Saturday, August 05, 2017

FMT Challenge 176 - 3D String

I was really looking forward to this week's Joey challenge. I knew it would be Trudi from Canada and when Monday came here in Thailand, waaaayyyy ahead of Canada where the Joey's website lives, I was excited and checked the site every few minutes for the blog post heading to read 'Joey's weekly tangle challenge #176.


Oh! The challenge is a 3D string. Great stuff, Trudi! And off I went working on the tile.

A day later Trudi showed us a sample and she turned the tile 90 degrees. Nooooo! I was already half way there and now had to start over again. Again a day - or two - later, there were already a few tiles out and another disappointment hit me! I really almost lost it. One of the tiles looked exactly like I had drawn mine, including the colors. How lucky can you get.

After the initial run ins I lost all hope ever being able to get over the disappointment of not being fast enough to beat all those tile publishers before me with my tile and give them some reason to run back to their drawing boards and start over again. But then I got my act together - after all I promised Trudi to do her challenge - and sat myself down and held my head slightly to one side so all ideas would flow together and collect on one tiny small spot in my brain. And look at this it worked, I actually succeeded and finished a tile. Hurrah!!!

But then something really odd happened. 


I made a photo and was cutting it out in Photoshop when all of a sudden it .... disappeared. Swoops, it was gone. I got all hot and shaky. (You know the feeling?) What had happened to my tile??!! I have only a very small laptop and it is very flat so it can't have gone too far. But all my search bore no fruit. So I decided to call the police to report the theft.

I pressed the iPhone alive and ....


iPhone Mockup showing one half of my tile

...there it was! a wallpaper. But no, half of it is missing. HUH?! Somebody censored my tile and deleted half of it!!!! Now who on earth would do that???!!! I better don't use this iPhone to call the police. So I put a yellow 'crime scene' tape around it instead, searched for my other iPhone, switched it on and....

NO!!!!...there was the other half. Gosh! Honestly. Give me a break.

iPhone Mockup showing other half of my tile

Jeez, I just realize I don't have an iPhone, let alone two. My friend Photoshop helped me a bit.


So back to serious honesty and my real tile:

Finish My Tile Challenge # 176 with Patterns: Patience, Flux, Tipple, Balls, Bridgen,  Pokeroot, Fescu, and lines
Patterns: Patience, Flux, Tipple, Balls, Bridgen,
Pokeroot, Fescu, and lines

Thank you, Trudi, for an absolutely great challenge. I hope you forgive me for the long wait, things sometimes just happen and screw up your days. (Am I allowed to say that?)

Animal Happy Day

Do you like dogs?
Do you like kids?
The real small ones I mean. The toddlers?
All of the above?

If you checked all of the above, please watch this video. And if you find anything cuter than this, I am all eyes.


  1. Susie, you did a great job.
    Patience looks really behind. You have created a lot of depth in this tile with absolutely again georgous colours and well chosen tangles to connect everything.

    1. Thanks so much for your more than kind comment, Ria. Not my week as you know and it shows. I should have left them in the iPhone.

  2. I like the results in the iPhone but also on a normal tile. When I saw your tile, I said to myself: why did I not put a few tangles more beyound those lines I drawn, it would be much prettier. Yes it's true,you did a great job!

    1. You know, only seeing half of tile is almost better. That is a diagnosis made 24 hours I've last seen the tile. Your 'Less is sometimes More' compares to mine like 'More is sometimes Less'!!!! No kidding. 🙁
      Thanks, Ria.

  3. i'm in awe! this is one of my favorite tiles that you've done. so much movement, the colors, and your tangling is just gorgeous. plus, your write-up of how you got there is hilarious and very interesting to read. i often begin to read what people write but stop because it's not that interesting. but your writing is as good as your beautiful tile. great job!

    1. Hey do, Meridiana, I was thinking of you and your hand/wrist/cast, but I was a bit occupied this week. I wrote what I wrote as a mask for what happened this week. It helped getting it out in the open without getting it out in the open if you know what I mean, but it is out of the system now and I am OK again. But I digress. Your very nice comment is most welcome, but you have to agree, cutting the tile in half and turning it almost out of sight made it look sooooo much better!!!! 😀

    2. ha! i do not agree--i love the whole tile. but cutting it in half and viewing it that way is also really fun--i love the "alternative views" and different visual focus.

      gotta say that i'm sorry to hear you had a tough week. not fun. otoh, you certainly made the most of it, visually. i so enjoy your style.

    3. Thank you, Meridiana. (BTW - is this really your name?) I wished I could write: 'A new week and a new beginning', but for that to be true, I would have to change the local weather. Woman! It is damn hot and humid now due to last night's rain and I am suffering a different suffering. SCREAM!!!!!!

    4. nope, not my real name. i too hate hot & humid weather, so you have plenty of sympathy from me. and i'm not tangling at the moment, but will get back to it soon. meantime, am enjoying reading tangling blogs. this is a great one.

    5. Thanks for the flowers, Meridiana, Mystery Being. For all I know you might be an extremely well trained chipmunk, or a perfectly programmed cyborg. Or maybe you are even my neighbor next door, but no, you would hightail it out of here and sought refuge in colder fields. Did you know there is another tangler who had HER left wrist broken, but just now healed, too, and is tangling again? No, must be coincident. Did you grow up in Mississippi?

  4. Thank you for a very inspiring read. I can only imagine the anxiety when electronics take off on their inexplicable tangents;-) usual you have presented us with another amazing piece of art. I love those beads strung onto the wacky beams;-)

    1. Ah, Michele, thanks so much for your well-meant words. The behemoth beads are tossed on top of the wacky beams. I had to give the tile at least ONE focus point - eleven actually - to detour visiting eyes away from the mayhem. It worked! 😉

  5. My comments didn't work here yesterday but I did say nice things, really! It's a wonderful tile, beautiful depth and colour. Thank you so much for your participating in my challenge when you've had such a tough week 😎

    1. Oh, I got all 105 of them, Trudi, thank you so very much. But they were so inconceivably complimentary, my comment robotic bots believed you were joking. So he took matter into his own clumsy wires and censored them all. Sorry, my dear, it is time I have an earnest talk with this thing, sledge hammer is already lying on the table next to me...

  6. I enjoyed reading your story to the weekly challenge. The result is fantastic. The two parts on your I-phones are funny. They look really great for themselves. And the overall picture is just as wonderful as all your pictures, maybe even better. I love your striking style to draw, the bright colors and your good ideas. Congratulations on the result.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment, Margarete. Colors are very much your terrain so I am doubly flattered about your words. As for the post: if you have only 1 tile to show for the whole week and feel mad about nothing...


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