Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Refreshers 207, 208; an early and new Valentine Tangle, and lots of Inspired by...

Happy Valentine's Day. OK - so I am no Valentine's Day person and no heart shape enthusiast and here I am drawing my new Hearty I.Am tangle pattern tile. It probably already exists or something very similar - honestly, how many different ways can you draw a heart shape?. If you want to enlighten me, please do so and leave a comment or send me an email.

Valentine's Day 2020 with new tangle Hearty I.Am
Tangle Pattern:  Hearty I.Am

Another Valentine's Day 2020 tile sporting my new tangle Hearty I.Am.

New Valentine's Day tangle Hearty I.Am
Tangle Pattern: Hearty I.Am

Step out to new tangle Hearty I.Am (2020).

New Valentine's Day tangle Hearty I.Am Stepout
Tangle Pattern: Hearty I.Am stepout

Inspired by...

As mentioned in my previous post I still have these left over paper slips from cutting 9x9 cm Zentangle tiles from a block. Instead of throwing them away as I usually do I decided to use them to try out tangles and techniques - well, use them to experiment a bit.

Scrolling through facebook I came across a post by Simone Silberberg and instantly thought, I have to try that. With water colored pencils she painted backgrounds on small tiles, brushed them clean with water and when dry, drew tangles on top of them. On my tile I drew lots of pencil lines across the tile and started to 'Nzeppel' the spaces these line crossings created.

Water color pencil background and Nzeppel
Tangle Pattern: Nzeppel

On this tile I used the January 4th Daily Focus tangle 'Jewel' suggested by the Pattern-Collection January 2020 page.

Daily Pattern Focus Jan 4 - Jewel with Molygon
Tangle Patterns: Jewel, Molygon

I saw them so many times on the net - whole tiles covered with lined petals - but never got a round tuit. So finally I got one. This tile is done all in pencil and I had to be real careful not to shade too heavily.

Just lines
Tangle Pattern: none really, just lines

The first time (I think) I am inspired, rather have time for...doing a Liz Drake #FocusStudy in Facebook's ZIA Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Liz came down with a cold, but was able to publish all her daily prompts for the week January 6-10. So I had a choice of tangles and decided to used MI2 for the base grid, Mazorito as its filler and Moving Day as Mazorito's filler pattern. Just like a Russian Doll; a tangle inside a tangle inside a tangle.

Square One week 6-10 with tangles MI2, Mazorito, Moving Day
Tangle Patterns: MI2, Mazorito, Moving Day

Another inspired by... tile I always wanted to do was a tile with leaves and a river flowing through. Well, my 'river' are tectonic mini plates made using the tangle Neuron. The leaves are filled with Striping and Tipple.

Inspired by - Leaves with tangle Neuron, Striping and Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Neuron, Striping, Tipple

...Olipze. Olipze is a tangle that is listed in Refresher #207 (below). I admit it haunted me. I got a headache trying to draw it. However, we tanglers never give up and so I sketched it over and over again until it finally clicked. And as it often happens once you figured it out you fall in love with it to the point where the tangle  mentally captures you like an imaginary octopus with 8 arms and you are compelled to draw it again and again. Thus "Inspired by...Olipze".

Inspired by...Olipze
Tangle Pattern:  Olipze

Refresher #207 with my above mentioned brain-crusher Olipze. The tangles for this refresher were: Rumpus, Wrapped, Septembies, Clob, and the now famous Olipze. Clob I put into Rumpus leaves and the best feature of the tile is probably the coffee stain.

Refresher #207 with tangles Rumpus, Wrapped, Septembies, Clob, Olipze
Tangle Patterns: Rumpus, Wrapped, Septembies, Clob, Olipze

Refresher #208 sporting the tangles Ratoon, Cee, Delys, C-rendipity and Flevo

Refresher #208 with Ratoon, Cee, Delys, C-rendipity and Flevo
Tangle Patterns: Ratoon, Cee, Delys, C-rendipity and Flevo

All 208 Refreshers are in Google Album

Off the Topic

OK, so yet another mention in my previous post was about me being an exercise chunky working in gyms. Tell you what, had I come across this treadmill exercise I would have been the first to have a go at it, however, probably doing more likely steps like grapevines, kneelifts, mambos and hamstring curls.

Animal Happy Day

Animal babies are oh! so smart!

And this is C.O., my roommate, after an all nighter out partying with friends. Yes, indeed, he slept all day tossing and turning until 4 pm (I am not kidding!) probably suffering from a monstrous hangover. Serves you right, C.O.! I was worried, calling out for you until past midnight.

Thanks so much for visiting, everybody, and I wish all
the most romantic Valentine's Day yet.

Sunday, December 29, 2019

Hump Day 18; Square One; Refresher 206; and more...

My final post in 2019 is a 'Black & White Only' post. Okay, there is a colored tile in the mix, but that tile is digitally altered and does not count as one of my original 'handmade' artworks. So I start with...

... Hump Day #18 themed "The InaFlux Edition". I added an abstractly weird Cubine. and some nameless pointed stem collars.

Hump Day #18 themed "The InaFlux Edition" with tangles Inaflux and an abstract Cubine
Tangle Patterns: InaFlux, Cubine

Play with Square One's choice of tangle Fenglish for week November 8-14, 2019.

Square One week November 8-14 with tangle Fenglish
Tangle Pattern: Fenglish

Due to literally 'no time' (and swollen fingers due to working with cement wearing no gloves!!!!) I combine 2 Square One weeks: Nov 15-21 with Gingo and Nov 22-28 with Vivi, and added Ravel and some Nzeppel with Printemps as background filler.

Square One week Nov 15-21 with Gingo and Nov 22-28 with Vivi, and added Ravel and Nzeppel with Printemps in the background
Tangle Patterns: Gingo, Vivi, Ravel, Nzeppel, Printemps

Square One week Nov 29-Dec 5 featuring Hollis. I added Damsel Leaf, Tipple and some Fescu.

Square One week Nov 29-Dec 5 featuring Hollis, added by Damsel Leaf, Tipple and Fescu
Tangle Patterns: Hollis, Damsel Leaf, Tipple, Fescu

Then I gave the tile a digital makeover in Photoshop using the Photo Filter and setting it to exclusion. (I need to fill this post. I am so busy as of late I have to steal minutes to have some time to draw).

Square One featuring Hollis with a digital makeover
Tangle Patterns: same as above

...and still some more Square One. Here week Dec 6-12 with the tangle Taiga. It's not the real Taiga I came up with, but it was squarely on my mind when I drew this tile. Added Oaura and Msst.

Square One week Dec 6-12 featuring Taiga. Added Oaura and Msst
Tangle Patterns: Taiga, Oaura, Msst

Square One week December 13-19 with tangle Return. I drew this tile using only pencils and grey pens.

Square One week 13-19 featuring tangle Return
Tangle Pattern: Return

Square One week December 20-26 featuring the tangle PanePinto. I filled it with Namody and used the new tangle Elmu by Ela Rieger as a background filler. Elmu, I guess this is the abbreviation for 'Ela' and 'Muster'?

Square One week Dec 20-26 featuring tangle PanePinto with Elmu filled with Namody
Tangle Patterns: PanePinto, Elmu, Namody

I was quite inspired by the new Ela Rieger tangle Elmu, so I decided to draw a few sketches on left over paper slips from my 9x9 cm square tile cutting. I came up with the normal Elmu star, then Elmu tags and finally Elmu trees, which I like best.

Inspired by...Elmu. Elmu trees, Elmu tags, Elmu star
Tangle Pattern: Elmu (Trees), Elmu (Tags), Elmu (Star)

Still filling out left-over paper... I hadn't done Pokeleaf for a while, so here tiny and big fantasy Pokeleaf grounded and kept in control by the tangle Namody, the real inspiration.

Inspired by...Namody with Peakleaf and a fantasy variation of it
Tangle Patterns: Pokeleaf, Namody

Another inspiration...Alosa. Recently, the new tangle Alosa by Annett Ruempler was introduced on Musterquelle. I had to try it and put it into an ogee grid. After I finished the tile I tried to find the ogee grid...

...still looking for the ogee grid...

Hmm, I somewhat lost the ogee grid. But be assured, it was there... at the beginning stages of the drawing.

Inspired by...Alosa
Tangle Patterns: Alosa

This is Refresher #206 published on the tangle pattern website and it is also my refresher #206. Yeap, I drew a tile for all 206! If you wanna check them out, click here. This tangle package includes: Sampson, Diamond Heart, Sunspots, Ok-Rah, and Trix.

Refresher #206 with tangles Sampson, Diamond Heart, Sunspots, Ok-Rah, and Trix
Tangle Patterns: Sampson, Diamond Heart, Sunspots, Ok-Rah, Trix

All Refreshers in Google Album

Off the Topic

Yesterday ('yesterday' was several days ago), I was proud that in my age (65) I am still able motivate (at least) one total stranger to get out of the lazy pool and do some exercise. My whole life in Thailand consisted of physical activity. I used to be a scuba diving instructor, taught aerobics and water aerobics in gyms, hotels, and privately, was a front running b* at the local hash, and was into other physical activities/sports to fill more hours in a day. Nowadays my activity is limited to daily brisk walks/jogs at the beach. So yesterday a total stranger asked my permission to accompany me on my tour. He used to be a runner, but has lost his fitness level (and mojo) over the last few years and wants to work both up again. Although I lost him halfway round he promised to keep an eye out for me. It remains to be seen whether his New Year Resolution sticks, but he certainly made my day. Thanks, Sky.

Update Dec 28: Sky called out from the pool letting me know that he needs time to first recover from the aches and then get going on his own until he is fit enough to follow my pace. Hmmm, I believe the aches, but I am suspicious about the second part being a mere excuse. Will see end January. Gave him a month. (Jeez, I am still exercise-bossing people around!!!)

Animal Happy Day

I was biting my nails while watching this bear mum giving her off-springs their first swimming lessons across a lake. But I was very proud of how the people reacted when the family finally reached the other side. Yes, all alive and well and this is no spoiler. After all, this video runs under "Animal Happy Day".

And this short 35 second video I had to include. We know how bad it is when the police turns crook. Don't we all hate that guy. But not this one. No, not this one!!! For SURE not this one!

Remember this guy? Yes, it is my sidekick C.O., bathing in the first early morning sun rays and enjoying the tranquility at this time of day. He still mistrusts people. Maybe he might as well because he loves to spend most of the day outside, specially now with all these construction people everywhere renovating houses. It is funny though how he knows when it is safe to come home for hugs, kisses and a healthy meal. Cats are smart!

Apropos 'cats are smart'. This 23 sec video is worth your time and will make your day even if you are no cat person and I am sure you will agree with me that this man vs cat battle is definitely won by the cat. Please click here to go to the Dodo website.

Thanks for visiting my blog and
an exciting and fun-filled

Saturday, November 09, 2019

Inktober 2019; Hump Day 15, 16, 17; Refresher 205

The theme for Hump Day #15 is Ribbons and Chains. The chain in the tile is obvious, but the ribbon got a bit small. It is that line-ish thing at the bottom. Just in case you were wondering. Except for 3D Printemps there is no known tangle in this tile.

Hump Day #15 Chains and ribbon with 3D Printemps
Tangle Patterns: Chain links, a tiny ribbon and 3D Printemps

Hump Day #16 ran under the theme "It's Greek to Me". So I made this simple tile using 3D Printemps and Box Spirals and then...

Hump Day #16 themed "It's Greek to me" with Printemps and Box Spirals
Tangle Patterns: 3D Printemps, Box Spirals

...turned it into a quadruple in Photoshop. Now I like this one a lot better! I made some others, but this one is the most interesting.

Hump Day #16 themed "It's Greek to me" with Printemps and Box Spirals tiled

Hump Day #17 is running under the theme Australia Inspired. There were a few things that jumped to mind the instant I read the theme:
- Steve Irwin with his world famous shout
- "Crickey!"
- Snakes and
- Australia's Indigenous Dot Art. 
I am/was a huge fan of Steve Irwin and I have to apologize to him and every Australian Indigenous Artist alive for producing such a mediocre tile representing them. Tangles I can name are: Printemps and Liuliu Dashun in the second snakeDecember.

Hump Day #17 themed Australia Inspired with tangles Printemps and LiuLiu Dashun
Tangle Patterns: Printemps, LiuLiu Dashun

Refresher #205 with tangles Toodles, Danzer, 2A, 03, Heart Flower.

Refresher #205 with tangles Toodles, Danzer, 2A, 03, Heart Flower
Tangle Patterns: Toodles, Danzer, 2A, 03, Heart Flower

...Inktober 2019 continues from previous post...

Blown Up

...with tile #7 that I call "Blown Up", leaning on the Jake Parker prompt Overgrown, Oct 14. And why 'overgrown' or 'blown up'? Because tiny delicate ribbon tangle Flip (on the left), filled with Yincut, is way too huge for its delicate original stepout. So the tangles used in this Oct 13-15 prompt tile are:

Oct 13 - YinCut (SJ)
Oct 14 - Peek-a- boo Daisy (TAA), Overgrown (JP)
Oct 15 - Flip (PC), Maryhill (SJ)

Inktober 2019 Oct 13-15 with prompt overgrown for theme "Blown Up" and tangles YinCut, Peek-a-doo Daisy, Flip, Maryhill
Tangle Patterns: YinCut, Peek-a-doo Daisy, Flip, Maryhill

PS: The purpose of the ball was to be filled with Iffy, but I forgot all about it. Sorry, Iffy!


Inktober 2019 tile #8 is reserved to A-R-U-K-A-S, includes Diva Dance and a whiff of Printemps just to kill the large white space, and it runs under the theme "Sakura". Sakura is not a Jake Parker prompt, but Arukas, spelled backwards, reads Sakura. Also, I found this very ZEN appropriate alternative meaning for A-R-U-K-A-S. Although I am pretty sure this could be applied to almost every tangle name I still list it here:
A is for authentic, be real
R is for relax, you know how!
U is for understanding, you show for others.
K is for kindle, the warmth in others.
A is for accomplished, in all that you do.
S is for serene, your calm time.
Oct 14 - Arukas (SJ)
Oct 19 - Diva Dance (SJ)

Inktober 2019 Oct 14 Arukas & 19 Diva Dance. Theme "Sakura" spelled Arukas backwards
Tangle Patterns: Arukas, Diva Dance


I call Inktober 2019 tile #9 "Unorganized" for Jake Parker's prompt "misfit" on day Oct 18. I just added tangles and filled tangles into tangles until I had all 3 tangles of every list from Oct 16-18 placed somewhere. So Misfit is pretty much the perfect theme.

Oct 16 - KaroFlo (PC), Ribbon Rose (TAA), Trentwith (SJ)
Oct 17 - Chimidle (TAA), MagzVine (PC), Dreamdex (SJ)
Oct 18 - Box Sprials (TAA), Sindoo (SJ), Folded (PC), Misfit (JP)

Inktober 2019 Oct 16-18 with prompt misfit for theme "Unorganized" and tangles KaroFlo, Ribbon Rose, Trentwith, Chimidle, MagzVine, Dreamdex, Box Sprials, Sindoo, Folded
Tangle Patterns: KaroFlo, Ribbon Rose, Trentwith, Chimidle, MagzVine,
Dreamdex, Box Sprials, Sindoo, Folded


Inktober 20129 tile #10 - "Grace". I hate drawing zendalas, but sometimes you have to jump into the water to learn to swim (enough said). So here the prompts:

Oct 17 - Ornament (JP)
Oct 19 - Zett-Heart (PC)
Oct 20 - Accolade (PC), Antidots (SJ)
Oct 21 - Batumber (SJ)

Inktober 2019 with theme "Grace" for Jake Parker's Oct 17 prompt Ornament with tangles Zett-Heart, Accolade, Antidots, Batumber
Tangle Patterns: Zett-Heart, Accolade, Antidots, Batumber


Tile #11 is attributed to this year's Halloween (albeit still a few days early) using Jake Parker's Oct 22 prompt ghost...and aptly themed it: "BOO-oooooh!" (spot the ghost if you can). Inktober 2019 prompts used are:

Oct 22 - Abundies (SJ), Ghost (JP)
Oct 23 - Pixioze (SJ)
Oct 24 - Baton (SJ), Hatflox (PC), Yale (TAA)

Inkotber 2019 with theme "BOO-ooooh" for Jake Parker's Oct 22 prompt Ghost with tangles Abundies, Pixioze, Baton, Hatflox and Yale
Tangle Patterns: Abundies, Pixioze, Baton, Hatflox, Yale


Tile #12 - Wonky grid. That is what I instantly thought of when I first saw the Oct 23 prompt Des-Ti-Ney on the pattern collection list. So I made a monotile and called it: "Tic-Tac-Toe" referring to Jake Parker's Oct 30 prompt: Catch. Now, that was easy.

Oct 23 - Des-Ti-Ney (PC)
Oct 30 - Catch (JP)

Inktober 2019 with theme "Tic-Tac-Toe" and tangle Des-Ti-Ney listed Oct 23, Pattern Collection
Tangle Patterns: Des-Ti-Ney


Inktober 2019 tile #13. I call it "Inky" according to Jake Parker's Oct 26th prompt 'dark'. It wasn't easy to fill in all those black spaces. Microns just don't work well on watercolor distressed paper and easily get destroyed. Luckily I have a lot of old, scratchy pens which I keep for cases just like these. Prompts and days for this tile are:

Oct 25 - Tripoli (SJ)
Oct 26 - Your Call (TAA), Ratoon (SJ), dark (JP)
Oct 27 - Egyptian Wave (PC), Crescent Moon (SJ)

Inktober 2019 with theme "Inky" and tangles Tripoli, Your Call, Ratoon, Egyptian Wave, Crescent Moon
Tangle Patterns: Tripoli, Your Call, Ratoon, Egyptian Wave, Crescent Moon

Turkish Delight

Inktober 2019 tile #14 is running under the theme "Turkish Delight" in reference to Jake Parker's Oct 7th prompt "Enchanted. Maybe a bit far fetched but if you think of Turkish Delight as a flower... The new pattern is in one of the leaves, I just can't decided which of the two, but not Kuke. Or maybe I should have picked a 'new pattern' PC just published?

Oct 7 - Enchanted (JP)
Oct 28 - New Pattern (PC), Well Well Who (SJ)
Oct 29 - Zonked (TAA), Kuke (SJ)

Inktober 2019 with theme "Turkish Delight" and tangles Well Well Who, Zonked, Kuke
Tangle Patterns: Well Well Who, Zonked, Kuke


#15 is an afterthought, October days potpourri Inktober 2019 tile running under the name "Feral" according to Jake Parker's Oct 16th prompt 'wild'. I needed to get October 31st in to round up the month and thus picked just about any day to fill the tile. Although, coming to think of it, a Florz monotile wouldn't have been such a bad idea at all. Potpourri days are:

Oct 16 - wild (JP)
Oct 22 - O-Hooks (PC)
Oct 23 - Raphael (TAA)
Oct 25 - Striping (PC)
Oct 27 - Golden (TAA)
Oct 31 - Florz (SJ)

Inktober 2019 with theme "Feral" and tangles O-Hooks, Raphael, Striping, Golden, Florz
Tangle Patterns: O-Hooks, Raphael, Striping, Golden, Florz


I still had time to finish one more Inktober 2019 tile, my 16th, while still in the month of October. I chose the tangle Pezino (TAA Oct 5th) and the prompt 'build' from the Jake Parker list on the same day and drew a monotile I themed "Collapse".

If October doesn't transform into November soon, I might be tempted to draw yet another tile....Yes, I just might be! (written Oct 28).

Oct 5 - Pezino (TAA), Build (JP)

Inktober 2019 with theme "Collapse" and tangle Pezino
Tangle Patterns: Pexino

...and thus Inktober 2019 has reached its end. I admit, it has been a bit sticky going at times, but now that it is over I am already looking forward to next year's Inktober challenges. How many unofficial lists will we have then?

Animal Happy Days

...and the animals rescued are...

A huge thank you to everyone visiting my site.

Saturday, October 05, 2019

Inktober 2019; Hump Day 14; Square One; and Refresher 204

Square One September 20-26 featuring Soluna. I put it into Lollywimple.

Square One September 20-26 with Soluna in Lollywimple
Tangle Patterns: Soluna, Lollywimple

And here we are at Hump Day #14 - Clouds. The other day while jogging at the beach (I jog or walk almost daily at the beach) I came across the most beautiful dramatic sunset. However, I didn't have my phone with me. So the next day I made sure it was in my pocket, but of course, it wasn't the same. Still, I took this shot which became the base for my HD 14 tile. I am in no doubt you can clearly see the similarity. The tangles used in the adaptation are Pop-Cloud, Msst, and Sea Wave.

Hump Day #14 with the theme Clouds. Tangles used Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave
Tangle Patterns: Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave

...and here when it was Photoshop raining.🌧

Hump Day #14 with the theme Clouds. Tangles used Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave and with Photoshop Rain
Tangle Patterns: Pop-Cloud, Msst, Sea Wave and with Photoshop Rain

“BTW: if you don't have Photoshop but would like to have access to a very similar app, here is the link to an online graphics/photo editing application that looks and works just like a light version of the original PS. Click here to visit Photopea. Click here for a tutorial.”

...And thus started Inktober 2019. I am working with 4 very 'unofficial' Official Inktober 2019 lists:

Jake Parker's (JP),
Stephanie Jennifer's (SJ),
Tangle All Around's (TAA) in Facebook, and last but not least
Pattern Collection's (PC).

I will combine the lists and pick prompts from up to 3 days and give them a theme (giving a theme turned out to be the real challenge here). So this, my first Inktober 2019 tile, sports the following tangles under the theme....


Oct 1 - Ring (JP) for "Dreamcatcher"; Printemps (SJ); Baubles (TAA)
Oct 2 - Line Dance (TAA); TunnelVizion (SJ)
Oct 3 - Lada (PC); Toodles (SJ)

Inktober 2019 Oct 1-3 with Ring for Dreamcatcher and the tangles Printemps, Baubles, Line Dance, TunnelVizion, Lada, Toodles
Tangle Patterns: Printemps, Baubles, Line Dance, TunnelVizion, Lada, Toodles

Frozen 2

My Inktober's 2nd tile I aptly call "Frozen 2" (just like the cartoon movie) according to JP's prompt Oct 4 Freeze. I know, this is INK (!) tober, but...there is always a but, I just can't think of a good excuse right now. Anyway, I populated the "Frozen 2" tile with below mentioned tangles and added some snowflakes and icicles. Not proud of it, but it IS a tile!!!

Oct 4 - Freeze (JP) for "Frozen 2"; Snow Flower (PC); Zonked (SJ)
Oct 5 - Jalousie (SJ)
Oct 6 - Flukes (SJ)

Inktober 2019 Oct 4-6 with Freeze for the movie "Frozen 2" and tangle prompts Snow Flower, Zonked, Jalousie, Flukes
Tangle Patterns: Snow Flower, Zonked, Jalousie, Flukes 


My Inktober's 3rd tile I call "Mutualism" loosely interpreted by JP's Oct 2 prompt "Bait". Imagine the Bud Heads are aquatic Venus Flytraps and they live in a symbiotic relationship with Paradox where Paradox is their rooting bed and Bud Head 1 lures in Tipple parasites as food for Paradox. Well, that is what I was thinking of when I remembered the symbiotic relationship of clownfish and sea anemones. I added (Sea)Ur-chen to give the scene a more credible underwater feel.

Oct 2 - Bait (JP) for "Mutualism"
Oct 4 - Paradox (PC)
Oct 5 - Bud Head 1 (PC)
Oct 6 - Ur-chen (PC)

Inktober 2019 Oct 2 and 4-6 with Bait for "Mutualism" and tangle prompts Paradox, Bud Head 1 and Ur-chen
Tangle Patterns: Paradox, Bud Head 1, Ur-chen (PC)

Swing Low...

Inktober tile #4. I didn't have to think twice about which of JP prompts I should choose for the theme: "swing"! Anytime. Swing for "Swing Low...". 'Turn me Loose and let me Swing Swing' would have been a better choice, but it was just way too long. So here we go, the prompts:

Oct 7 - I'am Watching You (PC)
Oct 8 - Praa (TAA); Bales (SJ)
Oct 9 - MySwing (TAA); Lola (SJ); Wrapping (PC); Swing (JP)

Inktober 2019 Oct 7-9 with "Swing Low" and tangles I'am Watching You, Praa, Bales, MySwing, Lola, Wrapping
Tangle Patterns: I'am Watching You, Praa, Bales, MySwing, Lola, Wrapping


Inktober tile #5 I dedicate entirely to Jake Parker's Oct 10th prompt he listed as "Pattern". And "Ornamented" it is. That is the tile is ornamented. I was inspired to this pattern after I joined the Pattern Collection's Designer Group. I was told by Ina Sonnenmoser to start with lesson 1, creating a ribbon pattern. Half-heatedly I wired my brain cells to a pattern designer mood and came up with this. And yes, it can be used as a ribbon. Now all that is left is to make it a ribbon and send it in to Ina S. (Maybe she will slap my wrist again.) 😱

Oct 10 - Pattern (JP)

Inktober 2019 Oct 10 with "Ornamented" and my - yet -  unnamed ribbon tangle
Tangle Patterns: My - yet - unnamed ribbon tangle


My #6 tile for Inktober 2019 is more of a flower power tile than a nasty "Drogon", the theme I took from Jake Parker's list for day 12. The "Drogon" theme needs no explanation though. Anyone who watched Game of Thrones is familiar with Daenerys' pets.

Oct 10 - Windmill (TAA) (Hiroko Matsuo/Ina Sonnenmoser), Cubine (SJ)
Oct 11 - Victorian Flake (TAA), InaFlux (SJ), X's and O's (PC)
Oct 12 - Floo (SJ), Dragonfly (TAA), Dragon (JP) 

Inktober 2019 Oct 10-12 with "Drogon" and tangles Windmill, Cubine, Victorian Flake, InaFlux, X's and O's, Floo, Dragonfly, Dragon
Tangle Patterns: Windmill, Cubine, Victorian Flake, InaFlux, X's and O's, Floo, Dragonfly, Dragon

...and then I had to digitally color it a bit.

Inktober 2019 Oct 10-12 with "Drogon" and tangles Windmill, Cubine, Victorian Flake, InaFlux, X's and O's, Floo, Dragonfly, Dragon colored

Inktober 2019 to be continued...

(Find Inktober 2019 list and tile collection in my Google Photo Album.)

Refresher #204 from with tangles Spoken, Asgard, Shorely, Spangle, and Zenjellies. For this tile I used a Micron Sepia 003 pen. Love it

Refresher #204 with Spoken, Asgard, Shorely, Spangle, Zenjellies
Tangle Patterns: Spoken, Asgard, Shorely, Spangle, Zenjellies

If interested, click here for listing/prompts/tiles for all Refreshers since the first published.

Now for the real Fun...

Language Evolution

Evolution? Really?!

You can Make it an Animal Happy Day

Viktor Larkhill of the Spanish animal rescue "Let's Adopt" is on a new mission as we speak. Spain experienced tremendous rainfall in the south causing unbelievable damage. Suffering are also Animal Shelters. If you have a heart for animals please watch the video and if you can afford on the youtube link where you will find a support link in the description below the video.

Animal Happy Day

When I came across this video I knew I had to put it into my post. Swimming with wild dolphins in open water was always a dream of mine (I used to be a PADI scuba diving instructor for 11 years). The closest I came was at the end of a scuba dive in the Maldives. I was waiting to be assisted out of the water when I heard people on the boat shout "Dolphins! Dolphins!". Still in my gear I ducked under and - indeed - watched a whole pod passing by the boat. I was elated and excited, punched the water to get their attention while sucking air from my regulator like mad... and then they were gone as quickly as they came. Not one - NOT ONE! -  had looked in my direction to flip a hello, let alone show a sign of noticing me. (One of my other dreams: hanging on to a whale shark's mouth to find out what I can see on the inside, however, did turn real while fun diving off Similan Islands (Thailand).)

...and a last quiz: What kind of baby animal is this? Find out here.

***** Thanks so much for visiting and have a great weekend! *****

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