Thursday, October 26, 2017

3D Objects 188 - Tent

Joey's weekly 3D Objects challenge #188 asks for the 3D object "Tent" and the tangle "Frunky". I hadn't done Frunky before so I wasn't quite sure how best to go about it. I confess, I am [probably] not the biggest fan of Frunky, so ideas eluded me. I decided I needed a wallpaper change and off I went with my group of camping enthusiasts into the jungle instead. To my utter dismay I noticed they had mounted the 3D "Tents" all over Frunkies and  ruffled them. Here is the proof:

Joey's weekly 3D challenge #188 with pattern Frunky
Pattern: Frunky - ruffled

Needless to say I am no longer a member of the camping enthusiasts!

Animal Happy Day

Dog Stuck In Well Is So Relieved When Rescuers Show Up

Sunday, October 22, 2017

3D Objects 187 - Cube

I recovered from my Bicycle Ride Along the River Danube mosaic challenge where my faulty start created an overload of tangles and colors that choked me for nine weeks. Therefore it is no wonder that I start - and very likely continue - the new Joey's weekly challenge series "3D Objects" in black and white. Not even a speck of color can be found, only two tangles are applied, and there is enough white space for the tile (and me) to breathe.

So here my Cube - the first of 7 different 3D Objects challenges - under the number #187.

Joey's weekly challenge #187 with pattern Betweed and Split Balls
Patterns: Betweed and Split Balls

Animal Happy Day

Guilty as charged,

Sunday, October 15, 2017

9er Mosaic Bicycle Tour Along the River Danube

Finally, I made it. The last three tiles are done and so is this particular challenge - and I am extremely happy about it - I mean, the fact that it is finished, and done. Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the challenge per say, but I started it on the wrong foot. Too many tangles, too crowded, too many is not me.

Anyway, here is Finish My tile (FMT) 184 with emphasis on N'zeppel...

Finish My Tile challenge #184 with Patterns: N'zeppel, Lolo (broken),  Ballace and some Split Balls and a sail and bicycle
Patterns: N'zeppel, Lolo (broken),  Ballace and some Split Balls
and a sail and bicycle

...FMT 185 with emphasis on Printemps...

Finish My Tile #185 with Patterns: Printemps, Companion, Sprigs, Knightsbridge, Fiore, Split Balls, Kinggo and still more sail tips
Patterns: Printemps, Companion, Sprigs, Knightsbridge,
Fiore, Split Balls, Kinggo
and still more sail tips

...and the last in the series, the center piece, or FMT 186 with emphasis on Pokeleaf.

Finish My Tile #186 with Patterns: Pokeleaf, Hamsix tangleation, and some tangles peaking in from the surrounding 8 tiles and sails with fish
Patterns: Pokeleaf, Hamsix tangleation, and some tangles
peaking in from the surrounding 8 tiles
and sails with fish

The final and complete Bicycle Tour Along the River Danube with a bike, two sailing boats, a sun, and two fish.

I haven't been at all active in the challenges as of late. Well, that is not quiet right, I have been very active with my own personal challenge: to do all the refreshers and catch up to the present number of 164 asap. Last month I finished a total of 12, which is more in one month than ever before. October is looking even better already; managed 16 thus far and counting... My goal for October is to draw at least one refresher tile a day. Unfortunately, this leaves me no time to do other challenges nor visiting other tangler's websites. Please forgive me. Goal for next month? Will see...

Each end of month I upload the new refreshers to my flickr album

Animal Happy Day

Very clever...very clever doggy indeed!

Friday, September 22, 2017

9er Mosaic FMT 181 to 183

You have no idea how much I wished my friend Hubert and his son had done a Camel Safari through the Gobi Desert (!!!) instead this Bicycle Tour along the vegetation-rich Danube, which I have taken as my theme for this mosaic. Alas, such is not the case and my 'suffering' through Joey's mosaic challenge continues. ("Hubert! We need to talk!")

However, and at last, I was able to collect and convince myself to stay in the game and thus I finished the missing last three weeks' tiles, bringing me up-to-date with the rest of the braves in this challenge. The good news is: only three more tiles/weeks to go.

Here my tile to the Finish My Tile challenge 181 with the tangle Breach...

Finish My Tile # 181 with Patterns: Breach, Zinger, Gottago, Jib
Patterns: Breach, Zinger, Gottago, Jib

.....and the tangle Muscari for FMT 182...

Finish My Tile #182 with Patterns: Muscari, Pokeroot, Pokeleaf, Eyehook
Patterns: Muscari, Pokeroot, Pokeleaf, Eyehook

...and this week's FMT 183 featuring the tangle Ginili.

Finish My Tile # 183 with Patterns: Ginili, Cyme, Pomcoco
Patterns: Ginili, Cyme, Pomcoco

Bicycle Ride Along the Danube thus far. I thought it was a good idea to draw the tiles in a spiral with the crescendo in the middle. I mean, why make it simple when you can make it complicated?

Finish My Tile Challenge Mosaic - 6 tiles out of 9 finished
6 out of 9; 3 more to go

Animal Happy Day

Finally! Here we see how very dangerous Pit-bulls are!

Sunday, September 17, 2017

DIVA Challenge 332 - 2 Squares

I was sure I was going to give DIVA Challenge #332 - 2 Squares a miss because I still have other challenges I urgently need to catch up with, namely my friend's "Bike Ride Along the Danube", or better known as Joey's Mosaic challenge. I have done but 3 tiles and tomorrow she has week 6 live. Ouch, that hurts.

My 2 squares are ZingZing, a new tangle for me, and the rest is silly decoration. Silly as in silly decoration, not silly as in dumb. Silly decoration. If I keep writing it...

Diva Challenge #332 with Patterns: ZingZing, Mooka, Fazzy Wazzy, Tipple and 1 single Fescu
Patterns: ZingZing, Mooka, Fazzy Wazzy, Tipple and 1 single Fescu

Animal Help Line

Why you shouldn't visit circuses with animals shows.

Helen's Journey F - Fickle

I am getting somewhere...caught up with Helen's Journey A-Z where she has reached letter F - for Fickle. Fickle is a tangle derived from her tangle Faux Weave. I am glad she didn't choose the true Faux Weave because I have already dedicated an "Inspired by..." post to this tangle in April. I, too, tried a few variations, but never would I have thought of this beautiful "Fickle" version. It looks definitely different and I had to figure out how she drew it. It looks simple, but, as so many times with her tangles, it was a bit tricky.

I drew two that looks similar to Helen's and one that doesn't look so similar to Helen's. So let's start with the 'not-so-similar-to-Helen's'.

I drew 4 rings and placed one Fickle eye onto each ring string. The rest developed by itself. The coloring happened in Photoshop (two adjustment layers: overlay and dissolve)

Helen's Journey A-Z - F for Fickle
Pattern: Fickle

Here the version that looks more like Helen's. I have to confess, I had to give it several tries and still haven't really found out how she did hers. Anyway, this is my feeble attempt to Fickle.

Helen's Journey A-Z - F for Fickle
Pattern: Fickle - coloring with Photoshop

Here both tiles in their original state

Helen's Journey A-Z - F for Fickle

Helen's Journey A-Z - F for Fickle

Animal Happy Days

Cute! Cute! Cute! (0:47)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Helen's Journey D - Diva Dance

I am no Diva Dance tangler. I love to see other people's Diva Dance and some of them are captivating to say the least, but no matter what I do, I am never remotely 'captivated' by my versions. However, to have Diva Dance representing the letter D in Helen Williams' journey through the alphabet is and was Helen's decision alone (gr**!!!). Needless to say, hers is brilliant; it has so much depth!!!! It would take me forever to get to that point. Have a look.

So here my version of Diva Dance as per Helen's Journey and - thank heavens - let it be done with.

Helen's Journey D for Diva Dance with Tipple and Fescu
Patterns: Diva Dance with some Fescu and Tipple

Another Sirds image? Easy one - you can almost see that it must be a subject out of Game of Thrones. Good luck!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

New Tangle: Kinggo & Black Mountain

My new tangle: Kinggo

I drew it a few times and never knew what to call it. Now I have finally made it 'official' in my Zentangle life: the new tangle I named Kinggo.

Kinggo is a leaf drawing depicted from the Ginkgo or Maidenhair tree. It may look complicated but is rather simple. I like to draw Kinggo showing transparency which gives a nice effect when leaves overlap. It can be drawn as single leaves or in clusters and is a great space filler.

Click to see Ginkgo leaves on Pinterest

I am aware there are already two tangles out based on Ginkgo: Kogin (I don't know by whom) and Gobi by Nadine Roller, CZT.

Here my step out (the square is only meant as a guide):

New tangle Kinggo step out



Kinggo in a tile I drew for DIVA #329
For DIVA #329

Kinggo in a square grid
Kinggo in a square grid

Kinggo in a tile I drew for IAST #207 
For IAST #207

and here Kinggo with....

My new tangle: Black Mountain

Kinggo together with Black Mountain

I needed a tangle as a background filler for the DIVA #330 challenge and I thought it would be good if the tangle had a black tip. Instead of looking for one, I made my own and started drawing "Black Mountain".

Black Mountain in a tile I drew for DIVA #330

Here the step out:

Black Mountain Step out part 1

Black Mountain Step out part 2

...and some samples:

Black Mountain in Circles
Black Mountain in circles

Black Mountain variations
Black Mountain variations

Black Mountain with different tangles and Lapin as the border
Black Mountain with my border tangle Lapin

Animal Very Polite Day

Naughty kids could learn from this dog!

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Helen's Journey E - Eddyper

Helen's Journey through A-Z has reached letter E and she chose the tangle Eddyper. No, she did not choose Easter Lily (I almost bet all my snails in my garden she would) and not EEB either, which was my second guess, but I am sooo glad it wasn't Ellish. Not that I don't like Ellish. In the contrary. I saw some awesome tiles of Ellish, the threads weaving in and out, over and under, it made my eyes spin and my admiration for these tanglers jump way into the stratosphere. Just google it and you see what I mean.

Anyway, it is Eddyper, a tangle I hadn't done yet, so I did some warm up exercises with it. All of a sudden I had something in front of me that reminded me of that awful stinking beautiful flower that only recently had been in the news again for its flowering. It is called Amorphophallus Titanum, blooms very rarely, I mean something like every 4-7 years, and when it does bloom, it releases such a bad smell, people inconspicuously look around trying to find the corpse.

So my version of Eddyper is a mix of some wavy Eddyper and some Amorphophallus Titanum Eddyper.

Helen's Journey through A-Z with E for Eddyper
Pattern: Eddyper

Here an image of a Amorphophallus Titanum. It has a striking similarity with mine above, doesn't it.

This images is taken from the Wikipedia website

Helen's Journey A-Z D for Diva Dance is still in the case you are wondering.

Friday, September 01, 2017

DIVA Challenge 331 - Petoskey Stones

DIVA #331, by guest tangler Jane Reiter, introduced us to her local fossil stones Petoskey. At first, I didn’t quite understand what I was supposed to do in this challenge, but then I remembered that I shouldn’t just speed scroll down the page, but actually read it.

So this is not a new tangle, but we have to draw our own interpretation of a Petoskey stone design. Ha! I can do that, yes mam, I certainly can. And so I did - not just one, but two Petoskey stone tiles.

My first tile is drawn on a page I tore out of the Bangkok Post’s weekly ‘guru’ magazine from December 25-31, 2015. I drew my own Petoskey version and extended some of its lines to make tentacles; added Tipple to give the illusion Petoskey is actually a tangle; and then made the whole thing look weird by adding some flowy things to hold it all together. Don't they look like aliens from another planet?

DIVA #331 with Pattern: Tipple, and simulation of the Petoskey stone pattern
Pattern: Tipple, and simulation of the Petoskey stone pattern

In the second tile I used the same Petoskey version as above, but used each single hexagons as a Stepping Stones bridge across something yucky you don’t want to put your foot into. This time I emphasized the extension lines and used the Petoskey Stepping Stones as the diving bridge between light and darkness, good and bad, ying and yang…you decide, or all of the above.

WARNING! If you go across this Petoskey Stepping Stones bridge to reach the other side make sure you put your feet right smack on top of each yellow dot. If not, you will fall into the ‘something yucky you didn't want to put your foot into’ in the first place.

DIVA 331 with Pattern: N'zeppel, and simulation of Petoskey stone pattern
Pattern: N'zeppel, and simulation of Petoskey stone pattern

Animal Rare Day

I used to be a PADI scuba diving instructor, probably influenced by all those early underwater documentaries by Jacques Cousteau my father insisted on watching when I was a kid. Like most instructors, I, too, had a bucket list of u/w creatures I wanted to meet. I was able to hook off the likes of mud puppies, bottom dwellers, lead weights, and aquaholics, but I never ever came across a Sunfish. What a pleasure it would have been to meet one of those!!!

SIRDS again

Whoever read my previous 9er Mosaic FMT 179 & 180 post and tried to 'see'/learn to 'see' SIRDS images, here is another image.

If you still can't see the 3D object I recommend a glass of vine or two or more. Or look at the 2 dots at the bottom with your nose pressed against the monitor screen (almost), look behind the image as if the monitor was transparent, move slowly away from the monitor while watching those blurred dots become....THREE! (STILL NOT FOCUSING AT THE IMAGE!!!), and then move your eyes up into the grey zone. There it is!!!! It is a propeller airplane! (Now who wouldn't move earth to see THAT?)

Click image to enlarge!!!

Thursday, August 31, 2017

9er Mosaic FMT 179 & 180

While I am catching up with Joey's Finish My Tile challenge #179 and #180, the other challenges are now running way ahead of me. During the last few weeks it has become a constant catching up and it has absolutely nothing to do with ZEN anymore. There was a time I was happily cruising from challenge to how did it get to this point? Why am I now huffing and puffing after all the other tanglers?

Because I dared to do something else!

Yes! Guilty as charged. I love to surf the net and anyone having the same craving knows that one thing leads to another and you almost can't get out of the web once caught in its link tentacles. While I was hopping from one website to the next I came across SIRDS images. I love those, even have physical books with SIRDS images, but had forgotten all about them. SIRDS stands for Single Image Random Dot Stereograms or HIS, Hidden Image Stereogram. In long, images made of random dots that mean absolutely nothing, but contain 3D objects when looked at in particular way. Now, if you are familiar with SIRDS images, I have included an image below for your viewing enjoyment. If you are not familiar with it, click on this link to learn how you can learn to see those 3D images. Believe me, it is worth it.

But now back to my friend's Bike Ride along the Danube, which is the theme of my FMT mosaic challenge. Here both my tiles for #179 with leading tangle Merryweather and #180 with leading tangle Cruffle. Not wanting to hold back the Bike Ride along the Danube map, present and future, I included an image of all 9 tiles together as well.

FMT #179

Patterns: Merryweather a la my style, Knightsbridge, Joki, Chicken Feet,
Jetties, Lined Balls, a part of G-Chi and left over from Vigne.

FMT #180

Patterns: Cruffle, Henna Drum, Printemps, Zinger heads,
another part of G-Chi and some more Lined Balls.

And here the present and future Bike Ride along the Danube.

3 out of 9, 6 more to go

Animal Unlucky Days

Hurricane Harvey - pets and wildlife are caught up in the disaster, too.


A quick tip: focus first on the image, then change focus of your eyes as if you want to look at something in the distance, behind the image. As aforementioned, if you can't see it, click here for detailed instructions. This image illustrates an international hand signal.

You have to click on the image to make it larger!!!


Saturday, August 26, 2017

DIVA Challenge 329 & 330

Update August 27th - Quarter tile to full Plate using free online app.

I have read a few comments on how to get to a full plate when you have but one quarter tile. Photoshop is certainly a solution, but not everybody has it and not everybody knows how to work it. So I looked around and found a free online solution you guys might wanna try out. Please scroll down to after the video for link and short instructions to get you started quickly.

I didn't post DIVA challenge #329 last week because there just was nothing much to post and I didn't want to waste anybody's time visiting my 'nothing much'. So I start with DIVA challenge #330 and hang #329 at the end.

I am not much of a Mandala person. Not because I don't like Mandalas, but because Mandalas are not exactly easy to draw to look nice. I cannot draw 3 things the same way and by exaggerating my inability, nobody really notices there is anything 'not quite right'. In a Mandala, however.... Honestly, who wants to point to one's own weaknesses?

So here my version of a quarter Man-cum-Zen-Dala.

DIVA Challenge #330 with Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains
Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains

And here some compilations.

DIVA Challenge #330 with Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains

DIVA Challenge #330 with Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains in a circle

DIVA Challenge #330 with Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains

DIVA Challenge #330 with Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains

DIVA Challenge #330 with Patterns: Icanthis, Sand Swirl, Flux, Fescu and some Black Mountains as an S

D1-Fragment from DIVA challenge #329

DIVA Challenge #329 with Pattern: D1 fragment

DIVA Challenge #329 with Pattern: D1 fragment

When you look at this tile and it doesn't make sense, well.....this tile is actually the result of two tiles. I took one and cut out the parts I didn't like most and glued the remaining tile on top of another tile I messed up. Now, if you still shake your head in disbelieve, you should have seen the two tiles when they were still TWO separate tiles!!!

DIVA challenge #329 with pattern D1 fragment

The idea here was to make a reflection. Not 'mirror' reflection, but one part showing the finished renovation of a modern outer space housing estate while the neighboring part was still under construction. OK! Not a very clever excuse. I am open for suggestions.

Hence we have reached the section:

Animal Happy Day

Lucky dog that crossed this woman's path...

Free online app to get your quarter tile into a full plate

1. Goto
2. Upload your quarter tile
3. Go to Adjust > Mirror and Copy = this will give you half a plate - the top half
4. Now save this half plate on your computer.
5. Open the half plate in one of your own image applications on your computer and turn it 90 degrees counterclockwise so the outer curve is to your left (you have now the left half of your plate)
6. Now go back to the online app and repeat the whole process from 2. Upload your rotated half plate and Adjust > Mirror and Copy and you have the full plate.

Contact me if you have questions.

Try also 3D cube or Kaleidoscope and ....and...

If you do give it a try, I would be happy if you sent me your link to your plates!

Good luck and have fun!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

IAST Challenge 209

The first tile into "It's a String Thing's" 5th year starts with a simple round little circle string. It represents the recent solar eclipse in the US of A, which I was able to follow on TV only. I must say, it was amazing to actually experience the split second change from a light dusk to absolute darkness as if somebody hat switched off the sun. Yeap, this alone was worth the long wait.

So here my contribution to IAST #209 with my first attempt at Spoken. I never expected that I would actually enjoy to draw all those little curvy spikes, but once again, I stand corrected. And, as the self proclaimed Queen of Beads, I had to add some of those, too.

Pattern: Spoken

Animal Fun Day

Question: What has a "String Thing" and a "Stick Thing" in common? (0.43)

Answer: They are both fun.

So if next you think "What on earth did we do for Adele to punish us with such an impossible string?", think of this dog. In the end everything will fall into place.

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