Saturday, July 22, 2017

IAST Challenge 204 - Something Borrowed & Blue

This is the continuation of Adele's It's a String Thing, or IAST, wedding theme challenge. Last week it was "Something Old and Something New", so this week is "Something Borrowed and Something Blue". The "Blue" is the tangle Bluebonnets and the "Borrowed" part is a tangle we wished we had come up with ourselves. Well, this last bit was a real battle for me, because I wished I could claim ownership for 156,377 tangles. Now you go and chose!!!

Anyway, eenie meenie miney mo chose and it chose Dragonair so Dragonair is my "Borrowed" tangle.

IAST Challenge #204 with Patterns: Bluebonnets, Dragonair, Beads
Patterns: Bluebonnets, Dragonair, Beads, and
Splitzer or Spiraallinten (that is the ribbon)


  1. Because of the curly strings, the "borrowed" tangles are limited but you have chosen a wonderful combination with Dragonair.
    Lovely details: the littel perfs inside Bluebonnets, little Dragaonair into a greater one, very nice ribbon with beads, again a very personal magic Susietile!!!

    1. That is not true. The ribbon I got from you. So there's a bit of you in this tile. Oops, I just realize I forgot to mention that ribbon tangle. Now I have to find that step-out again.... Here: Splitzer or Spiraallinten, depends on whether you or I draw it. I tend to draw tangles fat and bulky. Maybe by doing that I fill my tiles faster.
      Thank you so much, Ria, for saving my hind side again and for leaving this very kind comment.

  2. You made a lovely tile for IAST 204! Lovely and romantic! Love it!


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