Saturday, June 09, 2018

Joey 219, IAST 246, Miff and more, but no DIVA

This week's IAST #246 is about the latest post by Helen Williams where she introduces curving/flowing strings crossing each other on several same spots as the 'string'. Helen calls it the "String Grid". I added it to my other Helen Williams' base grids and lines she introduces in her Tangle Transformation ebook. Thanks, Helen!

IAST #246 with Tangle Patterns: String Grid, Henna Drum, Raindotty, ribbons and a baby bird feather
Tangle Patterns:  String Grid, Henna Drum, Raindotty
ribbons and a baby bird feather

♻️ It's Pokeroot time at Joey's #219 challenge. My Pokeroots are the garden JELLYroot variety - jelly, as in jellyfish in the ocean. Recycled the paper, but forgot what it was. Packaging of sorts.

Joey's Challenge #219 with Tangle Pattern: Poke-cum-jellyroot
Tangle Pattern: Poke-cum-jellyroot

Refresher #180.

Tangle Patterns: Auraknot, Humpzy, Sea Wave, Flutter Net, Remo

My Training Tiny Tiles for above refresher. Out of the 5 suggested tangles 4 I had never done. As usual, I tried my spin on some of them. Humpzy, I had to abstract it!; Sea Wave, oh, it flows so beautifully - left as is; Flutter Net, tried to put it into wonky floating squares; Remo, abstract, but I forgot the lines!!!! Shugar!

Training Tiny Tiles of Tangle Patterns: Humpzy, Remo, Sea Wave, Flutter Net
Tangle Patterns from top: Humpzy, Remo Sea Wave, Flutter Net

Miff. A new tangle by Ragged Ray from The Ragged Ray website and her post "a little something'. I tend to mess around with tangles (above says is all) and - of course - as beautiful as Miff is (click on the post name if you missed it), I had to give it a spin. First I spiraled the line and then I extended the bent 'C's into petals, and thus it became Petaled Miff.

Miff, a new tangle by Ragged Ray, turned into Petaled Miff
Tangle Pattern: Miff-cum-Petaled Miff

Animal Happy Day...or is it!

Hurrah! We humans have not only successfully established ocean shipping lanes, but trash lanes, too! Well done, us! (Sorry for my sarcasm)

Rooting for a great next week that will hopefully
bring this world a bit closer in the future.

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