Thursday, March 23, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter L

This week is L week over at MadeByJoey's letter challenge (#157), using the pattern leelee which is new to me.

In the last few days, weeks maybe, I noticed tiles with an abstract watercolor background referred to as "Hefty Back". While searching for Hefty Back on the Internet I came across a MootePoints video on Youtube called 'Masterfield Technique' (Masterfield is the name of the author, Maxine Masterfield of the book: In Harmoney with Nature (Amazon)). In the video Cherryl Moote shows one of the watercolor background techniques from the book using Saran wrap (I used cellophane wrap) to form sharp lines and cracks. I had all material I needed at home and thought I would give it a try right away. The result was stunning (I gather that when you are new to something, anything is stunning).

So here is my capital L (can you spot the L?) on part of the green/blue watercolor background above and with a leaf as a border. I rather liked the result, but, woman, did it destroy my pen. So off I am to buy a new one.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Pattern Leelee, Leafing
Patterns: Leelee, Leafing

Now we come to my mammothian tries on the lowercase 'l'. The first shows the 'l' as a fat stick diagonal through the tile. I drew both sides of he stick the same so when you turn it 180 degrees it looks the same. I didn't copy anything, but it was a constant 180 degree turning to get it somewhat correct. I liked the idea, but the fat sticklike 'l' I certainly  didn't.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee, Lealap, Lazy Eyes
Patterns: Leelee, Lealap, Lazy Eyes

So that triggered try number 2. Here the 'l' is supposed to look like an 'l' and be slightly transparent. Well, we are getting better.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee,Lanie
Patterns: Leelee, Lanie

Still not happy I drew number 3 try. By now I knew I wasn't particularly fond of leelee. So with this tile I took leelee totally apart and placed all parts separately but to the left of the tile as per Joey's "Finish my tile" L sample. Then I took 4 'l's and stuck them to the right of the Luv-A bouquet. That completed my tile and I was satisfied and happy until...

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee, Luv-A
Patterns: Stripped into single parts Leelee, Luv-A and 4 'l's

... I remembered 2 tiles I saw in this week's Tickled to Tangle challenge 188 tiles, the ones from Lori Byerly and Lovelygiraffe.

So here, finally, the last lowercase 'l' tile of this week and the one my present mood likes best. Lori did a perfect netting on her IAST tile and Lovelygiraffe's tipple was a fantastique job. On this tile I insist that I have met the criteria as well, leelee is on the left of the 'l' - look closely, they almost touch.

Alphabet Challenge Letter L Patterns: Leelee
Patterns: Leelee

My pattern Lapin (Rabbit)

I created a few patterns and here is my first. Lapin - rabbit, it looks like rabbit ears. Thus far I only used it in my sketch book though. Here the 4 steps.

New Zentangle Pattern Lapin - step out
Patterns: Lapin

Lapin samples from my sketch book

New Zentangle Pattern Lapin my own here in my sketch book

New Zentangle Pattern Lapin my own here in my sketch book

Do you have the blues?

A few letters ago the topic "having the blues' came up, which reminded me of Bette Midler's song Glory of Love. In case you don't know the song and haven't seen either the 1988 nor the 2017 movie 'Beaches'... Or if you want to be impressed with the voice of a little girl click here.

Lots of love, kisses and hugs

When next you want to sign your email with XO, maybe you send this video instead. It is hilarious!!!

Last but not least. My heart goes out to animals, any and all kinds of animals. If you do, too, and have time to sign a petition (Life Export of Animals), please click here. Thank you so very much.

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: M
Link to previous Alphabet Letter Challenge: K


  1. Man did you do a LOT of work this week! I wouldn't have had the patience to keep trying. Loved the watercolour look not sure why it ruined your pen but then again I haven't tangled over watercolour. I enjoyed your Lapin too I hope I remember to put it in my book later.

    1. I watercolored on watercolor paper, which is pretty rough. So back to the drawing board to experiment with different paper.
      It was like a chain reaction: one tile was finished a new/better idea popped up and I couldn't resist. I already dread M - need a brake from relaxing!

  2. Hello Susie, you have done a lot of wonderful work. I love all your tiles, but of course I have favorites: the first one the blue watercolour and the grey one with green are gorgeous. I like your new tangle and have added this pattern into my personal legend.
    I like that video very much and I do love animals very much. It is so sad that so many people don't see them as individuals but they are and they deserve our respect. I'm very glad you think the same about them as I do. Thank you very much for doing your best to help them.

    1. In 1990 I pledged to myself that because of me no animal has to die. And I became a vegetarian and still am. Sometimes I catch spiders, mice and snakes in the house and carry them outside. Worms lost on the pavement go back into the grass and bugs lying on their backs are turned right side up. Yes, they all have but one life and it should be a good one.
      My tiles: Thank you very much for giving me a compliment on all my tiles - even the fat stick - and honoring my Lapin pattern.

  3. I admire your perseverance with this week's challenge. I know you weren't happy with your earlier tiles but to me they looked stylish and interesting. I also admire your openness about having the blues. In Australia we call it having the 'Black Dog' and there is a Black Dog Institute to help sufferers of depression. When I get bad with the black dog, I try to believe that this will pass.

    1. Thank you so much for your interesting and supportive comment. Black Dog??!! I have a black dog, I mean literally. A black Cocker Spaniel, aptly called Shadow, and I love him to bits. Thanks so much for this revelation, now I know who to blame when next I get the black dog. LOL
      As for my perseverance in tangling - I just can't give up sometimes. When I am disappointed about a tile a new idea jumps to mind and I feel the urge to try it out until I like it or a deadline kicks in.


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