Well, one is adjustable the other is not.

Hump day challenge #11 steampunk made with unnamed tangles
Tangle Patterns: Strutz and several unnamed

Hump Day #13. It is time I upload this post, but there is always "yet another tile" in the making and thus I keep populating it. Anyway, Hump Day #13, a challenge series, has the theme Tree Nymphs for this week. I used my very ONE go-to tangle Narwal for the tree's top, Diva Dance for its trunk, added some Ruutz and Coffeebean Flower/Damsel Leaf (same tangle; different artists) for 'grass'. The little hanging stars represent the tree nymphs.

Hump Day #13 with Tangle Patterns: Narwal, Diva Dance, Ruutz, Coffeebean Flower/Damsel Leaf
Tangle Patterns: Narwal, Diva Dance, Ruutz, Coffeebean Flower/Damsel Leaf

Goodbye to IAST

You noticed, there is no IAST in my post title. It was sad to learn that Adele Bruno has retired her weekly challenge series after her 302nd 'tickle', IAST's 6th Birthday. 6 years of hard work, 302 strings, nearly 1,000 tangles, over 9000 tiles sent in from 100's of tanglers from 36 different countries, and tons of the tiles she commented with her little tangle bits, all just to keep us tanglers busy and entertained is remarkable to say the least. I for one miss her, but I also understand Adele's decision and I thank her for her dedication from the bottom of my heart. IAST may you R.I.P.

My personal stats with IAST? First tile which I didn't send in due to lack of reading about deadline was for challenge #181; total tiles I drew for IAST: 117 (for a few challenges I drew 2 tiles); and my last was for #302, published in my previous post.

My first IAST tile

Animal Happy Day

We all know former President Bush, 41. We also know that he had a service dog later in his life called Sully. What you may not know is what happened to Sully after his duty at the Bush residence got terminated. Well, click below and see for yourself...

C.O. has finally 'moved in' - all by himself, didn't give a hand, just to be clear. Yeah, we get along - sort of - his sleeping hours differ to mine. He still has to learn that when I am still sleeping I am still sleeping (at 4 am). So presently he goes through the lessons that it is me who is in control of the exit door and I am quick even that early in the morning.

The rainy season has started here, causing the air to be rather uncomfy humid and clammy. Still, I wish you a great few weeks until my next post makes the net.

Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, August 31, 2019

IAST 301, 302; Refresher 203; Hump Day 9; Square One; and 4C Rope

Refresher #203 published August 9th, 2019 on featuring the tangles Flux, Bysomnus, Tufton, Z'ele, and Capz. It appears that nowadays refreshers are only published once a month instead of twice.

Refresher #203 published August 9th, 2019 with Flux, Bysomnus, Tufton, Z'ele, and Capz
Tangle Patterns: Flux, Bysomnus, Tufton, Z'ele, and Capz

Hump Day #9 runs under the theme "Listen to the Music". Tangles free to choose. I decided to fill my musical key with Narwal. I like Narwal. Wonder why I don't use it more often. Anyway, I made 2 tiles for this challenge and, of course, both with Narwal as the main ingredient.

Hump Day #9 with musical theme. Tangles Narwal and Stonestory
Tangle Patterns: Narwal and Stonestory

Hump Day #9 with musical theme. Tangle Narwal
Tangle Pattern: Narwal

♻️ Then I took the musical key and diva danced it on a toilet roll tile. Recently I read about drawing a random string and aura it (sorry, forgot where I read this). The key I used in the above challenge was simply perfect for doing just that. So here yet another Hump Day #9 tile made with the random string/aura idea.

Random string musical key aura'd with diva dance and surrounded with tipple
Tangle Patterns: Diva Dance and Tipple

IAST challenge #301 with just one tangle: Gelijoy. Easy. I like monotangle tiles but wondered why this turned out so cartoonish.

IAST Challenge #301 with Gelijoy
Tangle Patterns: Gelijoy

IAST challenge #302 - a milestone birthday for Adele, the founder of this weekly challenge. IAST is now celebrating its 6th year and many of us tanglers double cross our fingers Adele will have many more IAST birthdays to celebrate.

At first my tile was simple, flat, not celebratory enough. So I dashed to the next stationary shop and bought a glitter glue tube, hoping the shine will give the tile that lift up I was looking for. Unfortunately, to bring out the glitter I had to go to a dark spot in my house and use the flash feature on my mobile camera app and now it is...not as I thought it would be. Well...

IAST challenge #302 with tangles Decoo, Firecracker, Jonqal, Joy
Tangle Patterns: Decoo, Firecracker, Jonqal, Joy

IAST challenge #302 with tangles Decoo, Firecracker, Jonqal, Joy, and glitter
With glitter

I was so caught up in the 100DayProject that I had no power left to even look at Summer Tangles 2019 when it started just a few days before the 100DayProject ended. Now also this project is ending its completion and I could not not do at least ONE tile. So here my contribution for August 28 and the tangle 8C. I added Indy-Rella and Pokeleaf.

Summer Tangles 2019 Aug 28 - 8C
Tangle Patterns: 8C, Indy-Rella, Pokeleaf

Inspired by...Doo Dah. I put it into a wonky grid and thickened the parallel lines. Now it looks more like Indy-Rella in a wonky grid. Well, it was worth a try. LOL

Inspired by...Doo Dah in a wonky grid
Tangle Pattern: Doo Dah

Inspired by...4C Rope. When pattern collection introduced the 4C Rope tangle step out they also listed a video How-To by Ellen Wolters. Somewhere at the beginning of her tutorial she omitted a step which she later corrected, but I thought her 'mistakes' looks really good and I will do it, too. So here my tile with Ellen Wolters; omission.

Inspired by...4C Rope with Ellen Wolters' little omission
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

In her video she also includes another way to draw 4C Rope. I didn't care too much about the outcome, but decided I will find my own 'other' way. So on the below tile all I did was draw the first step (the little squares) instead of straight at a 45' angle.

Inspired by...4C Rope little squares at 45'
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

And my 3rd 4C Rope monotangle tile is - you guessed it - in a wonky grid. As so often, drawing a grid tangle in a wonky grid doesn't always turn out better!

Inspired by...4C Rope in a wonky grid
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

I couldn't get that 4C Rope tangle out of my mind.....

Inspired by...4C Rope
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

....and a version potpourri of it.

A version potpourri of the tangle 4C Rope
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

Finally the last 4C Rope! 

inspired by...4C Rope on a bookmark
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

Square One week of August 23-29 featuring the tangle Wunderwall - or is it?
"Isn't this fragment D1?"
"No, it's Wunderwall, it has circles, D1 has dots."
"Well then, what about Hemp? It looks exactly like the tangle Hemp."
"NO! No, no. Hemp's step out, although one of its options has circles, is drawn with the paper turned 90'. So Wunderwall can't be Hemp."
"Hmm, looks like fragment D1 and/or Hemp to me!"
"Go get your glasses, and while you are at it stop being so sarc...."
"I am NOT sarcastic!!! And Wunderwall IS D1 and/or Hemp! Full Stop!"

Jeez...who cares! 

Square One week August 23-29 with tangle Wunderwall
Tangle Pattern: Wunderwall

So here my tile inspired by Wunderwall, fragment D1, and Hemp...definitely Hemp.

Inspired by square one's Wunderwall that looks like Hemp and/or fragment D1
Tangle Patterns: Fragment D1, Hemp, Wunderwall

The 'Dead and Dying Grass' Solution

My garden is small with lots of plants with low hanging leaves that provide shade and cool during those hot tropical days of which there are aplenty here in Thailand. However, my grass never appreciated the shade and kept dying leaving me with just dirt. So recently, after yet another new planting kicked the can, I decided a more permanent solution has to be applied... STONES! And thus it was: the dead and dying grass came out👎🏻and super beautiful terracotta/brownish colored stones came in 👍🏻. Perfect!

From the front

From the side

With above project under the hood I made my new project to be the bathroom, the grout in the shower to be more precise, an eye-sore par excellence. Armed with brush and white acrylic paint I started to apply the paint to the grout and WOW! what a difference!!! As wonderful as the result turned out to be I am no avid grout painter; I can do about an hour before I get bored. In order to not 'lose' focus and strong will I pledged to myself that I will spend an hour every day until this project is done (unless something more pressing pops up...please).

Before and after image of grout in my shower
Acrylic painted grout on left - eye-sore on the right

Animal Happy Day

Would you deliberately put a band of thumb tacks around each of the tires of your company car and watch how they gradually damage the tires until you can't use the car anymore and have to buy new tires? No, of course not, you wouldn't do that. That is why I never understand how owners of working animals deliberately torture their 'tools' to the point where the animals break down and in many cases die. Wouldn't you think it is in the owners' interest to treat these animal as best they can so it will be strong, lasts for a long time, and brings maximum results? This video is such a case of "ME THINKING". Luckily, and thanks to the team of Animal Aid Unlimited, India, this donkey's working days are over and all that is asked of him now is to be happy and enjoy life. Well done, AAU-team.

And a last short, 43 second, funny one....You can't fool little owls. Love it!!!

Nowadays, C.O. being inside my house sleeping has 'unfortunately' become an only too familiar sight. 

C.O., the Intruder
C.O., the Intruder

To all and everyone visiting...Have a great weekend!

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