Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 2016 Refreshers

Refreshers from the Tanglepatterns website I made in August 2016.

Linda Farmer's Refresher #53.

Patterns: Beelight, C-Scape, Charlie, LinQ, Ving

Linda Farmer's Refresher #47.

Patterns: Finery, MI2, Stone Necklace, Itsy Twisty, Plaited

Click on the image below to visit all the Refreshers I have done thus far in my flickr album.

Tanglepatterns Refreshers

August 2016

These are my more worthy tangle tiles I created in August 2016.

Playing around with the pattern 63Y created by Hsin-Ya Hsu.

Patterns: 63Y, Flux, Florz, Antidots - small ones   (:

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