Wednesday, August 16, 2017

9er Mosaic FMT 178 Challenge - African Artist

Joey is back! Yes, the 6 weeks holiday past really fast and with her reappearance she also brought some new things for all of us.
A) A new website. Joey managed to cleverly rebuild it the same way as the old one still looks, so no 'getting used to' and 'wasting time finding' period, but instant familiarity. Well done, Joey!  ...and I like the new banner image, too!

B) A new challenge, #178, using tangle African Artist and with a twist to it, too. I call it the 9er Mosaic FMT challenge and here is why:
Small A) 9er = the challenge will last over a period of 9 weeks (9er!) and includes 9 tiles (9er! got it?) which we arrange in a 3x3 square and draw a continuous string over all.

Small B) Mosaic = well, in the end this then looks like a mosaic...or should look like a mosaic. This still remains to be seen in my case.

Small C) FMT = Finish My Tile (remember? All her challenges run under this general theme name).
So here is what I am going to do: no border; smaller (7x7cm) grey tiles, unfortunately very rough tiles, but somebody has to make use of the paper; and in the end glue them all together on a bigger piece of paper to get the border. My string in blue represents the Danube river that weaves and will weave its way through my tiles and Germany. I was inspired by my neighbor's recent visit to Germany where he made a several day bicycle tour and bonding trip with his son along the upper part of the Danube to enjoy nature in all its beauty. (see images below).

So, without further ado here tile number one of my Danube Bicycle Trip for the 9er Mosaic FMT #178 Challenge...

9er Mosaic FMT #178 Challenge with Patterns: African Artist, SeZ, Vigne, Knightsbridge, Meer, Ginkgo leaves, Tipple
Patterns: African Artist, SeZ, Vigne, Knightsbridge,
Meer, Ginkgo leaves, Tipple

...followed by some images of the upper Danube's beautiful scenery courtesy of my friend and neighbor Hubert Reilard.

The dark strip through the grass is the river

Some canoe while...

...others suffer in the rain and on a bicycle.
Hubert's son Sameer

Animal Happy Day

Wished you had a nanny dog like this? ...what can I say! (0.34)

Sunday, August 13, 2017

FMT Challenge 177 - JVO

I made it in time. Today is Sunday and today is the last day to be in time to contribute to guest tangler Susan Theron's "Finish My Tile" challenge over at the MadeByJoey website. I was challenged. Not that is was difficult to find tangles starting with the letters J, V, and O, but the string = J.

Yet another letter? Really? Didn't our little club just finish the whole alphabet during the first 6 months of this year? And now we are back at letters again?

But then I read the text (Susie, before complaining read the blaity TEXT!). Oops! JVO are the initials for Joey's name and the post is in appreciation of her work, the challenges, we all so enjoy, and which bring us tanglers from all different parts in the world together on one website. Well, now that made a) sense and b) me change my attitude - and quickly, too.

Here to you, Joey!

And thanks to you, Susan, for this wonderful challenge and for thinking of honoring our "Finish My Tile" challenger queen over in Canada!

Finish My Tile (FMT) challenge #177 with zentangle patterns Joki, Jilli, Vigne, Oke
Patterns: Joki and Jilli, Vigne, Oke

Animal Happy Day

Rats are mums, too, and this one is a very special and cutie indeed! (0.32)

Saturday, August 12, 2017

IAST Challenge 207 - Cross-Ur-Heart

Cross-Ur-Heart  and hope to die is this week's tangle over at Tickled to Tangle for the 207th "It's a String Thing" (IAST) challenge. When it first came out about a month ago, I saw several people eternalize it in their Zentangle journals and I was not far behind them. But since this is a IAST dedicated page, and my first Cross-Ur-Heart tile has the wrong string, I will start with the entry I sent to Adele Bruno.

It was a toss between this tile and the next and the next after the next. Each had something the others didn't have and to combine it all and make just one tile that was the ultimum perfection of all tiles (!!!) I lacked passion (or the ability to match my mammoth mou... expectations).

I chose this entry because everybody is talking about and trying out TranZending, which I still haven't seen done by its creator, but this string just asked for it. This is my abstract Cross-Ur-Heart with Ginkgo leaves. And no, I vehemently object, I did not forget to color that one Ginkgo leave in the corner. I have no idea why it is there in the first place. I certainly didn't put it there! I absolutely did not. "Cross-My-Heart" and hope to die!

IAST Challenge #207 with Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Ginkgo leaves
Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Ginkgo leaves

Number two would have been a real version of Cross-Ur-Heart garnished with Flux and Tipple.

IAST Challenge #207 with Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Flux, Tipple
Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Flux, Tipple

My third and last choice would have been the red tile. Although I like the Cross-Ur-Hearts the red corner is an optical mistake (OPTICAL, please!), you do not have a blob on a lower level, I should know that. But I think I was trying so hard to keep the string, I lost all common sense.

IAST Challenge #207 with Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart
Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart

Here some of my training tiles for this challenge. I tried to find a clever variation and ended up doing an accidental Panzee tangle = bottom 3 smaller ones, the middle one.

Training Tile for Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart - variations and an accidental Panzee.
Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart variations and an accidental Panzee.

Cross-Ur-Hearts with Cross-Ur-Heart babies. This as a pencil sketch and forerunner to the red and blue tile.

Training Tile for Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart with Cross-Ur-Heart babies
Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart variation with seeds

And here my first Cross-Ur-Heart tile. I like drawing things off balance, but found out only after I added the frame work that this is not always a good idea.

Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart
Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart

Animal Happy Day

The title says it all.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Helen's Journey C - Crumpled Roses

Helen William's Journey A-Z continuous after some restful days/weeks....months to be more precise, and we have now reached destination C where we found Crumpled Roses, a tangle she created. I confess, I needed to practice the tangle a few times to get it right. Not that it is a difficult pattern to draw, but every once in a wile during the drawing of the wobbly line my hand wanted to change direction. Once you start drawing in a clockwise direction, keep drawing in a clockwise direction is all I can say - or vise-versa. Click on this link and watch her video step-out.

My first tile I drew was around the time when DIVA had the Nzeppel challenge. I guess you guessed, I had to incorporate it here as well. However, just in case you can't see it (a la: you can't see the forest for the trees), Nzeppel is in two roses, the one on the left and the one on the right; Nzeppel is at the edges, bottom and left; and Nzeppel is also in Hollibaugh, edges top and right.

Now, can you see it?

Helen's Jouney A-Z with Letter C for Crumpled Roses with additional tangle patterns Nzeppel, Hollibaugh, Pintemps and Tipple
Patterns: Crumpled Roses, Nzeppel, Hollibaugh, Printemps, Tipple

Slowly but sure I developed a fondness for Crumpled Roses and tried a second tile. But alas, I couldn't find a tangle to fill the empty spaces. I tried this and that: no, no good, covered it up with a black fill, no, no good either; then white fill... So, now I successfully ruined the tile - I mean, who does that? But I liked ONE Crumpled Rose. So I cut it out, glued it into my sketch book and covered it with glitter nail polish.

Helen's Jouney A-Z with Letter C for Crumpled Rose
Patterns: Single Crumpled Rose

However, I still wanted to have one more tile. DIVA had also a Pea-Nuckle Challenge and everybody hated it. True to form most hung in there and produced a contribution tile, then two, then another one, and in the end quite a few confessed that Pea-Nuckle is not such a bad tangle after all. I was one of them, but only after I came up with a - for me - easier step-out.

So for my second Crumpled Roses tile I made 2 vases out of Pea-Nuckle, placed three roses into them and circled the whole Van Gogh illustration with soap bubbles. Hush, hush! I know, I know! VVG put sunflowers into his vase, but it could have easily been roses, believe you me!

So here my version of Vincent Van Gogh's famous Still Life Vase depiction.

Helen's Jouney A-Z with Letter C for Crumpled Roses with additional tangle patterns Pea-Nuckle and Tipple
Patterns: Crumpled Roses, Pea-Nuckle, Tipple

Animal Happy Day

2-legged kitten gets best family ever (1.43)

DIVA Challenge 327 & 328

I am a bit late for last week's DIVA #327 Challenge posted by guest blogger Henrike Bratz. At times things happen and have to be dealt with and then stuff like drawing takes the back seat. But I made up for it and drew two tiles for her this week.

Henrike's challenge includes two tangles, Diva Challenge... I mean Diva Dance and one of her own, Lisbon Fragments.

Diva Dance looks great when somebody other than me draws it. It reminds me of gorgeous Gourdgeous and Gourdgeous and I are not gourd friends. But me not being one to give up easily, I stoically faced the battle and got my DD tile done. Huff, puff.

DIVA Challenge # 327 with Patterns: Diva Dance and Lisbon Fragment
Patterns: Diva Dance, Lisbon Fragments

However, I liked Lisbon Fragments and so I made a whola lot of them.

DIVA Challenge # 327 with Patterns: Lisbon Fragment
Pattern: Lisbon Fragments

Thank you, Henrike, for a most challenging challenge.


DIVA Challenge #328 is posted by guest challenger Suzanne Fluhr. She wants us to draw Aloha, a tangle she created, but I think she got a Whole Lotta Love and help from no other than....

DINO!!! (and no, not Led Zeppelin)

Who is Dino you may ask. For that to find out you have to hop over to her site and find out yourself. My fingers are off the keys.

Since I made two tiles for Henrike it was only fair to make two tiles for Suzanne as well. So here Aloha #1 accompanied by the new tangle Ukkepuk (no, not mine) and 4-Corner Corolla (yes, mine - Please note the quick-witted, brainy, and very intelligent name).

DIVA Challenge # 328 with Patterns: Aloha, Ukkepuk, 4-Corner Carolla
Patterns: Aloha, Ukkepuk, 4-Corner Carolla

Aloha #2 - Black & White vs Color - Almost a monotile, only accompanied by Tipple and Spinner Ball. Spinner Ball, another of my tangles... if nobody thought of it yet.

DIVA Challenge #328 with Patterns: Aloha, Spinner Ball, Tipple
Patterns: Aloha, Spinner Ball, Tipple

Suzanne, thanks so much for this great challenge. I enjoyed every stroke I made.

Animal Happy Day

Remember him?

Shadow my dog with patches on his body covering the stitches
Shadow last week

Remember my room mate from my DIVA #326 Update post? Shadow? And his skin growths removal? Well, I am happy to announce that his stitches are removed and he is A-OK again...and so am I!

Shadow recovered
Shadow today

Michele, if you happen to visit this page, I found Aimee. There is no mistake, this is Aimee.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

FMT Challenge 176 - 3D String

I was really looking forward to this week's Joey challenge. I knew it would be Trudi from Canada and when Monday came here in Thailand, waaaayyyy ahead of Canada where the Joey's website lives, I was excited and checked the site every few minutes for the blog post heading to read 'Joey's weekly tangle challenge #176.


Oh! The challenge is a 3D string. Great stuff, Trudi! And off I went working on the tile.

A day later Trudi showed us a sample and she turned the tile 90 degrees. Nooooo! I was already half way there and now had to start over again. Again a day - or two - later, there were already a few tiles out and another disappointment hit me! I really almost lost it. One of the tiles looked exactly like I had drawn mine, including the colors. How lucky can you get.

After the initial run ins I lost all hope ever being able to get over the disappointment of not being fast enough to beat all those tile publishers before me with my tile and give them some reason to run back to their drawing boards and start over again. But then I got my act together - after all I promised Trudi to do her challenge - and sat myself down and held my head slightly to one side so all ideas would flow together and collect on one tiny small spot in my brain. And look at this it worked, I actually succeeded and finished a tile. Hurrah!!!

But then something really odd happened. 


I made a photo and was cutting it out in Photoshop when all of a sudden it .... disappeared. Swoops, it was gone. I got all hot and shaky. (You know the feeling?) What had happened to my tile??!! I have only a very small laptop and it is very flat so it can't have gone too far. But all my search bore no fruit. So I decided to call the police to report the theft.

I pressed the iPhone alive and ....


iPhone Mockup showing one half of my tile

...there it was! a wallpaper. But no, half of it is missing. HUH?! Somebody censored my tile and deleted half of it!!!! Now who on earth would do that???!!! I better don't use this iPhone to call the police. So I put a yellow 'crime scene' tape around it instead, searched for my other iPhone, switched it on and....

NO!!!!...there was the other half. Gosh! Honestly. Give me a break.

iPhone Mockup showing other half of my tile

Jeez, I just realize I don't have an iPhone, let alone two. My friend Photoshop helped me a bit.


So back to serious honesty and my real tile:

Finish My Tile Challenge # 176 with Patterns: Patience, Flux, Tipple, Balls, Bridgen,  Pokeroot, Fescu, and lines
Patterns: Patience, Flux, Tipple, Balls, Bridgen,
Pokeroot, Fescu, and lines

Thank you, Trudi, for an absolutely great challenge. I hope you forgive me for the long wait, things sometimes just happen and screw up your days. (Am I allowed to say that?)

Animal Happy Day

Do you like dogs?
Do you like kids?
The real small ones I mean. The toddlers?
All of the above?

If you checked all of the above, please watch this video. And if you find anything cuter than this, I am all eyes.

Friday, July 28, 2017

IAST Challenge 205

This week at IAST challenge #205 Adele gave us a sun with rays string and the tangles Pauline's Pigtail, Shard, and Shattuck. I had already accepted the fact that I will probably give this challenge a pass, but decided to sit down and look at the package for at least 5 minutes before throwing the towel for good. Then I had an idea that might just work.

I decided to draw the three tangles anywhere I wanted and then take the sun string, slightly altered, and place it on top of it all.

Voila! Here my contribution to the IAST challenge #205 with all its elements.

Patterns: Pauline's Pigtail, Shard, Shattuck

Thursday, July 27, 2017

DIVA Challenge 326 - Nzeppel Update

This is an UPDATE  to my DIVA Challenge 326 - Nzeppel post.

I didn't know I can actually produce a tangle tile while my mind is full of worry about my 14-year old black Cocker, Shadow: will he wake up after his OP?

Today at 9 am I deposited Shadow at the vet for his 2-3-hr skin growth removal. Since he was about 8 he had to undergo this OP almost every year to the month, but now age played a factor. So instead of walking aimlessly around in my house I sat down and started tangling - no TV, no computer, just drawing Nzeppels. After all, isn't this what we are supposed to do in times of stress?

After 3 hours I got a bit nervous because I haven't received that "you-can-pick-him-up" call yet. So I called the vet instead and the office staff confirmed that he is still under the knife, and yes, the old boy is still alive. So I went back to my Nzeppel tile.

At around 2 pm I decided to pay the vet an unexpected visit. In my mind I already saw Shadow lying on the floor with the vet bent over him administering CPR and mouth to snout resuscitation and the assistant, with arms cartwheeling, shouting nervous commands at the staff to fetch live saving tools. But when I arrived the scene at the vet's was calm and normal and the ever smiling staff told me in a most friendly way that they are just finishing him up and it will take yet another hour or so before I can pick him up. Then they told me to go home and wait there, which I did. After all, I had a tile to finish.

True to their words, at exactly 3.13 pm I got the long awaited call and swoop I was out the house and on my way to get him back.

...and my tile was finished.

DIVA Challenge #326 - Nzeppel update with tangle pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: Nzeppel

And look what I brought home! Needless to say, I was a bit shocked when I first saw him lying in the kennel because all I saw were white patches and bandaged legs. Now I understood why the OP took so long.

Shadow after OP - all patched up

Shadow after OP - all patched up

My poor little baby hadn't eaten since Wednesday evening, nor had he had water, so he was a bit weak after the OP and he couldn't stand nor walk without his hind legs caving in. So eating and drinking were first on the agenda when we got home. After an hour or so he felt better and he is now in seventh heaven on this green ugly beach towel that was once a give away from my bank, which I now use to pull him around so I don't accidentally pull off his new body piercing and the decoration.

Shadow after OP - sleeping
Pattern: Cocker patchees be continued....

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

DIVA Challenge 326 - Nzeppel

I think I made a study out of Nzeppel for this week's DIVA Challenge #326, launched by guest challenger Elisa Murphy. But this just gets to show that I do love Nzeppel, I had to physically restrain myself from drawing more and more, so here my post (written wearing handcuffs) and my study results:

This was not my first, but my best, at least from the point of what I was thinking  at the time I drew it. I thought of sails and the song "Islands in the Stream" by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers. ".....sail away with me, to another world...". Jeez, I get the shivers down my spine just thinking of the song!

If you are too young to know the song, click on the video at the bottom of this post.

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: Nzeppel

These two are also Nzeppel although it might not look like it. They even are from the same base structure, but look different - maybe due to the coloring? The second tile is drawn on rice paper.

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: Nzeppel in both tiles

Here is the base structure for the above tiles in 3 squares. All I did was move one of the lines in the squares a bit.

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: Nzeppel

One does not always have to fill  in all fields. The sparkle on the 'eggs' is nail polish with glitter.

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: Nzeppel

Here I made a mistake in the original drawing. I had loops on the outside of the vertical 2 outside lines and it looked ugly. First I wanted to cut the middle part out = nope, no want to do! Then I played with the idea of copying and transferring the good part onto another piece of paper = really? Do everything over and then over again? NO!

So I decided to just copy/keep. And that is what I did.

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: Nzeppel

Now here is my first tile I drew and I like this one a lot. I know, I shouldn't say that, but, well, I do and if you don't, that is totally OK with me. On the Internet I recently saw a modern statue depicting a woman. Although my sketch looks anything but that statue (the middle part turned out to be a bit too voluminous), but there is just that ever so slight resemblance. Can you see her?

DIVA Challenge #326 with tangle Pattern Nzeppel
Pattern: totally Nzeppel

And that is the end of my Nzeppel study. It was fun and tons of thanks go to Elisa Murphy for this beautiful challenge.

Animal Happy Day

Bird rescue,

After mean people did this to a bird....

Island in the Stream.... Click and enjoy!

Monday, July 24, 2017

FMT Challenge 174 - Asian Fans Tiles

This page goes back to Joey's Finish My Tile challenge (# 174) where I had the honor to sub for Joey to give her a well deserved summer break. My challenge was the tangle Asian Fans by Suzanne McNeill. I was thrilled by all the tanglers who participate and how beautiful all those "Finished My Asian Fans" turned out. I know, this is not how we do it, but I wanted to say thank you in my own way to all the participating tanglers and put all the tiles together on one page.

So here the "Finish My Tile" Challenge #174 Tiles Gallery in alphabetical order.

Anita Aspfors Westin - website: One Stroke at a Time

Bine - website: BineTangle

Denise on Instagram

HeidiSue - website: TangleOoh!

Ilse - website: Zentangle Zoo

Joey v O - website: MadeByJoey

Margarete - website: Malerisches Franken

Meridiana - website: Drawing From The Day

Michele - website: Coffee & Creativity

Ria Matheussen - website: Tangledreams

Trudi from Canada on Printerest

Ursula B aka Ulla51 on flickr

Thank you all so much.

If any of you featured tanglers in this blog would rather have your drawing removed, let me know and I will comply instantly.

Sunday, July 23, 2017

DIVA Challenge 325 - Pea-Nuckle - Update

In my post DIVA Challenge 325 - Pea-Nuckle I showed a Pea-Nuckle step-out using ovals to facilitate the drawing of this - for me - unfortunately rather difficult tangle. So I ended up with an unfinished tile and the question popped up: what now? Pea-Nuckle is not a tangle that easily integrates with other tangles - again, I speak for myself and Blogger is not responsible for this content nor does it share its view. So I tried this and that tangle and that other one, but alas!

Finally, I just plastered a few Tipples here and there, added a Zinger or two, some Ringz, Mookas with Fescu hats and a few curved lines with and without stripes. To make it pleasant looking I added pink. Pink always looks good.

Update on DIVA Challenge #325 with tangle Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, Tipple, Zinger, Ringz, Mooka/Fescu, and some loops with and w/o stripes
Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, Tipple, Zinger, Ringz, Mooka/Fescu,
and some loops with and w/o stripes

Will I ever draw Pea-Nuckles again? I actually might. I just might do it again. After all, I still have the "Inspired By..." theme going on my blog...

Saturday, July 22, 2017

IAST Challenge 204 - Something Borrowed & Blue

This is the continuation of Adele's It's a String Thing, or IAST, wedding theme challenge. Last week it was "Something Old and Something New", so this week is "Something Borrowed and Something Blue". The "Blue" is the tangle Bluebonnets and the "Borrowed" part is a tangle we wished we had come up with ourselves. Well, this last bit was a real battle for me, because I wished I could claim ownership for 156,377 tangles. Now you go and chose!!!

Anyway, eenie meenie miney mo chose and it chose Dragonair so Dragonair is my "Borrowed" tangle.

IAST Challenge #204 with Patterns: Bluebonnets, Dragonair, Beads
Patterns: Bluebonnets, Dragonair, Beads, and
Splitzer or Spiraallinten (that is the ribbon)

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DIVA Challenge 325 - Pea-Nuckle

This is the 2nd week into the DIVA's guest challenger's posts. #325 is again Jessica Davis and she chose a single tangle: Pea-Nuckle or Peanuckle. You should have heard the moaning that erupted from East to West and North to South when tanglers visted the website Monday morning and found out. My ears still suffer from tinnitus. But Jessica seriously tries to convince us non-peanucklers, to jump right into the deep end and start loving it. Ha!

Then it happened to me. Yes! Indeed!

I am/was a non-believer. If you don't like a tangle why should I spend time with it when there are tons of other tangles on the net I fancy and haven't even acquainted myself with yet? But I did as I was told and suddenly the light went on and I found a new way to make Pea-Nuckle a dream to draw.

But first things first.

Here my tile I accomplished when I was still suffering from the Pea-Nuckle hate syndrome. I have a motto: If I can't draw it, fake it. No! I mean.. If I can't draw it, overdo it. With that I mean the irregularities. I made wonky 'S's. Then I first drew one side, then I turned the tile 180' and drew the other side. That explains why one side goes up and the other down. Also, Tipple in the middle: the blue ones are on one side of the S and the empty ones on the other.

DIVA Challenge #325 with Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, big Tipple, Fescu, leaves
Patterns: Pea-Nuckle, big Tipple, Fescu, leaves

The Pea-Nuckle Awakening

This is only a training tile because I was actually ready to upload the blue tile when an idea hit me. What if I start drawing touching ovals where I want the stripped nuckles? I quickly picked up a pen and started sketching. I was delighted! It worked and is sooooo easy! After I penciled the ovals I traced the round narrow edges, got my Ss, and the rest is HI.. STO.. RY!!!! Never has my Pea-Nuckle looked so beautiful!


Pea-Nuckle in a circle.

DIVA Challenge #325 with Pattern: Pea-Nuckle
Pattern: Pea-Nuckle

Oops! Above is upside-down.

Pattern: still the same

Ah! Now that is so much better!!!!

Update July 20th:
I thought I will place my steps on how I did the above yellow Pea-Nuckle (by Molly Hollibaugh) tile just in case somebody is interested.

First the ovals. Make sure they overlap a bit

 Then the 'Ss'

 Now draw the pea lines. I didn't draw the nuckle lines as they can vary.

Finally the shading and the closing up of open pea bottoms. Now if that wasn't easy I don't know what easy is.

. Hmm...what am I going to do with this tile now?

Animal Happy Day

Do you oppose 'Running Of The Bulls' as much as I do? Well, this one you will love. Trust me.
...she says.

Click here.

I promise! You will smile - unless you suffer from cheek muscles stiffness.

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