Sunday, April 30, 2017

Inspired by... April 2017

This page shows the tangle patterns I was inspired April.

Well, there was the beautiful Nouvart tangle by Ria Mattheussen that inspired me greatly this April. It was a part of the IAST #190 challenge and I honored her simple, but amazing tangle with her extra 'Inspired By...' page. I saw a natural crystal in it and gave it several tries to bring that out on paper. I am not there - quite yet, but who knows, one day. (Still an item on my tangle practicing list)

The tangle Pebble Flowers
I like most organic tangles and Pebble Flowers by Helen Williams was one I 'had' to learn in one of my personal 'Refreshers' challenges (#150). And I love it.

Inspired by...April 2017 with Pattern: Pebble Flowers
Pattern: Pebble Flowers

Heart-A-Flutter, Banana-Braid
I started to visit Dawn's website page 'Pattern Focus' to check which pattern is the 'flavor of the day'. April 17th, 2017: it was Banana-Braid by Ina Sonnenmoser. Me being an organic pattern lover fell, you guessed it, in love with it. For a strange reason I thought that Hearts-A-Flutter (by Lesley Goldberg, CZT), a pattern I learnt for the IAST #192 challenge would compliment Banana-Braid...and it did.

Inspired by...April 2017 with pattern Hearts-A-Flutter by itself
Pattern: Hearts-A-Flutter by itself

Inspired by...April 2017 with tangle Hearts-A-Flutter and Banana Braid
Patterns: Hearts-A-Flutter, Banana-Braid

Drupe/Dyon Tangelation
Influenced by Melinda Barlow's youtube video 'Tangle lesson #172 Dyon, Drupe, FOF, 1,2,3'. (Drupe is by Zentangle, but I do not know Dyon. Sorry.) Every week she publishes 3 tangle tutorial videos and I am one of her avid admirers and true followers. With dyon and drupe she opened my eyes to the endless possibilities you can play around with them. I would get even  more creative, but as you may have noticed, this website is called Fleeting Time under the domain name Never No Time with good reason. Yeap!

Inspired by...April 2017 with tangles Drupe and Dyon
Patterns: Drupe, Dyon 

Faux Weave - a continuation
This is another fantastic...excellent...impressive...(this time*) tangle patterns by Helen Williams: Faux Weave. I already placed several Faux Weave adaptions on a separate "Inspired by..." page as I just made too many. So why another? Easy.

a) Faux Weave got stuck in my head. Here I made a 4-petal flower all in one stroke. I needed to practice a bit to get the corners, but once you start, the rest is history.

b) HeidiSue made something I thought I need to try although I was sure I would work all day on it, Stipple shading Tipple, I was actually happily dotting away until the last dot was placed.

* Last time her one-stroke tangle pattern drove me crazy. String Rose. Nope, not easy. Still can't get it done to look beautiful and that leaves my knickers in a twist. I so much want it to be beautiful, huhu!

Inspired by...April 2017 with Patterns: Faux Weave Four with HeidiSue's Stippled Tipple
Patterns: Faux Weave Four with HeidiSue's Stippled Tipple

step-out to Faux Weave Four
Faux Weave Four - once you get the corners...

Tri-Bee, C-Stem and Organic
Tri-Bee (by Beate Winkler, CZT) with big ears. A training exercise for refresher tile #151. Same with C-Stem (by Agneta Landegren), I actually like the way right version best. ...and Organic (by Sayantika Ray) as well, yeah, well, Organic. You know I like organic tangles and this one is, although I didn't pull it apart to alter it, one I like. So I threw it in to the mix.

Inspired by... April 2017 with tangle Tri-bee
Pattern: Tri-Bee

Inspired by... April 2017 with tangle C-Stem
Pattern: C-Stem

Inspired by... April 2017 with tangle Organic
Pattern: Organic

Kensington (by Anoeska Waardenburg) is a pattern I came across on Dawn's youtube video channel recently. Then I was to do a DIVA challenge tile under the theme "Coffee, Tea, or Me" and the string was any liquid stain and took the opportunity to work my new love affair into the spill. Below's tile is garnished with Caviar, Printemps, which turned out better than usual, and the reliable Tipple.

Inspired by... April 2017 with Pattern Kensington, Tipple, Caviar
Patterns: Kensington, Caviar, Printemps, Tipple

Feeling Knotty
Feeling Knotty (by MootePoints) is actually Simply Knotty, but Knotty it is, and it is actually not a tangle, but a string. I like these Celtic knots, they are real brain twisters. When I follow those tons of instructions on the net, nothing makes sense until at the very end it all falls together. Would I ever try a Celtic knot out of my head? ... No. Not yet anyway. But they are great fun to follow.

Simply Knotty I found also  on youtube, the MootePoints channel. She has a lot more knots to knot.

For a change I filled this Simply Knotty string with tons of patterns, so uncharacteristic of me.

Inspired by... April 2017 with String Feeling Knotty and tons of tangles
Patterns: Amaze, Hollibaugh, Tipple, Henna Drum, Flux,
Printemps, Fauz Weave, Bracelet, Paradox, Crescent Moon,

Ripped Screen, Mooka, Flukes, Betweed, Field of  Flowers (FOF)
(Huff, Puff!!!)

A word:
I try to accredit the creators of all the tangles and/or the source where I found them. If, however, you notice that I neglected a credit, a credit is misplaced, a link to a source is not working, or any other misplaced information, please let me know either through the contact form on the right/bottom, or leave a comment and I will remedy the carelessness. Much appreciated.

April 2017 Refreshers

I was busy this month with different challenges and Inspirited by... tiles, the refresher tiles suffered a bit. However, I am still ahead of the game, that means, I am still drawing more refresher tiles than are published on Linda Farmer's website. I am slowly, but surely, catching up. What do they say? It's a long way to Tipperary...

Here the first of the month - Refresher #20

Refresher #20 with the patterns Verdigogh, Fish Net, Trimonds, Twistee, Loops
Patterns: Verdigogh, Fish Net, Trimonds, Twistee, Loops

Refresher #150 - I am trying now to draw the latest refreshers as soon as they are published.

Refresher #150 with the Patterns: Pebble Flowers, L Zen 7s, Flapper, Crescent Moon, Helix
Patterns: Pebble Flowers, L Zen 7s, Flapper, Crescent Moon, Helix

Refresher #24

Refresher #24 with the Patterns: Oof, Archer, Sanibelle, Arc Flower, Sugarcane
Patterns: Oof, Archer, Sanibelle, Arc Flower, Sugarcane

Refresher #26 - Two because....

Refresher #26 with the Patterns: Cubine, Looby Loo, Riverstones, Versa, Droplets
Patterns: Cubine, Looby Loo, Riverstones, Versa, Droplets

I tried Ria Matheussen's candle/watercolor base tile, but I made the mistake of being too liberal with the candle. Drawing became rather difficult on the oily candle slicks and I had to abandon the tile. Abandoning this particular tile does not mean abandoning the candle trick.

My candle tile disaster

Refresher #151 - Hereto I used one of my coffee (speak watercolor) stain tiles I made for the IAST 312 challenge.

Refresher #151 with the Patterns: Nzeppel, Tri-Bee, C-Stem, Pineple, Organic
Patterns: Nzeppel, Tri-Bee, C-Stem, Pineple, Organic

Stained tile for Refresher 151
Stained with watercolor and glitter nail polish

Refresher #152 - I am not very fond of patterns like bala, but when I played around with it a bit, I fell in love with it. Why does this green tile has a yellow border? Because I messed up the actual border line, tried to recover it which made it worse... So the scissors came in handy!

Refresher Tangle 152 with Patterns: Pendrills, Fleavy, Gotcha, Wedge, Bala
Patterns: Pendrills, Fleavy, Gotcha, Wedge, Bala

I am not too happy with the results of this month. II will take a deep breath and attack next week's refreshers with a different approach. Hmm... not sure what approach yet, but it is still April.

Click on the image below to visit all the Refreshers I have done thus far in my flickr album.

Tanglepatterns Refreshers

Saturday, April 29, 2017

DIVA Challenge 313

The theme of this week's DIVA Challenge #313 is last week's Earth Day, or, as it is also known among insiders, Amanda Day. If you want to know why Amanda Day and become an insider, click on the DIVA link above. And you may also want to read at the bottom of this page to check out what I found out.

Anyway, a few week's ago I ordered new sketchbooks for the collection of all my Zentangle tiles to store in and, what a coincident, they arrived this week. This, by itself, is nothing earth shattering if it wasn't for its packaging...each book came with a packaging that had a compass rose printed on it. Ha! Instant decision was made. This is going to be my Amanda Day tile and so be it.

I used only two tangles, Hamail and Flux. Need it be more?

Patterns: Hamail, Flux

Coming back to AMANDA DAY. As mentioned above, I did some research on the net (love researchirng) and this is what I found: Amanda is a Latin female gerundive name meaning

  • "having to be loved," 
  • "deserving to be loved," 
  • "worthy of love,"
  • "loved very much by everyone.

Well, little Chewie, I don't know how you knew that, but you were dead-on!!!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter Q

We are at the alphabet letter Q in Joey's tangle challenge #162. While the capital Q rolled easily from my pen, I cannot say the same for q. Again, somehow I succeeded to hide the lowercase q really well (I simple couldn't think of an idea on how to incorporate it into the patterns), but this time I gave a clue. Patterns new to me were q-belle and quoval.

So here we go with the capital Q first.

Alphabet Letter Challenge Q with patterns Q-Belle and Quoval
Patterns: Q-Belle, Quoval

And this is the oooqward lowercase q.

Alphabet Letter Challenge Q with Patterns: Q-Belle, Quib, Quare
Patterns: Q-Belle, Quib, Quare

Animal Happy Day

Who says horses don't have fun?

Human Happy Day

Pet Adoption - Right! A cat, a rabbit and a dog. Or is it? These are a series of posters in Mumbai, India, to promote homeless animal adoption. It's genius. To visit the website and see the images larger click here.

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: R
Link to previous Alphabet Letter Challenge: P

Monday, April 24, 2017

Inspired by... Faux Weave

Recently an email snowed into my inbox from the website A Little Time (I subscribed to it) by Helen Williams, where she introduced us to her new tangle pattern Faux Weave. I knew right away I had to give that tangle a try. It is again a one stroke pattern for which I am actually not very talented, but after reading her convincing easy-to-do instruction, no 10 horses would have stopped me. Pen in hand, her website open in my browser, I started my Faux Weave exercise... and, surprise, surprise, a few minutes later I drew my version of it using her meanwhile famous 'wonky grid' and was quite satisfied.

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Faux Weave in wonky grid
Pattern: Faux Weave in wonky grid

Two days later I still felt a nag a the back of my mind, hmmm... there is more to the tangle. Back to the drawing board and I came up with Faux Weave World.

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Faux Weave World
Pattern: Faux Weave World

As soon as the circle version was done, I went back to my drawing board and tried different shapes until I had the triangle version.

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Faux Weave Hershey
Pattern: Faux Weave Hershey

Okay, great, I like that too, but.... What if I aim at the straight line ends narrow and wide...more like a Paradox. And a flowery Faux Weave was born.

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Flowery Faux Weave
Pattern: Flowery Faux Weave 

Next day the flowery version idea got bigger...Here on a piece of paper that I still had from my messy experiment with eye shadow. I had since rubbed off all the loose eye shadow and the tile looked great to be used for a special tangle.

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Faux Weave Pedal Flower
Pattern: Faux Weave Pedal Flower

I had just finished another tile the next when Faux Weave was creeping in my conscious again. What if I stack Faux Weave segments on a string? So here we have Faux Weave as String Beads.

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Faux Weave String Beads
Pattern: Faux Weave String Beads

And finally! Faux Weave Balls. Of course!

Inspired by...Tangle Pattern Faux Weave - Faux Weave Balls
Pattern: Faux Weave Balls

Please note that all these Faux Weave segments were drawn with ONE stroke! Yes, I finally did it.

What is your Faux Weave version?

Anybody reading this post, if you have an idea how you like to draw Faux Weave - as a Monotangle or combined with others - you can put your link to your tangle in the comment section and let me know whether I may add your image to this page as well. It would be my honor to add it here and have a mile long page to scroll. And please, click here to let Helen know of your version, too, and place the link on her page as well. I am sure she'll love that.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

DIVA Challenge 312

DIVA challenge #312 forces me to spill my coffee to create a stain. My mum would have a word with DIVA, I am sure.

Since my spills are never beautiful I got creative and used a 'blending palette" (a trick I saw on Bine's site - but because I don't have the pro tool I used a plastic sheet), spread some watercolor onto it, smeared it around, dipped an upside-down mug into the smear and twisted it a few times. Voila, my coffee spill art on plastic. I pressed my tile onto the mess I created and carefully lifted it off. To quicken the drying process I scattered sand onto the wet stain.

The sand actually sticks on the watercolor, but to be on the safe side, I spilled liquid glue over the sand and let it dry over night. Perfect. Well, I haven't done that yet on this tile, but on a test tile. Ouch, I forgot to take an image prior to tangle the tile.

Patterns used are kensington, meringue, reef, mooka, and leafing.

Patterns: Kensington, Meringue, Reef, Mooka, Leafing
on watercolor stains covered with sand

Update April 24th: I glued my sand texture to the tile, let it dry two days and here is the result. Except of losing a bit of texture and some added smears the glue worked perfectly. The tile is glued into my sketchbook and there is no sticking pages.

Same tile as above, but now with glue added to immortalize
the sand to the tile. 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter P

Peeee-Time. We are at the letter P with Joey's Letter Challenge and her chosen tangle pattern is pea-fea. Pea-fea certainly means peacock feather, however, I succeeded again to hide that well and make a leaf-looking pea-fea instead (something about leaves...). When I checked the net for other 'p' patterns I felt inundated by the amount of beautiful and intriguing tangles. The choice was hard and in the end I ended up learning 6 new tangles (pea-fea included). Loved every bit of it.

First is my capital P and I drew 3 pea-fea tangelations. The other new patterns are plandi (what a georgeous tangle!), poly-nil (drew 5 of them), and pufff. And the all reliable printemps.

Alphabet Challenge Letter P with Patterns: Pea-Fea, Plandi, Poly-Nil, Pufff, Printemps
Patterns: Pea-Fea, Plandi, Poly-Nil, Pufff, Printemps

The lowercase p sports a more recognizable pea-fea, but off leash. The new patterns are pinho which is similar, well, the same as echoism, and plum leaf. It is funny how I am not particularly fond of echoism (I banned a ONE loop combination into a corner on my IAST 191 challenge tile), but love pinho. Must be the name. Again with printemps giving the tile a bit more volume.

Alphabet Challenge Letter P with Patterns: Pea-Fea, Pinho, Plum Leaf, Printemps
Patterns: Pea-Fea, Pinho, Plum Leaf, Printemps

Animal Happy Day

Sunday, April 16, 2017

IAST Challenge 192

It's a String Thing challenge #192 was a bit of a nutcracker for me. Three tries and still only half happy. I also don't seem to get the warped eggs tangle. Well, there is always next week challenge to redeem myself.

First flop - I used glitter nail polish and glued sand onto the tile.

Patterns: Hearts-A-Flutter, Warped Eggs, Msst
Glitter nail polish and sand

Second flop - with glitter nail polish

IAST Challenge 192 with Patterns: Hearts-A-Flutter, Warped Eggs, Msst
Patterns: Hearts-A-Flutter, Warped Eggs, Msst
Glitter nail polish

Third half flop - with glitter gel pen and nail polish

IAST Challenge 192 with Patterns: Hearts-A-Flutter, Warped Eggs, Msst
Patterns: Hearts-A-Flutter, Warped Eggs, Msst
Glitter nail polish

Friday, April 14, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter O

While this week's alphabet letter challenge is O and we are to use O2 as the prevailing tangle, here in Thailand we celebrate Thai New Year, or Songkran. Traditionally the younger dipped fingers in a silver bowl of water and gently sprayed their elders to indicate honor and respect. Today the tradition has somewhat changed and many prefer to stay home and safe as it can get quite wild. Where I live we will have our big day this coming April 18th. But I digress...

I search the net for more O named patterns that go along with O2 and found two new ones I fell instantly in love with: olin and opally. Just to be introduced to these two patterns made this particular challenge worth its entire while. Thanks, Joey.

So here my tile with tons of Os everywhere, but to be considered my capital O!!!

Patterns: O2, Onamato, Olin

My lowercase o is more subdued, not so flashy as most of my tiles end up to be, but, if you can see it, I enhanced the tiny 'o's glued to the big 'O's with sparking nail polish. After the disaster with my eye shadow experience I hit the bullseye with rose glitter nail polish.

Patterns: O2, Opally, Glitter Nail Polish

Animal Happy Day

Do you know Eldad Hagar?

I am sure many of the tanglers all over the world love animals, have a pet, or, in some small (or big) way lent a helping hand to an animal in distress. Some of the tanglers may even know the man, who I admire from afar, Eldad Hagar. He has become the leading animal rescuer for mainly street dogs in L.A., USA, but doesn't shy away from going a step or two further. I have been following his rescue missions on YouTube for years and always wondered, who is this Hope for Paws guy? If you wonder, too, wonder no longer. Here the impressive interview with this 'extreme' dog rescuer.

His videos can be found at youtube:

I have to warn you though. If you start watching one video you may well end up clicking on the next and next....until you forget picking up your kids from school. Here a sampling:

Friday, April 07, 2017

Alphabet Challenge Letter N

This is week 14 in Joey's 'Finish my Tile' Challenge and it is the letter N. As is the norm in my 'creativity' I have to wait two or three days until ideas form in my head. Sort of familiarize myself with the target at hand. Wasn't any different this week with the exception, I shot way past the target this time.

I made the blue tile first. While working on it I realized it was getting more and  more difficult to find the n... or N. Maybe there wasn't ever an N and I completely messed up on the objective. Well, there are no mistakes in tangeling and I am not the first. So here to the blue tile and and narwal hides the low-case n.

Alphabet Challenge Letter N with Patterns: Natti, Narwal, Nzeppel
Patterns: Natti, Narwal, Nzeppel

Above image shows, I cannot draw natti (by Anita Aspfors Westin). I never spent so much time practicing such a simple Zentangle pattern as natti and still cannot draw it. I followed the step-out to a T, but it never looked like all the other natti drawings I have seen. So for the N tile I changed my approach to the pattern and started with 2 long parallel lines.

Step out to tangle pattern Natti - a variation by me
Patterns: Natti by Anita Asphors Westin
Step-out variation by me

Now natti will never be a mountainous barrier to my tangle drawing ability. And below my capital N - clearly visible.

Alphabet Challenge Letter N with Patterns: Natti, Nia Kai, Nesting
Patterns: Natti, Nia Kai, Nesting

Updated the page by adding another n low.

Patterns: Natti, Neuron, Nymph

Link to next Alphabet Letter Challenge: O
Link to previous Alphabet Letter Challenge: M

Thursday, April 06, 2017

IAST Challenge 191

I really wanted to give this one a no-go, but because I have a brain block with Joey's alphabet challenge - still! - I opted for It's a String Thing IAST #191, which is very much in accordance with upcoming Easter. Although I am not really a keeko fan, not an echoism fan either (poor echoism, again I banned a pattern into the corner - out of the way), and zenith...zenith is OK. However, what really brought on the interest was mel mel by Adele Bruno and no, I don't say that to get into her cookie jar. Flower. Round form. Loops. Leaves. That is more my liking. Yes, I can honestly say I love mel mel.

I actually drew the tile upside down. When I was finished and looked at it from a distance, I noticed the 'egg' was falling out of its 'basket'. So I turned it 180 degrees and hence saved the egg.

It is a String Thing - IAST #191 with Patterns: Mel Mel, Keeko, Zenith, Echoism
Patterns: Mel Mel, Keeko, Zenith, Echoism

Because the tile looks so dull, I decided to select all the yellow color and enhance it in Photoshop. Quite a difference. Click on it and look at the tile enlarged.

 It is a String Thing - IAST #191 with Patterns: Mel Mel, Keeko, Zenith, Echoism
Patterns: Mel Mel, Keeko, Zenith, Echoism

Here a close up, tons of tiny little dots.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

IAST Challenge 190

This week's IAST (It's a String Thing) challenge #190 was a real treat. I was introduced to Ria Matheussen's new pattern NOUVART and loved it right after I did the first few drawing lines. It is simple, really looks like new art, but after I finsihed my first IAST tile, I suddenly had a different feel for the pattern.

IAST Challenge #190 with Patterns: Nouvart, Windfall, Box Spirals
Patterns: Nouvart, Windfall, Box Spirals

I thought maybe with less windfall and box spirals I would know what it was that kept my mind going. I tried another tile, but something was still not right...

IAST Challenge #190 with Patterns: Nouvart, Windfall, Box Spirals
Patterns: Nouvart, Windfall, Box Spirals

So I started another tile and all of a sudden it became crystal clear. Click here to visit my Inspired by... Nouvart page to see the nag I had at the back of my head ever since drawing the IAST 190 tile.

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