Saturday, August 12, 2017

IAST Challenge 207 - Cross-Ur-Heart

Cross-Ur-Heart  and hope to die is this week's tangle over at Tickled to Tangle for the 207th "It's a String Thing" (IAST) challenge. When it first came out about a month ago, I saw several people eternalize it in their Zentangle journals and I was not far behind them. But since this is a IAST dedicated page, and my first Cross-Ur-Heart tile has the wrong string, I will start with the entry I sent to Adele Bruno.

It was a toss between this tile and the next and the next after the next. Each had something the others didn't have and to combine it all and make just one tile that was the ultimum perfection of all tiles (!!!) I lacked passion (or the ability to match my mammoth mou... expectations).

I chose this entry because everybody is talking about and trying out TranZending, which I still haven't seen done by its creator, but this string just asked for it. This is my abstract Cross-Ur-Heart with Ginkgo leaves. And no, I vehemently object, I did not forget to color that one Ginkgo leave in the corner. I have no idea why it is there in the first place. I certainly didn't put it there! I absolutely did not. "Cross-My-Heart" and hope to die!

IAST Challenge #207 with Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Ginkgo leaves
Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Ginkgo leaves

Number two would have been a real version of Cross-Ur-Heart garnished with Flux and Tipple.

IAST Challenge #207 with Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Flux, Tipple
Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart, Flux, Tipple

My third and last choice would have been the red tile. Although I like the Cross-Ur-Hearts the red corner is an optical mistake (OPTICAL, please!), you do not have a blob on a lower level, I should know that. But I think I was trying so hard to keep the string, I lost all common sense.

IAST Challenge #207 with Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart
Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart

Here some of my training tiles for this challenge. I tried to find a clever variation and ended up doing an accidental Panzee tangle = bottom 3 smaller ones, the middle one.

Training Tile for Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart - variations and an accidental Panzee.
Patterns: Cross-Ur-Heart variations and an accidental Panzee.

Cross-Ur-Hearts with Cross-Ur-Heart babies. This as a pencil sketch and forerunner to the red and blue tile.

Training Tile for Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart with Cross-Ur-Heart babies
Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart variation with seeds

And here my first Cross-Ur-Heart tile. I like drawing things off balance, but found out only after I added the frame work that this is not always a good idea.

Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart
Pattern: Cross-Ur-Heart

Animal Happy Day

The title says it all.


  1. I enjoyed the little sweet movie of the kittens and again I'm surprised how many beautiful tiles you can create in so few time!
    I'm not familiar with this Tranzending style but you did it in a wonderful way on your first tile.
    Your way of tangling is always spectacular but about the colours I prefer this week the second tile because of the great contrasts

  2. Hi Ria, thank you so much for checking out my IAST tiles and leaving this wonderful comment. TranZending to me looks very much like the effect of a water drop. Transparency effect over underlying tangles. But I keep my antennae reached out hoping to see tiles created by the author(s). Yes, the second one was only a fast second behind. If I had had the wits and applied the TranZending on THAT tile, it would have been the winner miles ahead of the others. Ah... life is tough!


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