Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November 2016 Refreshers

I randomly pick refresher numbers from Linda Farmer's website to learn tangle patterns. Saves me the headache of which of the tons of patterns I should choose and combine for my next tile.

Linda Farmer's Refresher #36

There are days, weeks or even a whole month when the visions in your head to not reflect on paper. November 2016 was the month for me. However, that did not deter me and I kept on drawing my refreshers, learning new patterns. In the end, I triumphed.

Patterns: Chainging, Gohtic, Canard, Prestwood, Bumps

Linda Farmer's Refresher #29

Patterns: Swarm, Rose, LaBel, Semaphore, Cat-Kin
String #175

Linda Farmer's Refresher #31

Patterns: Pendrills, Bateek, Fur Balls, Pegs, Zuan Shi
String: #101

Click on the image below to visit all the Refreshers I have done thus far in my flickr album.

Tanglepatterns Refreshers

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