Thursday, August 10, 2017

Helen's Journey C - Crumpled Roses

Helen William's Journey A-Z continuous after some restful days/weeks....months to be more precise, and we have now reached destination C where we found Crumpled Roses, a tangle she created. I confess, I needed to practice the tangle a few times to get it right. Not that it is a difficult pattern to draw, but every once in a wile during the drawing of the wobbly line my hand wanted to change direction. Once you start drawing in a clockwise direction, keep drawing in a clockwise direction is all I can say - or vise-versa. Click on this link and watch her video step-out.

My first tile I drew was around the time when DIVA had the Nzeppel challenge. I guess you guessed, I had to incorporate it here as well. However, just in case you can't see it (a la: you can't see the forest for the trees), Nzeppel is in two roses, the one on the left and the one on the right; Nzeppel is at the edges, bottom and left; and Nzeppel is also in Hollibaugh, edges top and right.

Now, can you see it?

Helen's Jouney A-Z with Letter C for Crumpled Roses with additional tangle patterns Nzeppel, Hollibaugh, Pintemps and Tipple
Patterns: Crumpled Roses, Nzeppel, Hollibaugh, Printemps, Tipple

Slowly but sure I developed a fondness for Crumpled Roses and tried a second tile. But alas, I couldn't find a tangle to fill the empty spaces. I tried this and that: no, no good, covered it up with a black fill, no, no good either; then white fill... So, now I successfully ruined the tile - I mean, who does that? But I liked ONE Crumpled Rose. So I cut it out, glued it into my sketch book and covered it with glitter nail polish.

Helen's Jouney A-Z with Letter C for Crumpled Rose
Patterns: Single Crumpled Rose

However, I still wanted to have one more tile. DIVA had also a Pea-Nuckle Challenge and everybody hated it. True to form most hung in there and produced a contribution tile, then two, then another one, and in the end quite a few confessed that Pea-Nuckle is not such a bad tangle after all. I was one of them, but only after I came up with a - for me - easier step-out.

So for my second Crumpled Roses tile I made 2 vases out of Pea-Nuckle, placed three roses into them and circled the whole Van Gogh illustration with soap bubbles. Hush, hush! I know, I know! VVG put sunflowers into his vase, but it could have easily been roses, believe you me!

So here my version of Vincent Van Gogh's famous Still Life Vase depiction.

Helen's Jouney A-Z with Letter C for Crumpled Roses with additional tangle patterns Pea-Nuckle and Tipple
Patterns: Crumpled Roses, Pea-Nuckle, Tipple

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  1. you are so talented! the story of the sketchbook crumpled rose with the glitter polish is priceless, and i quite like your result. love what you did there.. the nzepple crumpled rose--lovely! i think my fave is your 3rd tile, though it's hard to choose.

    1. Hi Meridiana, thanks for your lovely comment. This single rose is actually the first image where my applied nail polish technique actually looks good. I also tried to apply a color mix in Photoshop and it looked excellent, too -> the nail polish I mean.
      The 3rd tile is a reconstruction of the tile I messed up.

  2. I agree with Meridiana, 3 lovely tiles with a special tangle (not easy to make it looks good, but you did)
    I wrote before it is hard to choose and not necessary but I will be honest: the third one is my fave too.

    1. Hi Ria, thanks for stopping by and checking out my Helen Williams tangle - and of course, for taking the time to comment. I think you figured out that my 3rd tile is the one I messed up, you got it 'live'. Now with your vote for it as well, I am glad I didn't just give up.


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