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100 Days of Zentangle; Neurographics; Square One; New Tangle; Refreshers 224, 225 ; Inspired by...

100 Days of Zentangle 2021

...continues and ends with this post.

If you are still interested in the 100 Days of Zentangle 2021 challenge with the Tireless Tangler, which continues past the 100 days, click here.

Day 98 and 99 - tangles Nehphi and Korutia with Mooka Hearts.

100 Days of Zentangle with Day 98 and 99 - tangles Nehphi and Korutia and Mooka Hearts
Tangle Patterns: Nehphi, Korutia, Mooka Hearts

Day 89 - Kaleida and Day 96 Pozer. The glitter doesn't glitter and the white feather doesn't dance in the wind, but Kaleida is not a bad tangle. I drew it in 2 different ways and I haven't decided yet which I like better.

100 Days of Zentangle with Day 89 - Kaleida and Day 96 Pozer
Tangle Patterns: Kaleida, Pozer

Day 100 - Origonio monotile and computer manipulated below.

100 Days of Zentangle day 100 with Origonio

100 Days of Zentangle day 100 with Origonio computer manipulated
Tangle Pattern: Origonio

Day 97 with Sindoo and day 91 with Sanibelle.

100 Days of Zentangle with Day 97 with Sindoo and day 91 with Sanibelle
Tangle Patterns: Sindoo, Sanibelle

Square One

And finally a Square One easy tile or, an after Tissoooh fun tile. Square One™: Purely Zentangle® accepts only b&w tiles, but the Sun Up Sun Down tangle featured during the week of June 25-July 1 was asking for coloring. The light blue things are Insect Wings or I-Wings.

Square One Purely Zentangle week June 25-July 1 with tangle Sun Up Sun Down
Tangle Patterns: Sun Up Sun Down, I-Wings, Fescu


Refresher #224 with tangles Knase, Hilgabo, Javv, Elirob, and Sooz. Each tangle by itself is certainly interesting, but bunched together...

Refresher #224 with tangles Knase, Hilgabo, Javv, Elirob, and Sooz
Tangle Patterns: Knase, Hilgabo, Javv, Elirob, Sooz

Refresher #225 with tangles Nik, Jester, Ilac, Jummah, and one Crazy Huggin(s). This tile's background is one of my old experimental tile distress projects. Scratch the tile with a candle and then color it with watercolors. 

Refresher #225 with tangles Nik, Jester, Ilac, Jummah, Crazy Huggins
Tangle Patterns: Nik, Jester, Ilac, Jummah, Crazy Huggins

For Refreshers tangle listing and images from #1 to the latest click here or visit my Google Refreshers collection album for just the images.

Inspired by...

Inspired by...the new tangles Cassatt and...

Inspired by...Cassatt
Tangle Pattern: Cassatt

...Bow String. Bow Strings turned out to be like in an ogee grid. I am certain I am not the only one seeing those delicate insects in this tangle.

Inspired by...Bow String-cum-Butterflies
Tangle Pattern: Bow String

Bow Strings-cum-Butterflies on a free string with Cubine and Therefore.

Bow Strings-cum-Butterflies with Cubine and Therefore
Tangle Patterns: Bow String, Cubine, Therefore

Bow Strings Mandala with Mooka and Tipple. Finally it has more the look of the real intended Bow String.

Bow String Mandala with Mooka
Tangle Patterns: Bow String, Mooka, Tipple

Bow String Butterflies variation. There are 8 Butte...Bow Strings in this image.

Bow String 'Butterflies' overlapping
Tangle Pattern: Bow String

Inspired by...SidiTow and Ganada, both new tangles you can find on the tanglepatterns website.

Inspired by...SidiTow and Ganada
Tangle Patterns: SidiTow, Ganada

Inspired by...yet another new tangle that was published by tanglepatterns: Fleurie, a most fantastic tangle to fill white spaces if you need to. However, the main focus on this tile is the altered Frunky tangle. I never ever thought I would ever draw Frunky out of my own free will, but here it is. Of course, Bow String had yet to make another appearance.

Inspired by...a variation of Frunky with Bow String and new tangle Fleurie
Tangle Patterns: Frunky, Fleurie, Bow String

Inspired by a Pinterest Video other than Zentangle

The video came with the very appropriate title: ➰oddly Satisfying. Have to admit, it was. Please check it out here, maybe you, too, will be "drawn" into the swing of things and can get satisfaction. I added four single Well segments at the corners with Fescu swirls and the tile is from a 12x12cm notepad.

Inspired by....Pinterest video with Well and Fescu swirls
Tangle Pattern: Well, Fescu

Inspired by Zentangle Artists' Video...

...TISSOOOH by Emiko Kaneko*. Actually, it was Meridiana with her post Happy Errors and the Power of Practice where I found this jewel of a tutorial. It looked complicated to draw and...yes, it was for me! While it stressed me out during the drawing process (each stroke calculated and double checked) I also felt it was a lot of fun...and a big relieve when it was done. Thanks, Meridiana, without you I would have never dared, let alone found the video. 

Video tutorial by Emiko Kaneko with tangle Tissoooh
Tangle Pattern: Tissoooh

The next two 12x12 cm notepad tiles sport a sort of Tissoooh with the same starting 'holes', the extension lines and the aura lines...and they were a lot easier....and it got easier and easier with each tile I drew. 'Hidden' tangles on this light blue tile are Flux, Indy-Rella, Uncorked, and Fescu...

A variation of Tissoooh!
Tangle Patterns: Tissoooh var, Flux, Indy-Rella, Uncorked, Fescu

...and Printemps background on the dark blue one.

Another variation of Tissoooh!
Tangle Pattern: Tissoooh Variation

A 9x9cm Tissoooh tile with Betweed and Fescu. This abovementioned Tissoooh video tutorial had turned into a mini study project.

Tissoooh project tiles with Betweed and Fescu
Tangle Patterns: Tissoooh, Betweed, Fescu

I thought I was finished with wrong I was. Here yet another one with tangle Brum(half), Friendship, Msst, Tipple and a few boulders. Tissoooh out of its grid clutches. 

Last of the Tissoooh project tiles with Half of Brum, Friendship, Msst, Tipple and some boulders
Tangle Patterns: Tissoooh, (half of) Brum, Friendship, Msst, Tipple

My New Tangle...X-Wing Star

In my last post I published a tile with a tangle I had not named because I didn't really think I would deconstruct the pattern. It was close to the fragment D001, but only close and it deserved to be made into a full fledged tangle. So here the birth of X-Wing Star with stepout and some more variations.

My new tangle X-Wing Star
Tangle Pattern: X-Wing Star

♻️ X-Wing Star with Mooka Hearts on cacti wrap paper.

My new tangle X-Wing Star with Mooka Hearts
Tangle Patterns: X-Wing Star, Mooka Hearts

A Different Kind of Art

I call this a different kind of art - my first Neurographic work which I refer to as "Dark Hearts". I doubt there will be another one coming. 

Neurographic "Dark Hearts"
Tangle Patterns: NONE

Fluorescent-green squid. From my 'art doodling' pre-Zentangle.

Fluorescent-green squid
Tangle Pattern: None

From my Garden

...and they bloom but a few hours. What a waste of beauty! (A few minutes after I took this photo the rains came....)

Cactus flowers

Time to Kill

6th publication of the more difficult quiz, puzzles 21-24. 

For newcomers, "SANDBOX" is the example of how to 'read' and solve the 4 following puzzles. The answers are at the bottom of this post in the smallest, tiniest font size just in case you accidentally scroll down and read what you didn't want to read just yet.

Puzzles 21-24. Good luck.

Puzzle 21-24

Animal Happy Day

"It was a moment of love and loyalty" ❤️

If this video has touched you as it did me, read what happens next. You will love it.

I couldn't resist to place this second animal video into this post. If you are the owner of a talented escapee you may want to try this solution. 

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to
Enjoy Life!
It is later than you think!

21. His eye is on the sparrow (spare O), 22. A little misunderstanding (miss under stand in G) between friends, 23. A bad spell of weather, 24. Far out


  1. Always like your original drawings and your wonderful style of tangling.

  2. Oh my, what you did with Tissoooh. Just stunning. When I finished my tile I was sure I'd go back and try it again. And maybe yet a third time. But I haven't so far. You've inspired me to re-do the whole thing (could take awhile). I also like your new tangle and every single other tile you've got on here. I feel the same about the Neurographica--once was enough. And the flowers and animal videos are lovely and touching. I know someone with an "escape artist" and that is exactly how she dealt with it. Very successful.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind comment, Meridiana. I hope you will have another go at Tissoooh and in turn edge me on again. I am waiting at my starting blocks....

  3. Once again you are showing a great collection of gorgeous tiles! I don't even know which my favorites could be, because they are all in your unmistakable typical style and inspire me.


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