Friday, March 31, 2017

March 2017 Refreshers

This month I was able to get 4 refreshers done. That means I caught up to the present number of 150 refreshers by two. Oh, well.

Refresher #9

Refresher tile #9 with Patterns: Postl, Netting, Gewurtz, Sooflowers, Beeline and leaves and texture.
Patterns: Postl, Netting, Gewurtz, Sooflowers, Beeline
and leaves and texture.

Refresher #8. The pattern blooming butter as a single flower is rather dull, but in a string it looks really great.

Refresher tile #8 with Patterns: Blooming Butter, Bowties, Knitting, Flukes, Beelight
Patterns: Blooming Butter, Bowties, Knitting, Flukes, Beelight

Refresher #149

Refresher tile #149 with Patterns: Gourdgeous, Tri-Bine, Charmzy, 4Fun, Chechain
Patterns: Gourdgeous, Tri-Bine, Charmzy, 4Fun, Chechain

Refresher #23

Refresher tile #23 with Patterns: Crescent Moon, Floatfest, DeKore, Triral, Tri-Po
Patterns: Crescent Moon, Floatfest, DeKore, Triral, Tri-Po

Click on the image below to visit all the Refreshers I have done thus far in my flickr album.

Tanglepatterns Refreshers

Inspired by... March 2017

During March 2017 I was inspired by...

...HeidiSue's Torsdag pattern. When I saw Torsdag for the first time, I saw geometry in the pattern although I am sure that was not HeidiSue's intention. Please visit her website to see her original pattern.

Pattern: Torsdag

Pattern: Torsdag

Pattern: Torsdag

...some patterns I practiced for the refreshers I am still working on catching up to. At the pace I am presently producing refresher tiles, it will take years to catch up with Linda Farmer's refresher publications. Still, I love the challenge.

Pattern: Blooming Butter for refresher 8

While searching on google for variations for
the one or other pattern in refresher 8 I came across
a rather interesting flukes tile.

Pattern: Flukes

Pattern: Tri-Bine for refresher 149

Pattern: Tri-Bine for refresher 149

Pattern: Charmzy for refresher 149

Pattern: Merryweather for  M

On my search for M patterns, I came across minline
 and knew I had to draw it although I didn't use it
any of my three M tiles. 
Pattern: Minline video's I love to watch.

Pattern: Back Flip - video by Drawn Tangles with Dawn 

Pattern: Balldox, Deeboops - video by Melinda Barlow

Pattern: Balldox no watercolor background
- video by 
Melinda Barlow

Pattern: Balldox - video by Melinda Barlow

Pattern: Balldox - video by Melinda Barlow

Alphabet Challenge Letter M

Half Time! Everybody who kept drawing alphabet tiles gets a breather. You are half way through, or only 3 more months to go. ONLY??!! I am surprised how quick the first 3 months went by. I bet time got an update and is now much faster.

This week at MadeByJoey's website her theme 'finish my tile' has reached the letter M in the alphabet challenge. The pattern alongside the M is MI2. Maybe not a top favorite of mine, but I have a positive outlook.

I started drawing on 29th and suddenly I remembered something: March 29th 2017 is (now was) Manatee Appreciation Day. How co-incidental. So, one of my three tiles is dedicated to all remaining manatees on planet earth - and dugongs.

But first my capital M. The patterns that helped besides MI2 are merryweather and mask - both new to me.

Alphabet Letter Challenge M with patterns MI2, Merryweather and Mask
Patterns: MI2, Merryweather, Mask

Then the lowercase m with morning and morning glories. Yes, I stole the coloring idea from Ria Matheussen and her latest DIVA challenge contribution. They remind me of my English landlady when I studied English in London all those years ago. She was the unequivocal purple lady.

Alphabet Letter Challenge M with patterns MI2, Morning and Morning Glories
Patterns: MI2, Morning, Morning Glories

And here my Manatee Appreciation Day tile including a manatee - well, nothing wrong with my drawing, a manatee is just not a delicate beautiful animal to look at, but totally harmless and in dangerous of being extinct. Florida people, take good care of your remaining manatees.

This tile also looks most like Joey's m theme tile "Finish my Tile".

Alphabet Letter Challenge M with patterns MI2, Map and Man-O-Man
Patterns: MI2, Map, Man-o-Man and a manatee

Here the whole 'tile'.

Here the whole tile page for
Manatee Appreciation Day 29 March 2017

Animals Help Line

I cannot make up my mind: what is more sickening, dog baiting or killing bear and wolf families, mothers and their cups, while hibernating in their dens. How low do people stoop to get the thrill from a kill is beyond me.  Is that the latest trend sick (my upbringing prevents me from using a more descriptive word) and ego possessed people have come up with for their disgusting killing entertainment? Hunting animals the normal way has become too difficult because they killed all their game? I am sitting here shaking out of frustration and disbelieve!!!!

Hence - another appeal for a petition to be signed if you, too, think this slaughter of helpless victims cannot be accepted. Thank you very much.

Animal Happy Day

If you are still here, click on this video. Yes, you will cry, but they will be tears of the tears from this mother. And while you are watching, the background music will make you shed even more tears.

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: N
Link to previous Alphabet Letter Challenge: L

Saturday, March 25, 2017

IAST Challenge 189

I loved this week's It's a String Thing challenge, IAST #189. We were called to use the pattern patience, which I haven't done prior to this challenge. I instantly fell in love with it. Instead of hurrying up to get a tile done, I played around with it and almost missed the deadline to send it in. The two other patterns were aura-leah and CO2.

This is the tile I chose to send in.

Patterns: Patience, Aura-Leah, CO2

This is the tile I chose not to send in.

Patterns: Patience, Aura-Leah, CO2

Here just a few 'play-around and have fun with patience' samples.

Animal Help Line

This time I ask you kindly to take time to sign a petition concerning the slaughter of baby seals that is still going on in Canada. However, I have to warn you, there is some graphic material on the page. 

Thank you very much.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter L

This week is L week over at MadeByJoey's letter challenge (#157), using the pattern leelee which is new to me.

In the last few days, weeks maybe, I noticed tiles with an abstract watercolor background referred to as "Hefty Back". While searching for Hefty Back on the Internet I came across a MootePoints video on Youtube called 'Masterfield Technique' (Masterfield is the name of the author, Maxine Masterfield of the book: In Harmoney with Nature (Amazon)). In the video Cherryl Moote shows one of the watercolor background techniques from the book using Saran wrap (I used cellophane wrap) to form sharp lines and cracks. I had all material I needed at home and thought I would give it a try right away. The result was stunning (I gather that when you are new to something, anything is stunning).

So here is my capital L (can you spot the L?) on part of the green/blue watercolor background above and with a leaf as a border. I rather liked the result, but, woman, did it destroy my pen. So off I am to buy a new one.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Pattern Leelee, Leafing
Patterns: Leelee, Leafing

Now we come to my mammothian tries on the lowercase 'l'. The first shows the 'l' as a fat stick diagonal through the tile. I drew both sides of he stick the same so when you turn it 180 degrees it looks the same. I didn't copy anything, but it was a constant 180 degree turning to get it somewhat correct. I liked the idea, but the fat sticklike 'l' I certainly  didn't.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee, Lealap, Lazy Eyes
Patterns: Leelee, Lealap, Lazy Eyes

So that triggered try number 2. Here the 'l' is supposed to look like an 'l' and be slightly transparent. Well, we are getting better.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee,Lanie
Patterns: Leelee, Lanie

Still not happy I drew number 3 try. By now I knew I wasn't particularly fond of leelee. So with this tile I took leelee totally apart and placed all parts separately but to the left of the tile as per Joey's "Finish my tile" L sample. Then I took 4 'l's and stuck them to the right of the Luv-A bouquet. That completed my tile and I was satisfied and happy until...

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee, Luv-A
Patterns: Stripped into single parts Leelee, Luv-A and 4 'l's

... I remembered 2 tiles I saw in this week's Tickled to Tangle challenge 188 tiles, the ones from Lori Byerly and Lovelygiraffe.

So here, finally, the last lowercase 'l' tile of this week and the one my present mood likes best. Lori did a perfect netting on her IAST tile and Lovelygiraffe's tipple was a fantastique job. On this tile I insist that I have met the criteria as well, leelee is on the left of the 'l' - look closely, they almost touch.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee
Patterns: Leelee

My pattern Lapin (Rabbit)

I created a few patterns and here is my first. Lapin - rabbit, it looks like rabbit ears. Thus far I only used it in my sketch book though. Here the 4 steps.

New Zentangle Pattern Lapin - step out
Patterns: Lapin

Lapin samples from my sketch book

New Zentangle Pattern Lapin my own here in my sketch book

New Zentangle Pattern Lapin my own here in my sketch book

Do you have the blues?

A few letters ago the topic "having the blues' came up, which reminded me of Bette Midler's song Glory of Love. In case you don't know the song and haven't seen either the 1988 nor the 2017 movie 'Beaches'... Or if you want to be impressed with the voice of a little girl click here.

Lots of love, kisses and hugs

When next you want to sign your email with XO, maybe you send this video instead. It is hilarious!!!

Last but not least. My heart goes out to animals, any and all kinds of animals. If you do, too, and have time to sign a petition (Life Export of Animals), please click here. Thank you so very much.

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: M
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Saturday, March 18, 2017

IAST Challenge 188

Occasionally I send one of my tiles to a friend of mine in Berlin, Germany. Her name is Renate and we met in the Maldives when we were both working there tons of years ago. What a great time we had! Anyway, her reply to each of my tiles was

"where are the colors" or
"I miss the colors" or
"if it was in color...".

She paints with paint, that explains it.

Only a few days ago same thing. So I thought "enough! you twisted my arm", and I took the subsequent challenge and turned it into a colored tile. I was lucky when next in line was IAST #188. The patterns fricle, zinger and fescu are easy and so is the string.

IAST #188 string

So I colored and colored and colored some more. My table top is colored now, too, and so are my fingers and my nose tip (I belong to those who draw with the nose almost touching the paper. I know, my mother always said...). So, Renate, this tile - in full color - is dedicated to you. It says so not only here but also in my sketch book. I hope you like it and that you are happy with me now.

I have to confess I enjoyed drawing it, but I doubt there will be another one like this any time soon.

IAST Challenge # 188 with Patterns: Fricle, Zinger, Fescu
Patterns: Fricle, Zinger, Fescu

Friday, March 17, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter K

It is 'Kay' week over at MadeByJoey's weekly alphabet challenge and #156, but, as for me, it could as well have been laundry week...Later.

Her challenge is a capital 'K' with the beautiful pattern kiss. I needed a few days to think about this challenge and the result is............... well, I...................... and then.................... is a................... yet still.................. and may....... that are............. a bit.

I am sure you will agree.

Lowercase k. I used the pattern kiss with only one other pattern: kuziem, the simple version. Furthermore, I have to give credit to Lori from allthingstangled for my background filler, the little black leaves from the kiss pattern (update: Lori has a brand new website called Doodle from the Heart). I noticed that Lori often takes a small part of a pattern and uses it as an ornament in another pattern, as a border decor, or as a background filler. I hope she doesn't mind my adaptation of her useful trick in my tangle here.

Patterns: Kiss, Kuziem

I managed to draw my capital K tile pretty close to Joey's original 'finish my tile' tile. Besides kiss I used a new pattern to me called kurlllz. It looks like this

I thought great, I can use the flowing bands to decorate the sturdy K, After I did the last embellishments I turned to rub my neck and looked out the window and what did I see? My laundry line with my old rags gently moving in the breeze looking oddly familiar to the hanging rags in my K tile.

Inspiration can hit you subconsciously. 
I better stay away from the backyard when drawing my tiles.

Patterns: Kiss, Kurlllz

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Helen's Journey A - Abeko

This is my take on Abeko a la Helen Williams' take on the alphabet letter A = Abeko. I should have followed her monotangle voyage starting with the first letter of the alphabet, but sometimes it takes a punch and a push to wake up. Hence, here my A - Abeko tile after the B - Buttercup tile (I know, I could have back-dated this post, but that would have been cheating).

I can hardly wait to find out what Helen chooses as her C pattern. In any case, I am patiently waiting on my starting blocks, ready for my Take On...

The idea of the color offset in the loop was one I had almost to the month 4 years ago, April 2013 (see images below). So I thought this might be a take on Abeko a la Helen's take on Abeko that I could apply here.

Helen's Journey A - Abeko
Patterns: Abeko

The string I applied is a string I often used in my doodle years pre-Zentangle. As in this one.

Here the samples of the color offset I remembered having done once before.

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