Friday, March 31, 2017

Inspired by... March 2017

During March 2017 I was inspired by...

...HeidiSue's Torsdag pattern. When I saw Torsdag for the first time, I saw geometry in the pattern although I am sure that was not HeidiSue's intention. Please visit her website to see her original pattern.

Pattern: Torsdag

Pattern: Torsdag

Pattern: Torsdag

...some patterns I practiced for the refreshers I am still working on catching up to. At the pace I am presently producing refresher tiles, it will take years to catch up with Linda Farmer's refresher publications. Still, I love the challenge.

Pattern: Blooming Butter for refresher 8

While searching on google for variations for
the one or other pattern in refresher 8 I came across
a rather interesting flukes tile.

Pattern: Flukes

Pattern: Tri-Bine for refresher 149

Pattern: Tri-Bine for refresher 149

Pattern: Charmzy for refresher 149

Pattern: Merryweather for  M

On my search for M patterns, I came across minline
 and knew I had to draw it although I didn't use it
any of my three M tiles. 
Pattern: Minline video's I love to watch.

Pattern: Back Flip - video by Drawn Tangles with Dawn 

Pattern: Balldox, Deeboops - video by Melinda Barlow

Pattern: Balldox no watercolor background
- video by 
Melinda Barlow

Pattern: Balldox - video by Melinda Barlow

Pattern: Balldox - video by Melinda Barlow


  1. Again beautiful work but I love your way of drawing Torsdag. Absolutely fabulous!

    1. Thank you very much for your always supportive words. Now that the two of us love my version of Torsday, let's cross fingers HeidiSue does, three.

  2. wow! I knew Torsdag would have some scope for creativity, but I never dreamed how marvelous it could look! you have inspired me! But you have a knack for taking a pattern and doing amazing things with it. You've done it marvelously with not only Torsdag, but also with all these pieces...just wonderful

    1. HeidiSue, hi. Thanks so much for your awesome comment on my tiles. I am glad you like my little adaptation to your Torsdag. You got a great pattern there and I loved every minutes I played around with it.


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