Saturday, July 01, 2017

IAST Challenge 201

First tile into a new centennial over at the Tickled to TANGLE website. It is a String Thing (IAST) #201 gets us going applying the tangles Beebug, HekZee, and Leaflet. At first sight I didn't like Beebug, thought I would leave it off or ban it minimized into a corner, out of focus point. But then I saw it without the dot and I changed my mind. I do like Leaflet, but I think for it to really shine it needs several strings.

IAST Challenge #201 with tangle Patterns: Leaflet, HekZee, Beebugs
Patterns: Leaflet, HekZee, Beebugs

Animal Happy Day

I bet you have never come across a prouder and more trusting mom than this ferret. She is the cutest Ferret ever!!!


  1. Beautiful tile Suzy, love your different shades of yellow. Your Leaflet is wonderful drawn and lovely in combination with the other tangles.
    Nice to see also a real "full square"
    Gorgeous contrasts!!!
    Cute video too.

    1. Dear Ria, I hope you are feeling a bit better? Thank you so much for your very kind comment. I didn't know what to do with that top corner and was tempted to leave it empty, but that didn't look right. Well, I am still practicing on gems, so there you go.
      Video: isn't she something!!!!

  2. What a cool tile! That little highlight of white on the top corner is brilliant and I love the color and contrast;-)

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment, Michele. That little highlight of white was supposed to indicate that I am trying my hand on gems, but I don't dare to draw the little crack lines anymore because of the mess I made last time. So for now these 'gems' are mere space fillers with a highlight. Life is so unfair.


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