Saturday, August 31, 2019

IAST 301, 302; Refresher 203; Hump Day 9; Square One; and 4C Rope

Refresher #203 published August 9th, 2019 on featuring the tangles Flux, Bysomnus, Tufton, Z'ele, and Capz. It appears that nowadays refreshers are only published once a month instead of twice.

Refresher #203 published August 9th, 2019 with Flux, Bysomnus, Tufton, Z'ele, and Capz
Tangle Patterns: Flux, Bysomnus, Tufton, Z'ele, and Capz

Hump Day #9 runs under the theme "Listen to the Music". Tangles free to choose. I decided to fill my musical key with Narwal. I like Narwal. Wonder why I don't use it more often. Anyway, I made 2 tiles for this challenge and, of course, both with Narwal as the main ingredient.

Hump Day #9 with musical theme. Tangles Narwal and Stonestory
Tangle Patterns: Narwal and Stonestory

Hump Day #9 with musical theme. Tangle Narwal
Tangle Pattern: Narwal

♻️ Then I took the musical key and diva danced it on a toilet roll tile. Recently I read about drawing a random string and aura it (sorry, forgot where I read this). The key I used in the above challenge was simply perfect for doing just that. So here yet another Hump Day #9 tile made with the random string/aura idea.

Random string musical key aura'd with diva dance and surrounded with tipple
Tangle Patterns: Diva Dance and Tipple

IAST challenge #301 with just one tangle: Gelijoy. Easy. I like monotangle tiles but wondered why this turned out so cartoonish.

IAST Challenge #301 with Gelijoy
Tangle Patterns: Gelijoy

IAST challenge #302 - a milestone birthday for Adele, the founder of this weekly challenge. IAST is now celebrating its 6th year and many of us tanglers double cross our fingers Adele will have many more IAST birthdays to celebrate.

At first my tile was simple, flat, not celebratory enough. So I dashed to the next stationary shop and bought a glitter glue tube, hoping the shine will give the tile that lift up I was looking for. Unfortunately, to bring out the glitter I had to go to a dark spot in my house and use the flash feature on my mobile camera app and now it is...not as I thought it would be. Well...

IAST challenge #302 with tangles Decoo, Firecracker, Jonqal, Joy
Tangle Patterns: Decoo, Firecracker, Jonqal, Joy

IAST challenge #302 with tangles Decoo, Firecracker, Jonqal, Joy, and glitter
With glitter

I was so caught up in the 100DayProject that I had no power left to even look at Summer Tangles 2019 when it started just a few days before the 100DayProject ended. Now also this project is ending its completion and I could not not do at least ONE tile. So here my contribution for August 28 and the tangle 8C. I added Indy-Rella and Pokeleaf.

Summer Tangles 2019 Aug 28 - 8C
Tangle Patterns: 8C, Indy-Rella, Pokeleaf

Inspired by...Doo Dah. I put it into a wonky grid and thickened the parallel lines. Now it looks more like Indy-Rella in a wonky grid. Well, it was worth a try. LOL

Inspired by...Doo Dah in a wonky grid
Tangle Pattern: Doo Dah

Inspired by...4C Rope. When pattern collection introduced the 4C Rope tangle step out they also listed a video How-To by Ellen Wolters. Somewhere at the beginning of her tutorial she omitted a step which she later corrected, but I thought her 'mistakes' looks really good and I will do it, too. So here my tile with Ellen Wolters; omission.

Inspired by...4C Rope with Ellen Wolters' little omission
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

In her video she also includes another way to draw 4C Rope. I didn't care too much about the outcome, but decided I will find my own 'other' way. So on the below tile all I did was draw the first step (the little squares) instead of straight at a 45' angle.

Inspired by...4C Rope little squares at 45'
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

And my 3rd 4C Rope monotangle tile is - you guessed it - in a wonky grid. As so often, drawing a grid tangle in a wonky grid doesn't always turn out better!

Inspired by...4C Rope in a wonky grid
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

I couldn't get that 4C Rope tangle out of my mind.....

Inspired by...4C Rope
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

....and a version potpourri of it.

A version potpourri of the tangle 4C Rope
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

Finally the last 4C Rope! 

inspired by...4C Rope on a bookmark
Tangle Pattern: 4C Rope

Square One week of August 23-29 featuring the tangle Wunderwall - or is it?
"Isn't this fragment D1?"
"No, it's Wunderwall, it has circles, D1 has dots."
"Well then, what about Hemp? It looks exactly like the tangle Hemp."
"NO! No, no. Hemp's step out, although one of its options has circles, is drawn with the paper turned 90'. So Wunderwall can't be Hemp."
"Hmm, looks like fragment D1 and/or Hemp to me!"
"Go get your glasses, and while you are at it stop being so sarc...."
"I am NOT sarcastic!!! And Wunderwall IS D1 and/or Hemp! Full Stop!"

Jeez...who cares! 

Square One week August 23-29 with tangle Wunderwall
Tangle Pattern: Wunderwall

So here my tile inspired by Wunderwall, fragment D1, and Hemp...definitely Hemp.

Inspired by square one's Wunderwall that looks like Hemp and/or fragment D1
Tangle Patterns: Fragment D1, Hemp, Wunderwall

The 'Dead and Dying Grass' Solution

My garden is small with lots of plants with low hanging leaves that provide shade and cool during those hot tropical days of which there are aplenty here in Thailand. However, my grass never appreciated the shade and kept dying leaving me with just dirt. So recently, after yet another new planting kicked the can, I decided a more permanent solution has to be applied... STONES! And thus it was: the dead and dying grass came out👎🏻and super beautiful terracotta/brownish colored stones came in 👍🏻. Perfect!

From the front

From the side

With above project under the hood I made my new project to be the bathroom, the grout in the shower to be more precise, an eye-sore par excellence. Armed with brush and white acrylic paint I started to apply the paint to the grout and WOW! what a difference!!! As wonderful as the result turned out to be I am no avid grout painter; I can do about an hour before I get bored. In order to not 'lose' focus and strong will I pledged to myself that I will spend an hour every day until this project is done (unless something more pressing pops up...please).

Before and after image of grout in my shower
Acrylic painted grout on left - eye-sore on the right

Animal Happy Day

Would you deliberately put a band of thumb tacks around each of the tires of your company car and watch how they gradually damage the tires until you can't use the car anymore and have to buy new tires? No, of course not, you wouldn't do that. That is why I never understand how owners of working animals deliberately torture their 'tools' to the point where the animals break down and in many cases die. Wouldn't you think it is in the owners' interest to treat these animal as best they can so it will be strong, lasts for a long time, and brings maximum results? This video is such a case of "ME THINKING". Luckily, and thanks to the team of Animal Aid Unlimited, India, this donkey's working days are over and all that is asked of him now is to be happy and enjoy life. Well done, AAU-team.

And a last short, 43 second, funny one....You can't fool little owls. Love it!!!

Nowadays, C.O. being inside my house sleeping has 'unfortunately' become an only too familiar sight. 

C.O., the Intruder
C.O., the Intruder

To all and everyone visiting...Have a great weekend!

Sunday, August 11, 2019

IAST 299, 300; Square One; and my first Hump Day 8

This is my first participation on the newly born challenge Hump Day - #8 - by Suzanne Fluhr. This first of the month challenge flies the theme 'Tangle Choice', or, we can chose our own tangles. I am not good at choosing tangles let alone combining, but ever since I saw Star-Fanleaf on Margarete's website, a tile she drew following Ela's challenge #1469, I knew one day I will draw it. Star-Fanleaf is joined by yet another new tangle I liked on the spot: Gelijoy. The background was a bit empty so I made a bubble brush in Photoshop and added some moisturizer to Star-Fanleaf.

Hump Day #8 with Star-Fanleaf and Gelijoy
Tangle Patterns: Star-Fanleaf, Gelijoy

IAST Challenge #299. With this challenge Adele gave me a tough nut to crack. 50th anniversary of the first lunar landing in human history, *July 24, 1969*. How 'on earth' do I represent this extraterrestrial event with tangles Zanglers, Croon, and Twirlies? I had time to think about it while I was busy in my small garden pulling out dead and half dead grass to be replaced by little stones. Finally an idea formed:

First: I need a background - space would be great, but I remembered I had a fireworks newspaper page I put away for a special event.

Second: The fireworks paper was too busy and intense in colors, it needed to be dulled; tracing paper for the tile would do the trick.

Third: Represent the moon landing with the given tangles. The string, signifying the most popular image ever taken, namely earth looked at from the moon, made me choose Croon, but I replaced the inner circle with continent shapes. Twirlies became my Apollo 11 rocket (and some stars). My attempt to draw Apollo 11 failed and it turned more into an alien  spaceship (so be it!). Finally it came to give Zanglers a position and I used it to draw some weird moon landscaping.

So here my tile for IAST #299, drawn on tracing paper which then was glued onto the fireworks newspaper image. The only thing missing are the 50 candles.

IAST challenge #299 with tangles Zanglers, Croon, Twirlies representing the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 and its moon landing
Tangle Patterns: Zanglers, Croon, Twirlies

IAST challenge #300. Yet another milestone to celebrate in 2019: Adele's 300 - yes, three-hundreds!!! - Zentangle challenge. Congratulations to you, Adele, and thanks so much for your ongoing work you do for us tangler to indulge in! Her chosen tangles for this event are Ada, 100, and C-Perfs. I am one of many tanglers who is looking forward to the next 100 challenges Adele surprises us with.

IAST challenge #300 with tangles Ada, 100, and C-Perfs
Tangle Patterns: Ada, 100, C-Perfs

...and hence comes darkness over me. I worked on this Square One week July 26 with tangle Double Double (in a wonky grid) tile while watching a 'dark', historic sinister, movie. (Do I need to tell?) Then I realized the true story movie actually came from the same era and geographical area as the above. One being technically so advanced and futuristic; the other a reminder of the Middle Ages.

Square One week July 26 with tangle Double Double, accompanied by Brrrst
Tangle Patterns: Double Double, Brrrst

If you ever heard the 'mind over matter' joke you will not be surprised that, while listening to Enya, for this Double Double tile I got confused with Celtic knots.

Square one week July 26 with Double Double mixed with Celtic Knots
Tangle Patterns: Double Double mixed with Celtic Knots

Sometimes you get lost in the world of tangles and other times you get stuck with one and you draw it over and over and over because each time you finish a tile, another idea on how you could draw the tangle pops up. So all things being three, this is my getting stuck with tangle Double Double and this time it is truly only Double Double with just a bit of a different shading approach.

Tangle Patterns: Double Double

I like the above Double Double tile as it was, but saw all kinds of possibilities. So I put it into Photoshop and started filling and coloring it.

In the first tile I filled some empty spaces with black. In the second tile I filled all spaces with black and ran a gradient over those spaces. In the 3rd I filled in less black and a gradient just over the middle part of the tile. I like this the best as it has the best 3D effect.

Double Double black fills

Double Double with gradient

Double Double with square gradient

Square One week August 2 with tangle Cadent. At the bottom I used Cadent as a vessel and filled it with the tangle stormy Wind and Sails by Annette Ruempler, CZT.

Square One week August 2 with tangle Cadent, accompanied by Wind and Sails
Tangle Patterns: Cadent, Wind and Sails, Florz

And look who refuses to leave the stage. Yet another 100DayProject tile. No, no, not another failure, but an expectation. For me to avoid catch-up stress during this project I thought it a good idea to guess the tangle that might lie ahead. Pokeroot. Pokeroot must show up at one point as it is a fav for many tanglers and thus I started a tile. Today we know, it didn't.

Black Pokeroot
Tangle Patterns: black Pokeroot

Animal Very Happy Wild Days Ahead

In my younger years I was a scuba diving instructor for 11 years. During that time I only once (!) had an underwater encounter with a passing pod of dolphins in open water and it lasted but for a few seconds. What would I have given for an encounter like this!

Another "can you see the cat" image. This time I give you the brand name of the wild kitten: bobcat. Now all you need to know is what a bobcat looks like and possess the eyes to find it. If you can't claim either of the aforementioned but still want to see the kitten, click here.

Thanks for visiting and happy summer days to you.

"C.O.!" ... ... ... "C.O.!"... "C.O.! Wake up and meow something!"

I guess you can't make a sleeping cat meow you a goodbye.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Refresher 201, 202; IAST 298; Square One; 100DayProject

After a long mental fight with myself I decided to continue with Linda Farmer's Refresher prompts, project, whatever you want to call it. After all I spent a lot of time catching up with all "before my Zentangle time" published Refreshers and doing one now every 2-3 weeks doesn't sound so bad. So here is Refresher #201 with the tangles Noom, Trilad, PS23, Firecracker, and Agni.

Refresher #201 with tangles Noom, Trilad, PS23, Firecracker, Agni
Tangle Patterns: Noom, Trilad, PS23, Firecracker, Agni

Refresher #202 featuring tangles Fengle, Hemp, M-Anning, Trisnail, and Oddbalz.

Refresher #202 Fengle, Hemp, M-Anning, Trisnail, Oddbalz
Tangle Patterns: Fengle, Hemp, M-Anning, Trisnail, Oddbalz

Square One week June 14-20 with Worms.

Square One week June 14-20 with Worms
Tangle Pattern: Worms

Square One week June 21-27 with main tangle Snag and some Sez. Snag reminded me of the hands on a clock, which in turn reminded me of an image I saw some time ago of a broken clock. One thing let to the other.

Well, it turned out a bit too busy and too balanced. Less Sez would have been more.

Square One week June 21-27 with Snag and Sez
Tangle Patterns: Snag, Sez

Square One week July 12-18 with Windmill and....

Square One week July 12-18 with Windmill
Tangle Pattern: Windmill

...another Windmill, a more organic Windmill.

Square One week July 12-18 with organic Windmill
Tangle Pattern: Windmill

Square One week July 19-25 with Anibal.

Square One week 19-25 with Anibal
Tangle Patterns: Anibal

Helen Williams published a new tangle called SweetHeart recently and, being in a trumped up tangle mood, had to try it not asap but instantly. I am glad though that I watched her little instruction video only viable on her site (not the email as she often mentions) because I initially started it all wrong - of course - drawing the tangle line by line instead of a continuous flow. At first, it was a bit tricky (for me), but I eventually mastered her flow.

Inspired by....SweetHeart in a wonky grid
Tangle Pattern: SweetHeart in a wonky grid

Inspired by...Zonked, a prompt for the 100DayProject on day July 4. Although Zonked was never a tangle on my fav list, I got hooked.

From Aura-Leah to Aura-Leah Zonked, over Zonked in Hectagons, to Zonked wonky Swimsuit.

Inspired by...Zonked
Tangle Pattern: Inspired by...Zonked

Another prompt I had to look deeper into is Demi for day July 5, but I altered the Demi squares to Demi triangles - or to a square fragment (which likely already exists).

Inspired by...Demi - here as Demi Triangles
Tangle Pattern: Demi Triangles

IAST challenge #298 with tangles Doo Dah and Kitl.

IAST challenge #298 with tangles Doo Dah and Kitl
Tangle Patterns: Doo Dah, Kitl

My 100DayProject titled...

*** 1Day1Tangle1Tile 2019 ***

We are taking the last few days in this year's 100DayProject and I don't lie when I say that I am glad it is over and done with. I won't complain. There were certainly days I enjoyed drawing the prompts for my 1Day1Tile1Tamgle tiles, but they were balanced by times I fret about them and it had nothing to do with the tangles. I realize now how long 100 days really are. The question remains though: will I remember next year?

So here the last 8 groups of 4.

Group 18 June 9: Ok-Rah, June 10: Nouvart, June 11: Sonnenband, June 12: Good Joss.

100DayProject with June 9: Ok-Rah, June 10: Nouvart, June 11: Sonnenband, June 12: Good Joss
Tangle Patterns: Ok-Rah, Nouvart, Sonnenband, Good Joss

Group 19 June 13: Fandango, June 14: Z-Trik, June 15: Sea Wave, June 16: Sails.

100DayProject with June 13: Fandango, June 14: Z-Trik, June 15: Sea Wave, June 16: Sails
Tangle Patterns: Fandango, Z-Trik, Sea Wave, Sails

Group 20 June 17: Taiga, June 18: Y-Full Power, June 19: Bask-It, June 20: Arukas.

100DayProject with June 17: Taiga, June 18: Y-Full Power, June 19: Bask-It, June 20: Arukas
Tangle Patterns: Taiga, Y-Full Power, Bask-It, Arukas

Group 21 June 21: Twile (Stoic), June 22: Meshmerize, June 23: Ginili, June 24: Jud.

100DayProject with June 21: Twile (Stoic), June 22: Meshmerize, June 23: Ginili, June 24: Jud
Tangle Patterns: Twile (Stoic), Meshmerize, Ginili, Jud

Group 22 Verve, June 26: Cruffle, June 27: Noom, June 28: Borbs.

Verve as a bouquet; Cruffle ovals; Noom squared; and Borbs as seeds for something to grow out of.

100DayProject with Verve, June 26: Cruffle, June 27: Noom, June 28: Borbs
Tangle Patterns: Verve,  Cruffle,  Noom,  Borbs

Group 23 June 29: Cirque, June 30: Brax, July 1: Flontrast, July 2: Zimba.

100DayProject with June 29: Cirque, June 30: Brax, July 1: Flontrast, July 2: Zimba
Tangle Patterns: Cirque, Brax, Flontrast, Zimba

Group 24 Vano, July 4: Zonked, July 5: Demi, July 6: Sanaura.

100DayProject with Vano, July 4: Zonked, July 5: Demi, July 6: Sanaura
Tangle Patterns: 

Group 25 July 7: Tissoooh, July 8: Ubud, July 9: Sistar, July 10: Snugz.

Tissoooh - sorry for the color of the tile, but... I drew 2 Tissooohs on top of each other and wound two arms of the lower bigger Tissoooh onto the upper smaller Tissoooh. Or at least, that was the idea of it. Sistar as a star - yeap, like that one; and Snugz got doubled.

100DayProject with July 7: Tissoooh, July 8: Ubud, July 9: Sistar, July 10: Snugz
Tangle Patterns: 

Now that I have reached the finishing line for the 100DayProject 2019 and didn't skip a day/tangle prompt I feel like having accomplished something. 100DayProject 2020 today looks a lot more appealing then a few days ago when I started with this post. We will see...

A case of stupidity or tenacity. 

Cleaning up my 100DayProject folder I found the tile original meant for the May 28 prompt Tut. At the time I wasn't happy with the outcome because it didn't look like what I had in mind, drawing Tut in 3 Gourdgeous shapes. I couldn't see the shapes so I abandoned the tile. Now, almost 2 months later, I shake my head, wondering about my sanity: Who cares about the shape, string or image I have in mind??!!

This happened a few times during the 100 days, but this was the most extreme case. However, tenacity is my middle name and I finally got my Gourdgeous shapes filled with Tut onto my present tangle tiles journal cover. That is what I had in mind.

tangle pattern Tut in 3 Gourdgeous shapes
Tangle Pattern: Tut 

On journal cover.
tangle pattern Tut in 2 Gourdgeous shapes on journal cover
Tangle Pattern: Tut 

Animal Happy Day

Can you spot the big cat? I looked and looked, with glasses on top of magnifying glasses, and couldn't spot it. So if you have the same problem, click here. I was relieved when I found out this is not a case of old age, but fantastic camouflage.

Good news also on my latest very shy stray cat project. After my initial try to get the cat to the vet in a basket where he escaped out of before we were even in the car, I had to acclimated him to the basket again. Had to let him understand that the basket is friendly, so I placed food into the basket.

It still took a few days/weeks of that and me petting him until I dared the second attack. SUCCESS! I got him to the vet while all the way fighting to hold the roped tied basket lid down, picked him up 2 days later and gave him the name C.O. C for Clockwork (for his punctuality appearing for breakfast) and O for you guessed it, his fur color Orange.

For the time being O.C, remains our local shy stray cat and he knows where he can still get his daily meals. Below: Photogenic C.O. on his approach to get his daily dose of strokes.

Last week I didn't place a video because the blog post was already too long. So here is my animal video of the blog.

From Heartbreak to Happiness - yes, even dogs experience it.

And last but not least...

From my Garden
I have tons of cacti, but am extremely unlucky with flowers. So when I saw this one, I was over the moon. It only lives for about 8 hours, but there are already 2 new promising sprouts about to bloom - if I am lucky.

The next day...

Have a fantastic week and thanks for looking in.

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