Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Refreshers 207, 208; an early and new Valentine Tangle, and lots of Inspired by...

Happy Valentine's Day. OK - so I am no Valentine's Day person and no heart shape enthusiast and here I am drawing my new Hearty I.Am tangle pattern tile. It probably already exists or something very similar - honestly, how many different ways can you draw a heart shape?. If you want to enlighten me, please do so and leave a comment or send me an email.

Valentine's Day 2020 with new tangle Hearty I.Am
Tangle Pattern:  Hearty I.Am

Another Valentine's Day 2020 tile sporting my new tangle Hearty I.Am.

New Valentine's Day tangle Hearty I.Am
Tangle Pattern: Hearty I.Am

Step out to new tangle Hearty I.Am (2020).

New Valentine's Day tangle Hearty I.Am Stepout
Tangle Pattern: Hearty I.Am stepout

Inspired by...

As mentioned in my previous post I still have these left over paper slips from cutting 9x9 cm Zentangle tiles from a block. Instead of throwing them away as I usually do I decided to use them to try out tangles and techniques - well, use them to experiment a bit.

Scrolling through facebook I came across a post by Simone Silberberg and instantly thought, I have to try that. With water colored pencils she painted backgrounds on small tiles, brushed them clean with water and when dry, drew tangles on top of them. On my tile I drew lots of pencil lines across the tile and started to 'Nzeppel' the spaces these line crossings created.

Water color pencil background and Nzeppel
Tangle Pattern: Nzeppel

On this tile I used the January 4th Daily Focus tangle 'Jewel' suggested by the Pattern-Collection January 2020 page.

Daily Pattern Focus Jan 4 - Jewel with Molygon
Tangle Patterns: Jewel, Molygon

I saw them so many times on the net - whole tiles covered with lined petals - but never got a round tuit. So finally I got one. This tile is done all in pencil and I had to be real careful not to shade too heavily.

Just lines
Tangle Pattern: none really, just lines

The first time (I think) I am inspired, rather have time for...doing a Liz Drake #FocusStudy in Facebook's ZIA Tips, Tricks, and Techniques. Liz came down with a cold, but was able to publish all her daily prompts for the week January 6-10. So I had a choice of tangles and decided to used MI2 for the base grid, Mazorito as its filler and Moving Day as Mazorito's filler pattern. Just like a Russian Doll; a tangle inside a tangle inside a tangle.

Square One week 6-10 with tangles MI2, Mazorito, Moving Day
Tangle Patterns: MI2, Mazorito, Moving Day

Another inspired by... tile I always wanted to do was a tile with leaves and a river flowing through. Well, my 'river' are tectonic mini plates made using the tangle Neuron. The leaves are filled with Striping and Tipple.

Inspired by - Leaves with tangle Neuron, Striping and Tipple
Tangle Patterns: Neuron, Striping, Tipple

...Olipze. Olipze is a tangle that is listed in Refresher #207 (below). I admit it haunted me. I got a headache trying to draw it. However, we tanglers never give up and so I sketched it over and over again until it finally clicked. And as it often happens once you figured it out you fall in love with it to the point where the tangle  mentally captures you like an imaginary octopus with 8 arms and you are compelled to draw it again and again. Thus "Inspired by...Olipze".

Inspired by...Olipze
Tangle Pattern:  Olipze

Refresher #207 with my above mentioned brain-crusher Olipze. The tangles for this refresher were: Rumpus, Wrapped, Septembies, Clob, and the now famous Olipze. Clob I put into Rumpus leaves and the best feature of the tile is probably the coffee stain.

Refresher #207 with tangles Rumpus, Wrapped, Septembies, Clob, Olipze
Tangle Patterns: Rumpus, Wrapped, Septembies, Clob, Olipze

Refresher #208 sporting the tangles Ratoon, Cee, Delys, C-rendipity and Flevo

Refresher #208 with Ratoon, Cee, Delys, C-rendipity and Flevo
Tangle Patterns: Ratoon, Cee, Delys, C-rendipity and Flevo

All 208 Refreshers are in Google Album

Off the Topic

OK, so yet another mention in my previous post was about me being an exercise chunky working in gyms. Tell you what, had I come across this treadmill exercise I would have been the first to have a go at it, however, probably doing more likely steps like grapevines, kneelifts, mambos and hamstring curls.

Animal Happy Day

Animal babies are oh! so smart!

And this is C.O., my roommate, after an all nighter out partying with friends. Yes, indeed, he slept all day tossing and turning until 4 pm (I am not kidding!) probably suffering from a monstrous hangover. Serves you right, C.O.! I was worried, calling out for you until past midnight.

Thanks so much for visiting, everybody, and I wish all
the most romantic Valentine's Day yet.


  1. As usual, all your tiles are little jewels and your new tangle Heartly I am, looks great, I don't think he exists already. I love the tile you made with the coffee stain but my real fave is of course the one on which you used Mazorito in such a great way, thank you very much, again you did a great job by showing your latest tiles!

    1. Thanks, Ria, for your kind words and the confirmation that my Hearty I.Am has not been put on paper yet. Unfortunately nowadays I don't have much time for drawing. I planned to redo that Mazorito tile...taking it out of its repetitive stiffness. Next time.


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